Best New Arrivals for October Pt. Three


Jim's Panache: Drag (Single) (Indie)

- The last release I heard from Jim’s Panache was this weirdly introverted, pedalling psychedelic ascent through the haze. Here with Drag, you’ll here that same introversion but channelled similarly to Ty Segal or Kurt Vile, that balance of abandon and acceptance. (Nick Rodwell)

Kaylah Truth: Like Crazy (Single) (Indie)

- Kaylah Truth is an upstanding community member and a day-one for many a Brisbane MC. Her commitment to the culture is undeniable and as such every time she release a track, you better pay attention. Like Crazy is as hard as it is sensitive and she has never sounded more confident. (Nick Rodwell)

Mallrat: Better (Single) (Create Control)

- I like this for it’s freedom to be unabashedly young. It’s free to explore and experience and just be a fkn pop song. The sweetness in how Mallard sings about gettin’ high with the sun in your eyes is the premium experience of sensuality. Which what you’re chasin’ as a young adult. (Nick Rodwell)


A. Swayze & The Ghosts: Smooth Sailing (Single) (Indie / Sunset Pig)

-The new single, 'Smooth Sailing' by Tasmanian band, A. Swayze & The Ghosts is bombastic! Straight off the bat, the high octane number blasts out an enfilade of jackhammering bass, guitar and drums. 'Smooth Sailing' is punk rock at its simplest and finest. (Jon Cloumassis)

DARTS: Damaskus II (Single) (Indie/Palmary)

- Darts are great, they mix a post-punk fervour with indie-pop sensibilities and it’s great. Good. But, more importantly, this track is part of a subscription mixtape that will release a song a day over 30 days. Developed in response to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, to drive the 'Yes' message and show support for the LGBTQI+ community, particularly the youth community who don't have a voice in this public debate. Others on the tape are Twerps, Sam Weston, Two Steps On The Water et al. Get amongst it all. It’s all great, it’s all good. (Nick Rodwell)

Full Flower Moon Band: Chinatown Album (Dirty Power Studios)

-Noir-rock? Art-punk? F***, I don’t know, it’s great, though. With Baby Shakes Dillon at the helm of this project, Full Flower Moon Band have produced a conceptually powerful and sonically adventurous album that plays off of the 1974 classic film and explores modern individuality and creativity with a wide-eyed appreciation and a cutting attitude. (Nick Rodwell)

Godriguez: Godtet (La Sape)

- Possibly better known for his work with Sampa The Great, Godriguez’ latest project is a cosmic blend of Woodstock-era jam bands and contemporary Jazz.  The dynamic arrangement of organic percussion and affected electronics amounts to a manic and captivating piece. (Nick Rodwell)

Totally Mild: Today Tonight (Single) (Chapter Music)

- Totally Mild have returned and oh boy, the sense of drama in this ode to experiencing yourself is so detailed and honest in it’s depiction of desire in the everyday, it’s fkn excellent. (Nick Rodwell)


Cicely Irvine : Excavation (Eilean)

- Sweden's Cicely Irvine has been recording short, sparse instrumental pieces on and off over the last 8 years. This debut collection brings together melodic guitar and piano pieces alongside softly droning pump organ and melodica, toy-like glockenspiel and musical box arrangements, some all-too-brief vocal layering and the odd sample of birds chirping. Tune in, drift off.(Adrian Marsh)

Curtis Harding: Go As You Are (Single) (ANTI-)

-Another old-soul with a new flow. Atlanta’s Curtis Harding plays with that 60’s soul-rock in such an authentic way that when that minor groove releases into the major hook he makes you feel the sense of acceptance the desire to move on. (Nick Rodwell)

Tenniscoats: Music Exists Disc 3 (Alien Transistor/ Afterhours)

- The third part in the Music Exists collection, getting a broader release outside of Japan, sees their unique style of art-pop accompanied by members of the Swedish group Tape resulting in gentle pop melodies awash with subtleties. Dreamy, engaging and masterful in its simplicity.(Adrian Marsh)


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