Chrome Dome - Chrome Dome

I got this album last week at 4ZzZ and at first I really enjoyed what I heard, but there’s just something lacking off the Chrome Dome self-titled album that really bugs me.

They pride themselves as being a “no guitar, synth and drum band”, but it doesn’t really make their music any more interesting. There’s some great attitude plastered within all the synths, but the really gothic and punk elements coming through leave you grappling for some sort of big drop out or development, but the songs themselves have little variation.

‘Chrome Dome’ has a nice solid momentum traveling from one track to the next, with the track ‘Till You Hit the Floor’ featuring some really great layering and interesting idiosyncrasies.

The album as a whole is missing variation and variety, with each track as similar as the last. I think this has to do with the overpowering synths, with the only relief coming from very minor texture changes within the vocals and drums. The vocals themselves are fairly monotonous and it would have been nice to hear some sort of contrasting difference between the female/male vocal lines, or even between tracks.

Chrome Dome’s ‘Chrome Dome’ is interesting to listen to at first, but the momentum dies out, as nothing seems to develop, completely losing my interest.

- Liza Harvey

Album Details

Album Title: Chrome Dome
Artist: Chrome Dome
Record Label: Lexicon Devil