Sløtface: Try Not To Freak Out

- The title of the debut LP from Norwegian indie-rockers Slotface, Try Not To Freak Out, says it all. Whilst a fun party record upon first listen, the 11 track record sings of lessons and messages best learnt in your twenties.

Album opener Magazine goes straight for the kill, dismantling the ideals of beauty and vanity. Big, crunchy guitar riffs and tight drums provide a strong backbone for front woman Haley Shea’s solid vocal delivery. With straight to the point lyrics like ‘Patti Smith would never put up with this shit’, Slotface really nail the point home.

The album is full of back to back indie-rock anthems, all which touch on the struggles of adolescence and growing up (which reflect the aptly titled LP). Pitted is full of catchy guitar riffs, clever syncopated melody lines and a roaring brass interlude, Sunbleached fulfills some of the ballad quota on the record, and the mellow guitar tones really showcase the power in Shea’s voice. Slumber brings in the use of some male vocals, which adds to the dreamy aesthetic (which is ironically appropriate, seeing as it’s a track about sleepovers).

The record is more than just 11 tracks about angst, anxiety and awkwardness - it sends a societal message in a format that young people will understand. This is an impressive feat to accomplish from any band, but for a band to do so on their debut record is remarkable. For example, Nancy Drew touches on the ever so relatable story of scary online dating, and is flanked with screaming vocals, funky guitar riffs and cool, pulsing bass lines to make a serious topic easily consumable.

Try Not To Freak Out is the soundtrack to your adolescence you didn’t know you needed. Full of sing (or scream) along bangers, societally important themes, and to the point, relatable indie rock anthems, you’ll want to smash the repeat button on this record over and over again.

- Olivia Shoesmith.


Album Details

Album Title: Try Not To Freak Out
Artist: Sløtface
Record Label: (Caroline / Universal)