Best New Arrivals for September Pt. Two


Beats For Nepal: Volume 2. (Indie)
-The tightly connected beat scenes of Brisbane and abroad have been curated into a selection of beats where all proceeds go towards the Kids of Kathmandu. It’s an extensive effort, with a variety of eclectically chill grooves and ultimately results in therapeutic activity for all involved. (Nick Rodwell)

The Belligerents: Science Fiction (Single) (Sony Music)
- The Belligerents have been working towards this moment for a while now, it’s great to finally see it their debut album arrive. It’s a grandiose psyche-rock adventure with pop-aspirations and a healthy dose of spell-binding madness. Colourfully intoxicating. (Nick Rodwell)

Ben Ely: Strange Tales of Drugs & Lost Love (Valve / MGM)
Ben Ely has contributed to many a great Australian band, most notably the ‘gurge. Here, on his second solo album, he cuts and grafts a stature similar to Nebraska-era Boss or mid-eighties Bragg sheering off the gauze of nostalgia and telling honest stories. (Nick Rodwell)

I AM D: No Inbetweens (Single) (Indie)
- Rappers can drop loosies like it’s an integral movement for their daily constitution, so it’s important to grab the ones that carry some significance. I AM D holds himself with a certain level of dignity and he’s backing it up again with a track that speaks out against domestic violence. It’s cutting in it’s delivery and resolutely effecting. (Nick Rodwell)

Jackson Reid Briggs and The Heaters: Drop Off (Single) (Indie)
-Stand up and turn your face into this hard-rocking’ hot take from locals Jackson Reid Briggs and The Heaters. It’ll burn off ya dead wood and you’ll feel better for it. (Nick Rodwell)

Jeremy Neale: Dancin' And Romancin' (Single) (Indie)
- Jeremy Neale’s pop-chops are just as irrepressible, just as undeniable) as his happy-go-lucky charm. They probably go hand in hand. (Nick Rodwell)

Monique Clare: By The Stars (Indie)
- The closeness of soloist Monique Clare’s voice and cello fosters an inviting warmth to her upending of folk traditions. Once you’re in, though, it opens up to be something quite special. (Nick Rodwell)


HVISKE: EP1 (Siberia Records)
- This techno, from Sydney duo Hviske, has a sleek, dark power to it. With commanding structural shifts and some great textual gradations, members Kusum Normoyle and Ivan Lisyak will take you on mettlesome ride. (Nick Rodwell)

Ribongia: Golden (Single) (October Records)
-After the technicolor bounce of Ribongia’s previous EPs, this single signals an interesting development in the Sydney artists repertoire. Steadying the bounce and there’s a perceptible nuance to his rhythmic inclination allowing space for vocalist Owen Rabbit to work his thing. Low key but captivating. (Nick Rodwell)

Wallace: Black Lake (Single) (Indie)
- This is a heavily sensual single from modern soul artist Wallace. There is a great confidence and an ardent commitment to procuring desire. This is deep and Wallace makes you feel it. (Nick Rodwell)


Ibeyi: Deathless Ft. Kamasi Washington (Xl / Remote Control)
- These sisters are provide such a pure source of creativity that can instill a great sense of joy even when addressing racism in this latest single. There are many facets of power in this song, from their blend of electronics and traditional percussion, the choir and Kamasi's talents. Huge. (Nick Rodwell)


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