Ivey - Under The Rug

An emotional debut

Local singer songwriter Ivey has decided to therapeutically deal with her relationship problems by processing them through song writing. Her recently released debut EP, Under The Rug, consists of four tracks, beginning with the title track, Under The Rug, which immediately caught my attention through its upbeat rhythm. The song is a modern exploration of an alternative rock sound, which meets a sweetened pop melody. It is a sound that reminds me of a better version of the sound of the 2000’s. Her vocalisations are emotionally driven, but do not diminish the well put together instrumentals of the melody. It differs from the rest of the EP as it comes across as furthermore explosive and un-fearful than the other songs.

Following, is Circle, starting off as a seemingly slower song. I personally preferred Ivey’s more upbeat style. Nonetheless, the steady drum loop may keep your feet moving along anyhow. Ivey’s voice fills the song with a full, yet vulnerable sound which does not lack to demonstrate her vocal ability. Particularly enjoyable is the way that different instruments come into the song, enhancing it rather than distracting from the main melody.  

The Bird and the Fish was my favourite song off this EP, as I was struck by the piano in the first couple seconds. This tune really allows Ivey’s vocals to shine through, a reminiscent sound that soothes the mind. The sadness throughout is undeniable and moreover contagious. If you’re in the mood for a good, relieving cry, then this is your song. It almost reminded me of an old Evanescence, as popping drums, a comforting piano melody and temperate guitar riffs all come together at once.

The ending track Any Way You Like, is a slower number that immediately stands out through her hypnotizing vocals. Before I noticed the change in rhythm and tempo, I would not have said that, though it is catchy, there isn’t anything too special about this song. The effect of the guitar, drums and vocals maintaining this variation congruently makes the song interesting, and her lyrics display her emotional capability to be vulnerable for her music.

Whilst the entire record was a pleasure to listen to and easily allowed me to drift off into thought, I think that Ivey could nonetheless differentiate herself from other pop, singer-songwriters more. That certain oomph, that is needed to capture the audience, and which would transform me into a loyal listener, was not quite there for me. Nonetheless, I love the way that the lyrical content deals with issues that are unmistakably prevalent in the singer’s life, and I respect the fact that she did not shy away from creating such a vulnerable content. A lot of pop music is lost in the manufactured production process of the music, but Ivey maintains a natural rawness. 

This independent EP clearly carries the emotional weight of its title, and Ivey has evidently decided to stop sweeping her problems under the rug, and instead used them to create musical melodies that help us forget about ours.

- Tara Zupp


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Album Title: Under The Rug EP
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