Best New Arrivals for September Pt. Four


Ben Salter: Back Yourself (Universal Music Australia)

- Salter’s hangdog expression and often insightfully, crushingly depressing lyrics, make his dogged determination that much more poignant. Every time you hear him it’s like how have you even survived? If all of these things are Ben Salter, then it turns out that his new record, Back Yourself, is another surprisingly good way to sum him up. Everything that he is seems to have found it’s way in. (Chris Cobcroft)

Mickey: Seethe (Single) (Indie) 
- Brisbane based eccentric musician Mickey, with one of the most well executed genre defying songs I've heard in awhile. you wont hear something like this many other places. (Rhett Whitaker)

My Nightingale: Folk Tales (Indie)
-Get your harmonies and your rhythms tight and I won’t care what you’re makin’, you’ll have me until you stop. My Nightingale’s folk is as wistful as it is celebratory and executed elegantly, they have my attention, for sure. (Nick Rodwell)

Locust Revival: Purgatory (Indie) 

-Locust Revival is the recording project of Steven R. Schnorrer, you may be aware of his work with BARGE With An Antenna On it. Purgatory’s posture is recognisable through the smoky backlit surrounds of eighties synth poppers Flock Of Seagulls through to the dark indie rock of noughties figures Interpol. Very much worth investigating. (Nick Rodwell)

Sloan Peterson: Midnight Love (Mirror) - Brisbane Garage band bringing the clean cut and well balanced tunes with there EP Midnight Love, great use of saturation throughout, slightly heavy but easy to listen to. (Rhett Whitaker)

Smoking Martha: In Deep (indie)

- If Gwen Stefani and Rock and Roll had a baby then it would create Smoking Martha. All jokes aside, this rock band from Brisbane features some unique raw vocals that complement the heavier guitars and drums. Tracks that really shine include So Lonely, Stranger things and What's Her Name. (Bianca Reck)

Qwerty Girls: Ask me once again (Indie)

- Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, an instant delight to hear the feeling behind this track written for Katy & Aleathea's wedding. Warm, intimate and good for the feels. (Rhett Whitaker)


Apakatjah: Irriti Nyinapayin (single) (Indie)

- This lead single from central Australian duo, has a deeply traditional draw on it’s folk foundations, not in the Appalachian style, though. There is more of a gypsy-jazz inclination to it, with the traditional language, django-shred and the rhythmic switch which encourages dance. (Nick Rodwell)

Georgia June: Cool (Single)

- Georgia June is a indie rock band from Sydney Australia. The lattest single, Cool, is super catcy. The powerful vocals from the alternative rocker Georgia command the listeners attention. If that's not enough to make you fall in love with this band, then the energetic up beat guitar riffs are sure to win your heart. (Bianca Reck)

The Goods: Glow (Single) 

The Goods return with, well, the goods… (stick with me, here). This Sydney setup has procured some of the smoothest pop-disco to ride 2017’s new-disco wave. Glow harnesses the stickiest of Parliament and matches it with the sparkle of their contemporaries, The Posse. (Nick Rodwell)


raven: Begin (Single) (Art as Catharsis)

- Sydney's raven bringing this intelligent and thought provoking piece of music, filled with eery sound scapes and hypnotic piano, this music makes me want to close my eyes and drift away. (Rhett Whitaker)

Wireheads: Wonderful Wizard (Single) (Tenth Court) 

-Fuzz, get your fuzz here! Wonderful Wizard is Wirehreads introduction to their impending album, it’s a wonderful smoosh of whimsy and frivolity that helps you embrace it’s mangle of jagged fuzz and clean jangle. (Nick Rodwell)


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