4ZZZ Music Department.: Best New Arrivals for August Pt. Four


The Achilles: Matches (Single) (Indie)
- South East Queensland Pop / Folk group The Achilles, with a big entry to the pop ballad world, think Florence & The Machine or Of Monsters and Men, this release is surely a perfect example of the genre of today. (Rhett Whittaker)

Clearly: Finders:Keepers (Indie)
- There's curious element of experimentalism to this languid rock. It's stark atmosphere and it's wandering sense of structure gives the EP an immensely raw and honest appeal. I hope it develops into something even weirder/noisier. (Nick Rodwell)

Tabrill: Lossless (Feat. Emily) (Single) (Mammal Sounds)
- If you like it tropical, than you will dig the suave beats by Brisbane's Tabrill. Chopped up vox and bouncing electronic waves are what it is all about. Feature artist Emily shines over this gem, despite being chopped and diced to fit with the cool as number. (Luke Doig)


Alex Macfarlane: Every Phone Is Ringing For Me (Single) (Hobbies Galore)
-Do a lil digging into Alex Macfarlane and you’ll find that he has had his hands in many an integral Aus-Indie outfit. His latest tape is full of more great examples of his songwriting skill. Every Phone Is Ringing For Me has the same Riff-Adventure feel that you’d find in some of Thin Lizzy’s more prog moments but it retains a humble stature. (Nick Rodwell)

Amali Golden: Elephant (Talk About It) (Single) (Indie)
- We have been blessed by the talents of Sydney songstress Amali Golden, with a indie/pop/r'n'b secret love affair. As she soars from strength to strength, Golden confronts her lover about their situation, matching the styles of Solange and Frank Ocean. The slick keys will have you melting into the rhythym as you sit back and eavesdrop about the elephant in the room. (Luke Doig)

Christopher Port: Nobody Chose You (Single) (Pieater)
- Christopher Port always takes his time delivering his electronic pieces and it’s always worth the wait. Nobody Chose You is graceful as it grows upon a 2-step incline. Let it unfold, let it take hold. (Nick Rodwell)

Kathleen Mary Lee: The Dreamer (Single) (Indie)
-Ever since her EP Nice Kind Of Pain, I’m been enamoured with Kathleen Mary Lee’s elegant blend of Folk classicism and modern production. On The Dreamer, the Melbourne songsmith continues with her inviting arrangements fostering a full involvement in her storytelling. (Nick Rodwell)

Noire: He's My Baby (Single) (Spunk)
-Domestic and dreamy, Noire’s gentle jangle is brimming with a wistful realism. Prepare to lose yourself in the memory of yesterdays emotions. (Nick Rodwell)

Troldhaugen: BMX Terminator (Single) (Collision Course)
- Wollongong based Metal band, bring heavy licks and a tongue in cheek approach to heavy metal, an individual take on headbanging grooves.  (Rhett Whittaker)

Yeo: Desire Path (Single) (indie)
- Yeo’s electronic explorations into what can be arranged as popular song are as strong as they are diverse with some really modern reworking - from RnB in Three Dots, the bass heavy Leavin’ and the disco of Wannabe. (Nick Rodwell)


Converge: Under Duress (Single) (Epitaph)
- New Converge after five years and they couldn’t sound more ready. If you’re feeling the the weight of modern complexities, the Boston quartet have the release for you. Defiantly ferocious. (Nick Rodwell)

King Krule: Czech One (Single) (True Panther Sounds / XL Recordings)
- This is pensive and melancholic and imbued with an ineffable cool. The King Krule persona and it’s subsequent street poet shtick is becoming richer with every release. (Nick Rodwell)

LAETITIA SADIER SOURCE ENSEMBLE: The Woman With The Invisible Necklace (Single) (Drag City)
-This is a delight. It straddles that art / psyche pop lineage from Jefferson Airplane to Animal Collective skilfully allowing many surprises without disrupting flow. (Nick Rodwell)

Nemui PJ: Pumpkin (Flau)
-This is weird and absolutely stunning. Nemui PJ is a new duo comprised of UK producer kidkanevil and Japanese musician Noah. It ranges from pure modular electronica to wistful piano. (Nick Rodwell)


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