4ZZZ Music Department.: Best New Arrivals for August Pt. One


APEman: Noble Savage (Single) (All G Records)

-Damn. Heavy scene supporter, APEman gets heavier with every release. Noble Savage is an interesting insight into the artist and his identity, and it’s respectfully righteous. But, if you don’t want to learn about him you can still get down with this hard-arse track. (Nick Rodwell)

The Floating Bridges: Power (Single) (Kitty Kitty Bang Bang)

- Sunshine Coast based dub / reggae group, with their politically charged new release. Think classic reggae with a scattering of rock inspired guitar solos, great quality on both creative and technical aspects. Definitely worth a listen. (Rhett Whittaker)

IDYLLS: No Virility (Single) (Holy Roar / Black Wire)

-This is wild and i love it. There is a lot of great noise coming out of Australia at the moment and IDYLLS are doing Brisbane proud. Acerbic and righteous, their post-punk is a great blend of personal resolve in a confronting form. (Nick Rodwell)

Jesswar (ft. Aywin, Miss Blanks, G Elenil & Kaylah Truth): Fempress Empire (Single)

-There are plenty of moves being made within Brisbane’s Hip Hop circles but I consider this cypher to be a landmark in it’s growth. Organised by Jesswar, this track hosts every prominent BNE fem-mc currently upending expectations. (Nick Rodwell)

Jordan Rakei: Nerve (Single) (Ninja Tune / Inertia)

-One of Brisbane’s smoothest soul exports just got smoother. Rakei has joined forces with renowned label Ninja Tune and this is a slick first offering of personal philosophy with a push-pull groove. (Nick Rodwell)

May Lyn: Vessels (Dub Temple)

- Maylaysian born, Brisbane-based artist has released a collection of thought provoking and introspective songs. A great journey looking at personal growth in today’s world, supplemented by translucent atmospheres and heavy drums - bursting at the seams with relaxing textures. (Rhett Whittaker)


Selfism: Room Dreams (feat. Clare Cowley) (Indie)

-Selfism is an experimental project from Dylan Jefferys, who also drums in noise-rock duo Barge With An Antenna On It. Room Dreams is a collection of ambient electronica, dripping within a cavernous space upon a bed of consuming low-end. Clare Cowley’s incantations and poetry are a tasteful addition as it all becomes quite pschedelic. (Nick Rodwell)

Dianas: Somebody Else (Single) (Inertia)

-Whenever I bomb Highgate Hill on my BMX, there is a point where I’m maxed out on speed and the wind in my ears blocks out the sound of the road ripping beneath me - in that moment I’m detached from the danger of gravel rash / broken bones / death and consumed by joy. This song from dream-pop trio Dianas, has that same effect. As the gritty guitars and drums cut along beneath you there are these really beautiful cascading harmonies - experience the joy. (Nick Rodwell)

Ecca Vandal: Broke, Days, Party Nights (Single) (Dew Process / UMA)

-Absolutely irrepressible. Ecca Vandal’s return with Broke Days, Party Nights could not be anymore energetic or tempting because once it opens up, it’s hard to shut down the desire to party with this pop-punk that both snarls and blows raspberries. (Nick Rodwell)

Godriguez:Make This Magic (Single) (Indie)

-Godriguez is the guy that produced Sampa The Great’s The Great Mixtape. He’s gearing up to drop another tape and in the lead up he’s offered Make This Magic: a gracefully clunkin’ beat. It’s dry knock and the muffled sample is definitely magic as the harmonies weave and basslines accentuate his knack for groove. (Nick Rodwell)

Jen Cloher: Regional Echo (Single) (Milk! / Remote Control)

-Jen Cloher's new single 'Regional Echo', off her forthcoming self-titled album is an ode to small-town, suburban Australia. Not necessarily extoling or scathing, the lyrics are simply honest. With a mournful chorus, 'Regional Echo' is a melancholic, mid-tempo number that's simple rock arrangement bolsters it's pop elements, culminating in one of Cloher's most effective songs. (Jonathan Cloumassis)

Joe Mungovan: Steppin' Outta Line (Single) (Indie)

-New South Wales based artist Joe Mungovan is known for his unique sound which blends elements of indie folk and pop. His newest single Steppin' Out of line has a chill vibe. The real hero's of the song are the catchy lyrics and smooth melodic guitar. (Bianca Reck)

RAAVE TAPES: k, bye (Single) (No-Fi)

-Heavy-ass electro-clash outta Newcastle. It’s has this manic-stare propulsion that is fit for rockers and ravers. It’s huge and a helluva lot of fun. (Nick Rodwell)

WAWAWOW: Fluoro Fitzwilliam (Single) (Indie)

There’s definitely no shortage of fuzzed-out psyche rock but this Sydney outfit is a riveting slice of nonsense that will definitely rip you a new one. (Nick Rodwell)


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