Miss Blanks: Diary Of A Thotaholic

- If you haven't heard of Miss Blanks then you're about to have a ture Miss Blanks experience with her new EP titled Diary Of A Thotaholic. Comprised of six short, snappy, sassy and self-affirming tracks, her EP is not for those who want a wholesome listening experience, but instead for those who want to be blown away by her audacity.

Skinny Bitches Feat. Moonbase is a tasty tune filled with tight beats and Miss Blank's signature sassy raps. The minimalistic beats ptovides space for Miss Blanks' audacious vocals to really be at the forefront of the aural experience. The track is strangely self-affirming, despite the lyrics being quite savage in places. Refrains such as “I'm the crème de la crème of the season” making you admire her upfront confidence. That confidence spills out amply across the whole EP, but is never more evident than on this cut.

Pussy On Fire is more upbeat than other cuts and the urgency really adds impact to the rather explicit content of the lyrics. Worldwide Pussy is yet another ode to nether regions, but features Miss Blanks singing as well as rapping, which adds another dimension, missing from other tunes on the EP. Final song, Fantasy, also includes a sung refrain, giving it a more laidback feel.

Diary Of A Thotaholic also features a few other artists: MoonbaseAywin and Dai Burger and the collaborative efforts showcase Miss Blanks' potential as a progressive artist. Not only does Miss Blanks absolutely slay on her own, she knows how to work together with others to deliver killer tracks that make you want to smash the repeat button.

Miss Blanks is something else and Diary Of A Thotaholic is a true testament to that. Being so explicit it's definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you're up for some (filthily) self-affirming rap from one of Brisbane's best up and coming musicians, then this is one diary you're gonna wann explore from cover to cover.

- Olivia Shoesmith.

Album Details

Album Title: Diary Of A Thotaholic
Artist: Miss Blanks
Record Label: (Trench / Dew Process / Universal)