Gordi: Reservoir

- Delicacy and intimacy are things that can be daunting to a new songwriter. Exposing your soul to an audience you haven’t really 'met' yet can be scary. However, this hasn’t stopped Sydney folktronica artist Gordi (also known as Sophie Payten) from baring all on her debut LP Reservoir. Her eleven track record explores themes of love and loss, friendship and realization, and the ever painful heartbreak we all are too familiar with.

Gordi wastes no time showing her craft on opening track Long Way, with delicate organs and guitars accentuated with her signature, soulful harmonies, and a frantic ticking of a clock, that pushes the song along. Lead single Heaven I Know captures the epitome of the already ‘classic’ Gordi sound, with an acapella “1,2,3” whispered as percussion, and horns and organ creating a richly textured backing for her unique vocal timbre.

On My Side adds a slightly more upbeat track into the mix – the pop undertones impart a refreshing change from the sad girl ballads that haunt the rest of the record. Final track Something Like This is a five minute tear-jerker that slowly builds into a cacophony of sound – repeating lyrics “I wanted someone, I wanted something like this” which capture the overall theme of the album in a few simple words and relaying so much feeling.

Songwriting aside, it’s Gordi’s vocals that are the icing on the cake on this record. Sounding androgynous at times, her husky falsetto flits between notes effortlessly, caressing melodies with a gentle touch that allows her to convey emotion with precision. This combined with the clever harmonic arrangements makes her voice too easy to consume, like a cold glass of sparkling on a hot day: delicious, yet full of sadness and regret.

For some, this record might be too depressing for everyday listening. Don't be put off, Gordi has actually mastered the art of cathartic songwriting. She invites you in for an emotional listening experience. It'll have you crying, it will be cleansing and it's what you need.

- Olivia Shoesmith.


Album Details

Album Title: Reservoir
Artist: Gordi
Record Label: (Liberation / Mushroom)