The Preatures: Girlhood

- It has been a long time since Sydney-siders The Preatures released their debut LP Blue Planet Eyes (three years to be exact), but this long hiatus has not been in vain. Their sophomore effort Girlhood shows an authentic, sophisticated side to The Preatures that we haven’t seen (or heard) before. The eleven track record oozes a self-assured confidence that’s fun and full of attitude, whilst still screaming of the woes of growing up – a refreshing sound from the indie-rockers. 

The record opens with the title track, which wastes no time in setting the tone. Opening lyrics "Nobody moves, it’s the movies/How do I look, am I a beauty?" put you straight into lead singer Izzi Manfredi’s head at time of conception, and the driving guitar riffs offer a strong, retro sounding backbone to carry the song to its full potential (and away from sounding too fickle).

However, the record isn’t all in-your-face indie-rock bangers; the ballads that are laced intermittently in the track listing are what give The Preatures the much-needed aural balance that was missing from their debut. From the humble sincerity of the solo vocal and piano line in Your Fan (and the lyric "I don’t wanna love a boy in a machine"), to the sultry groove of Cherry Ripe and the rich harmonies in First Night, the ups and downs of this record write a narrative that is full of connotations of reckless youth, adolescent angst and growing up in this modern world, something most of us can remember in different variations of clarity. 

Most notably missing (apart from ex-guitarist Gideon Bensen of course) is the 2016 single I Know A Girl, which would have fitted seamlessly amongst the other tracks in style and tone, as well as bringing the total track number of the record up to a more rounded twelve. This aside, the record doesn’t feel like it’s missing something, and perhaps another bobby up-beat track would have taken away from some of the softer numbers on the record. 

A lot of bands seem to miss the mark on their second record by trying too hard or not enough, however, The Preatures have sailed over this hurdle to deliver one of the best records to come out so far this year (and some of their best work to date). Sure, the purists who thrived off the fun but ever so slightly banal pop-rock tracks of The Preatures' early days may deem this too soppy for their liking, but for the rest of us, this record is a delicious slice of adolescent angst best served groovy. 

- Olivia Shoesmith.


Album Details

Album Title: Girlhood
Artist: The Preatures
Record Label: (Mercury / Universal)