Zed Announcers' Top Tens For 2016

Over the break we're posting top tens, the best releases for 2016 according to Zed announcers and staff. Today, the sinister, murky wisdom of Dark Essence presenter Josh Guinan.

In no specific order:

#10 Covenant: The Blinding Dark

#9 dISHARMONY: Fragments Of Time

#8 Hypnoskull: Immer Wieder Nein

#7 Kanga: Kanga

#6 Mildreda: Coward Philosophy

#5 Perturbator: The Uncanny Valley

#4 Rein: Rein EP

#3 Robot Seppuku Crisis: Monster Robot Annihilation

#2 SØLVE: The Negative

#1 Youth Code: Commitment To Complications


Album Details

Album Title: Zed Announcers' Top Tens For 2016
Artist: Josh Guinan: Dark Essence
Record Label: