Sponsorship Packages

We have a variety of promotional packages to meet your needs, if you can't find something that suits, just contact the 4ZZZ sponsorship department (sponsorship@4zzz.org.au) and we'll tailor something just for you!

A full copy of our Media Kit is available on request.

On Air Sponsorship Packages:

All on air sponsorship packages include the following:
- 30 second or 15 second carts available
- Minimum of 10 carts per campaign
- Peak Times are 6-9am and 3-6pm, Off Peak all other times
- We offer 5 extra carts if you pre-pay
- Production costs included in campaign

LIVE READS: The 4ZZZ studio notice board is our tool for announcers to have the latest information from our sponsors and relevant community notices. Announcers read from the board between the hours of 6am to 6pm Mon to Fri. However the announcements are anticipated to be supported outside these hours, especially on genre specific shows.

4ZZZ provides the opportunity to host sponsors information on our website and through our social networks, be it through our event listing section or branding opportunities.

ARTIST/MUSIC OPPORTUNITIES: 4ZZZ has a diverse music library, which includes a large collection of local, Australian and international CDs plus rare vinyl. Submissions to our Music Department are open to all artists, record labels and promoters. We have digital and physical promotional rack, which provides easy access for announcers to support music event campaigns with airplay.

GIVEAWAYS: Our listeners love our giveaway opportunities. Live on air, our announcers will discuss the prize for several minutes and ask our subscribers to call in for their chance to win, a great way to promote your product further.

E-NEWSLETTER: Our sponsors are added to 4ZZZ’s Zedletter which is sent out weekly and read by over 2000 people.

Show sponsorship:

Dedicated show sponsorship connects sponsors and their specific target audience and opens up a world of promotional opportunity. All show sponsorship packages can be fitted to meet the needs of individual clients.

Standard packages are for 5 radio carts per week, consisting of sponsors cart at the commencement and conclusion of the 4ZZZ program and 3 peak time promotional spots.

The business will also receive a mention with logo and link on the 4ZZZ Supporters/Sub Discount Outlet page.

Additionally, show sponsorship provides opportunity for interviews, giveaways, features and more.

New Release Campaigns:

4ZZZ 102.1fm have New Release packages available. Your New Release will be featured on the 4ZZZ website home page and on air.

Please contact the sponsorship department for our rate card or tailored campaign packages, the 4ZZZ team is more than happy to work within your budget.

Phone: (07) 3252 1555