- New York artist St Vincent has made a name for herself with her weird but meticulously (only seemingly) thrown together alt rock, so it’s no surprise that her fifth solo album MASSEDUCTION is a cacophony of guitar driven tunes laced with crazy synths, clever melodies, lyrics and her signature effortlessly intricate vocals.

Los Ageless has a dirty beat that powers through the song, pounding into your head and your heart. The synth line mimics the main melody, helping to make the sultry song catchy and dynamic. The song peaks with the repetitive chorus “How could anyone have you and lose you / And not lose their minds too ringing over and over again. The play on words from Los Angeles to Los Ageless puts the real St Vincent feel to it.

Each song on the record is a journey in itself, with St Vincent jumping between musical styles and genres – Happy Birthday Johnny shows the tenderness in her voice through a simplistic piano ballad, proving that St Vincent doesn’t need all the tricks she utilizes in her other stuff to make interesting music. Pills is more upbeat and peppy, despite the content being quite explicit and dark – this controversy could be confusing to the ear but works with the addition of tight drums and guitars backing the heavier parts. Smoking Section is another one of those slower ballads that really makes the record dynamic and anthemic: the slow, drawn out pulse of the melody and drums instills a feeling of melancholy not found in any other track on the record; a bittersweet end to say the least.

St Vincent has more than just crazy musicality to offer though, lyrically, all of her songs are ingenious. From the simplistic lyrics like “Give me the answer/ I fear the future delivered with the frantic velocity to the metaphorical refrains like “Smilin’ nihilist met angry glass half full of the title track.

With mint guitar tones, lyrics that make you think, intricate vocals and a general level of musicality that most people would chop off their leg to achieve, St. Vincent knows how to deliver a record that leaves your jaw on the floor – MASSEDUCTION is one of those records.

- Olivia Shoesmith.

Album Details

Artist: St. Vincent
Record Label: (Loma Vista / Caroline / Universal)