The Creases @ The Zoo

Leaving an impact

The Creases are one of Brisbane's favourite bands, and for good reason. Fun, and a bit of a throwback to the loves of our teenagedom, their infectious indie-pop/rock tunes weave their way into your heart. playing to an almost sold out crowd for the last show of their tour, the show at The Zoo was a definite hit.

Opening the night was indie-rock quartet Jouk Mistrow, who used their garage infused melodic rock tunes to bring the small amount of punters away from the pool tables and onto the dance floor. The Brisbanites had good stage vibes and carried themselves with the energy of seasoned performers. Their stage banter was limited (as per norm for a support band), but this didn't distract from their performance, which was tight and effective. 

Next up for the evening was the talk of the moment gal Hatchie. Lots of punters in the crowd seemed to be wearing her baby blue merch, and her shimmery pop tunes seemed to be the selling point for her performance. Kinda like Ali Barter in her delivery, the indie pop/rock vibes were strong. At times during her set the vocals seemed a bit low and became indistinguishable, but this didn't stop people from enjoying her sound. Try was second last, and the influx of new material made me excited to hear more from her. 

The set break between Hatchie and The Creases seemed to go on forever, but eventually they came to the stage, as always looking like a mismatched 90's catalogue. (A cultivated look that -works- for them). Opening with In My Car, the sound reverberated through the sticky floor and into my feet, as the sounds of guitars and synths rung in my ears. Hatchie made a surprise appearance during Everybody Knows (and a few other songs) to sing some BV's, and the tamborine was the star of the night.

Mostly playing songs from their new record Tremolow, tracks like Start Again, Answer To and Is It Love?  filled out the majority of their set. Their stage banter was again limited, but the few things they spoke about reinforced their slightly awakard aesthetic. (For example, when they shut down a punter screaming for them to do a shoey, or when they dedicated Asshole to the Brisbane City Council who had decided to give them a parking fine when unloading their gear). Impact did just that, and left a certain impact on the crowd as their set wound down and everyone headed home. 

The Creases are going somewhere. These are not guys you want to miss. 

Olivia Shoesmith

Zed Facts

4ZZZ launched its glorious tradition of counting down listeners' 100 favourite songs on New Year's Day 1977. More than 10 years later, 2JJJ in Sydney (which employed many ex-Zed staff) began conducting its own Hot 100. Because 4ZZZ held the rights to the name Hot 100, there was a little bit of legal biffo when TripleJ became a national broadcaster, so they changed the name of their survey to the "Hottest 100".