"The Carnival of Lost Souls" takes you on a tale of unrequited love expressed through song and physical theatre...


From the outset I was interested in seeing this performance as I found the title "The Carnival of Lost Souls" to be enticing.

Written and produced by Graham Coupland and influenced by steampunk and Victorian gothic , "The Carnival of Lost Souls"  takes you on a tale of unrequited love expressed through song and physical theatre.

The set design and costuming of "Carnival of Lost Souls" is nothing short of breathtaking. The performances match the beauty of the design of the show unequivocally. The performers incredible physical prowess, flexibility to shape, bend and twist their bodies, as well as soar and glide without a hint of struggle is truly a gorgeous sight to behold.

With a haunting and captivating orginal musical score performed by PLATONIC, you are taken on a journey of a desired Circus Ring Master, a lovelorn gypsy, a broken hearted jester as well as incredible acrobats, a Magician who sleight of hand tricks more than the audience and mind blowing aerial and burlesque performances all encaptured in the colour and intrigue of the Circus.

Audiences of the show have the opportunity to be 'up close and personal' with some lucky members able to seated on stage in the throes of performance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show and I couldn't keep the smile off my face throughout the performance. If you get the chance to bear witness to "The Carnival of Lost Souls", I highly recommend you make the effort to go and see this wonderful show.

By Justine Hansberry