Best New Arrivals for October Pt. Four


Cheap Fakes: Sisters (Single) (Footstomp)

- 6 Piece Funk/Pop band supplying a really catchy and funky arrangement with plenty of rock attitude, I imagine if Queens of The Stone Age were a funk inspired band, this is what they would play. (Rhett Whittaker)

Good Boy: A Waste of Approximately 122 Million Dollars (Taxpayer Funded) (Single) (Barely Dressed / Remote Control)

- Brisbane based, Laneway Festival winning 3 piece, bringing a mature sounding tongue in cheek poke at the marriage equality discussion. Doused in great blues guitar and a funky beat, this is balanced with lots of traditional rock influences. (Rhett Whittaker)

LALKA: Cool Youth (Single) (Indie)

- Brisbane Based, Audio / visual act LALKA, with beats that remind me of Die Antwoord. It's a great instrospective song, there's geniune power in this track. (Rhett Whittaker)


A Gazillion Angry Mexicans: Jonah And The Whale (Single) (Indie / Evergreen)

- A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are back and swinging. This track hits you in the face with an explosive barrage of electric guitars and continues with a gritty dirtbomb sound. Fans of rock and roll won't be dissappointed with this high energy track. (Bianca Reck)

Ciggie Witch: Mad Music (The Lost And Lonesome Recording Co)

- Ciggie Witch return with a supreme entry into the library of  Australiana. Mad Music recall the highlights of Gangajang, Paul Kelly, The Panics. You know, those bands that embrace the jangle, the grit and self-reflective narratives, you know great Australian songwriting. (Nick Rodwell)

Jess Locke: Universe (Pool House Records / Remote Control Records)

Jess Locke's latest album 'Universe' mixes her dreamy guitar pop alongside real, relatable lyrics, full of stories of everyday life. The standout song for me, 'Dreams', has a nostalgic and warm sound, with the guitar, synth and drums perfectly entwining rhythmically across the song. An amazing album! (Emma rumble)

Sagamore: Turning (single) (Dusty Tracks)

-This new release from Melbourne based band Sagamore is a really cool blend of indie-pop/rock/roots with the vocals having a soulful edge. A massive blend of genres with some melodic synth parts, jangly guitars and male/female vocal harmonies makes this a great summery tune! (Emma Rumble)

Sampa the Great: Bye River (single) (Big Dada Records)

-Deeply personal and spiritual lyrics with a great groove and strong musical influence from her musical upbringing in Africa all make for a killer track! Her upcoming mixtape, 'Birds And The BEE9' will be one to look out for! (Emma Rumble)

Sleep Decade: Blind Particles (Single) (Dusky Tracks)

- Hailing From Melbourne, this Radiohead-esque, laidback, harmonious composition is hypnotic, the purpose of this song is in the experience of it. Check it out, it's a nice, emotionally driven song. (Rhett Whittaker)

Slowly Building Weapons: Sunbirds (Art As Catharsis)

- Oh man, cutting wide swathes into your expectations, Sydney’s Slowly Building Weapons are determined to bludgeon you into a dust of selfless listening and a new appreciation of modern heavy music. This album has so many awesome twists and turns without sacrificing tonal aggression or heated expression. (Nick Rodwell)

Space Invadas: Wild World Feat. Remi (Single) (Invada / remote Control)

- Space Invadas is the pairing of Steve Spacek and Katalyst, both producers of recognisable and well respected beats and grooves. Here upon their long-awaited return the duo have invite Melbourne MC Remi to share his distinctive flavour, and let me tell you, I haven’t heard anything so effortlessly cool and eagle-eyed in a bit. This has my hazy afternoons sorted for the foreseeable summer. (Nick Rodwell)

Sunscreen: Tide (Single) (Dinosaur City)

-You’re going to be hearing a lot more from Sydney’s Sunscreen over the next couple of months, and for what it’s worth, this is definitely a good thing. The release of Tide reinforces Sunscreen’s talent for multi-layered hooks and absorbing feels, playing out like The Pretenders with a lighter, more pensive poise. I actively resist swaying to music but this broke me, I’ll be swaying’ from here on out until the EP drops. (Nick Rodwell)

Toehider: How Do Ghosts Work (Single) (Birds Robe Records) 

 -Toehinder are a progressive rock band from Melbourne. The newest single is reminiscent of old rock and roll bands from the 80's. The main riff invokes a feeling of a grand adventure; and that's what you'll find yourself on if you can stomach the 8 minutes of content (which can be a little repetitive). On the positive the song has everything a rock fan would love. Overall the songs has a unique concept and is a little long winded but its worth a listen if you into progressive rock. (Bianca Reck)


ESTÈRE: Control Freak (Single) (Indie)

- It would’ve only been within the past fortnight that I was having a whinge that for all of the electronic music around I handn’t recently heard the re-emergence of that great electro shuffle, a la Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel. Praise be to Estere, she has me covered. Control Freak bangs. (Nick Rodwell)


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