A practical guide to women's leadership

Not made welcome by the 'boys club' of her local Institute of Chartered Accountants training group in 1985, Denise Gibbons was not going to do as she was told when a male colleague said, 'You shouldn't be here.' This books charts a journey that every woman can follow.
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Women as Leaders: the world needs you
Denise Gibbons
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Built out of personal reflection and stories from over thirty years of forging her path as a leader in the largely male-dominated world of financial planning, Women as Leaders presents Denise Gibbon’s practical step-by-step introduction to leadership. The ideas and concepts that form the basis of this book are laid out in simple steps with clear summaries and actions for the reader to build self-understanding and confidence in taking on leadership challenges. 

Knowing why you want to take on a leadership role and what you have to contribute is a critical core concept for Denise Gibbons and a fundamental starting point for your growth as a self-aware leader. Accessible and straightforward with many stories to illustrate and reinforce its message, this text is especially suitable for women starting out on their leadership pathway.

Denise Gibbons shares her knowledge based on self-awareness, neurolinguistic programming, building a successful small business while raising a child, and volunteering as a change agent with Oxfam Australia for over thirty years. The text focusses strongly on the value women can draw from networks that connect women with others who are willing to share experience, wisdom and advice.

Denise offers these words of advice about finding the right person as a mentor:

You want someone as a mentor who can be empathetic about your problem while not stepping over the line into solution mode. They need to allow you to work through whatever is happening so hopefully you will arrive at a solution yourself.

Self-awareness, mindfulness and reflection are key ingredients in Denise's recipe for successful leadership.

Hers is a deliberate and thoughtful journey to realising your capacity to make a contribution to making the world a better place.  Denise’s thirty-plus years of commitment to justice and social change through Oxfam show she practices what she preaches. The foreword from Oxfam CEO Dr Helen Szoke is a great recommendation for the book.

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