Hands Like Houses @ The Triffid

Leaving fans begging for more

One of Canberra’s biggest rock bands, Hands Like Houses, took to the stage last weekend, packing out the Triffid in Brisbane. PLTS (Pilots), from Byron Bay, opened the night with an energetic set comprised of flanging guitars and driving drums. PLTS indie-rock vibe opened the night with a spark after playing an incredibly tight set. Seldom does the smaller opening band convince the crowd to get up on their feet, but PLTS refreshing sound started the night exceptionally well. The vocal energy behind tracks such as 'On and On’ and their newest single, ‘Spill’, filled the crowd with enthusiasm before receiving kudos from Melbourne post-hardcore band Dream on Dreamer.

Dream on Dreamer set to the stage with: aggressive guitar tones, emotional vocals, ambient sounds and an attitude to impress. The driving double-kick and breakdowns set the crowd into motion as circlepits and moshpits opened up in the full hall. Playing a mix of material from their older albums and their 2015 release ‘Songs of Solitude’, ‘hardcore’ fans of Dream on Dreamer shouted the lyrics out with vocalist Marcel Gadacz, filling the ears of every member of the hall. Dream on Dreamer’s ambient melodies and driving rhythms were executed with precision and emotion creating an engaging performance.

Hands Like Houses started out with some of their material from their latest album ‘Dissonants’, picking up the crowd with soaring vocals from Trenton Woodley and crunchy guitar tones. After playing some of their most popular songs from both their latest album and their older releases (Unimagine/Reimagine, Ground Dweller), bassist Joel Tyrrell surfed the crowd on a giant inflatable thong. Trenton instructed the crowd to “throw Joel further into the ocean” this time. After their last couple of shows in Canberra and Vans Warped Tour, Joel must have racked up some Australian surfing experience as the bass didn’t drop out for a single bar. The lads at Hands Like House invited up members from Dream on Dreamer and PLTS to keep the party rocking for when they played their newest single ‘Drift’. After a night of beloved tracks such as: I Am, Colourblind and Perspectives, Hands Like Houses left the stage with fans begging for more.

Alexander Shoesmith

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