HAPPYFEST @ Woolly Mammoth

Happyfest makes me Happy Yes!!!

You can’t, not have a good time at a gig called HAPPYFEST. I don’t know if it was the name of the Festival, or the Super Moon, but walking through the Valley on my way to the Woolly Mammoth, I was feeling the happy vibes. 

I checked in at the door, and those good vibes kept on coming as I headed upstairs to the mane stage. The Woolly Mammoth is a fantastic venue upstairs it opens up and has room to fit a big crowd. I personally loved the Floor stage, being at floor level, literally right in front of the band was awesome, and so raw and in your face. If you have never been to the Woolly Mammoth you really should check it out, it’s one of our best venues in Brisbane for live music. 

The awesome line up on the mane stage for the evening included Dagz, Low Dive, Mad boots, Teva and the TEES

While on the Floor stage, Bloodletter, Girlsuck, Bad Bangers and Sex Drive blew the crowd away.

Low Dive were so good to see live, Kass and Em played a great set, laden with grooving syth hooks, and guitar work that flowed effortlessly into the mix. Time really does fly when you are having so much fun, and each set of the night left me wanting more. I talked to a cool production guy ”Daniel” between sets, and I also made sure I made my way over to the 4ZZZ Merchandise table, where I presented my 4ZZZ subscriber card and brought an awesome new tee shirt, that with my subscriber discount only cost me $20. 

After buying my tee shirt and formatting my camera, I found myself crouched on the floor stage taking photos right in front, and almost underneath the bass player of Girlsuck, who opened up with a bass line that he attacked Sid Vicious style. The lead Singer Rhiannon engaged with the by now packed crowd, and writhed and gyrated on the floor in various states of undress, she was charismatic with great vocals, and she and the band made the night, throwing down some epic power laden songs, that left the crowd calling for an encore. The encore almost happened but time being the factor (I think?), was stopped not long after it was started, and the mane stage came to life once again. For me personally Girlsuck were the act of the night, a big call with the line up presented, but their performance was raw, and so rock and roll, It blew everyone’s minds. 

I asked Girlsuck lead singer Rhiannon afterwards, “How she would describe Girlsuck’s sound”, and

she told me she described their sound as, 

“Pouty d.i.y punk, that brings an element of filthy femme aggression and noise”.

I totally loved this band, It’s one to put on your “must see” list of hot new bands. 

The TEES what can you say? They are such a good band, I totally love their sound it has elements of so many cool influences, but can only be described as their own. They performed a flawless set that finished the night with a bang. Before I knew it the night was over and I walked out of HAPPYFEST with a big smile, memories forever, and a very happy feeling. I can’t wait for HAPPYFEST 2017 I am definitely locking it in on my Calendar. 

Dani Taylor

Zed Facts

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