The Vaudeville Smash - Hey and Drunken Cowgirl

Listening to The Vaudeville Smash’s entree for their upcoming EP was a surprising and a tad retro. The more I listen to the Hey/Drunken Cowgirl single, the more I’m reminded of all 80’s music I grew up with. Their sound is clean, upbeat and infectiously, toe-tapping pop of the Steely Dan, Hall and Oats with a dash of Prince variety as exemplified by “Hey”. The opening of “Drunken Cowgirl” really reminded me of George Benson with the singer’s vocals and the the song’s similar sensibilities and hooks. I blame my parents for even knowing who George Benson is. All in all, I like the retro influence of The Vaudeville Smash and could do with more 80’s pop.

-Manny Zig Poska

Album Details

Album Title: Hey and Drunken Cowgirl
Artist: The Vaudeville Smash
Record Label: