Qld Police corruption in the 70’s and 80’s was well known.
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Matthew Condon

Qld Police corruption in the 70’s and 80’s was well known. Mathew Condon’s book validates the fact that many police got away with lawbreaking that was heartbreaking making this frustrating read. Having myself paid significant fines for simply having a few bongs in the 80’s, this book got my blood boiling at the injustice of it all over again.  Don’t get me started on the fact that paedophilia was not dealt with properly by these men in blue!!

In saying that, so many names mentioned throughout the book made it hard to follow at times and a little tedious to read. There was one chapter that seemed as if it had been a cut and pasted from Lewis’s notes as it just did not have the same writing style and the vocabulary use seemed old for a young writer like Mathew Condon. Perhaps the editors got a little lazy :0

If you have social justice values, the book’s content will frustrate and piss you off.  If you are a lover of Australian crime facts, then you will enjoy this book as many of the people mentioned will be familiar to you.  I do say, congratulations to Mathew Condon for having the diligence and patience to gather the information and to condense it all into a book.  The tale is full of detail which is no mean feat. And the Irish style humour spattered throughout got a chuckle.

Jacquie Brydon