Slum Sociable: Slum Sociable

- After much anticipation, this Melbourne duo have delivered the perfect genre-dabbling, looping dream that is their debut album: Slum Sociable. The twelve tracks feature electronic, synth beats, funky baselines and raw, story-telling lyrics all delivered with incredible vibrato.

The album jumps straight into deep, personal lyricism paired with ominous electronic beats on Moby Bryant, a song inciting discussion around mental health and how superficially it’s usually treated: “…although we both hate it / Everybody wants us complacent.” With their addictive hooks, on the surface tracks like 14 days and Treated Like The Weather are danceable singalongs for a ‘pass the aux’ moment. Those repetitive and catchy choruses are sure to worm their way into your brain throughout the day. After a few listens, the deeper, real emotion and poetry behind the duos’ layering technique begins to unveil itself.

Castle brings the darker melody with a self-aware, reflective journey of co-dependency and “waves of uncertainty” that are all too familiar. Rusty and I Don’t Wanna Give You Anything somehow manage to create a vivid, almost therapeutic atmosphere in under a minute, sending you on a rainy train ride of perfectly molded mellow beats before fading away all too quickly. Keep Up With It starts off sounding like the musical score of a Black Mirror episode, and then the vocals kick in, reaching from octave to octave like it’s the easiest thing in the world. It’s one of those heart-breaking / feel-good songs of lessons learned the hard way, with the lyrics reassuring you: “…on the way down/ you’ll be better.” Name call brings the iconic combination of killer vibrato with a rhythmic baseline that can do no wrong.

Whether you’re into danceable beats, some fresh aux chord material, or relatable poetic lyricism and vocals that’ll ensure goosebumps, Slum Sociable has got you covered. The album ties up at a slower pace with Don’t Come Back Another 100 times, a nostalgic, familiar story that punctuates the whole record with a climax of looped trumpets. The magical brass treatment will leave you feeling like you can do anything, but all you’ll really wanna do is chuck this album on shuffle again.

- Kat Lukin.

Album Details

Album Title: Slum Sociable
Artist: Slum Sociable
Record Label: (Liberaton / Mushroom)