Hidden TreasureZZZ#6

Occasionally not everything goes to plan and that can be a good thing.

Well here we are. It's 2pm and no TrashQueen and no sound guy. The foyer of the New Globe is full of families who have come out to see live music and the best we have to offer is a playlist on a mobile phone barely audible. Many apologies are being made and thankfully no one seems too upset. We all wait patiently.

TrashQueen arrive after being held up in unexpected traffic but fears mount for our sound man who is yet to show and is normally so reliable. A back up has been arranged and should arrive soon.

TrashQueen come to the rescue and offer to do an instrumental set just using the guitar amps and drums with no mics. We move into the main stage area which is airconditioned and cool at least.

TrashQueen take the stage in virtual darkness, one feeble bulb offers a yellow glow from one corner of the stage. Despite all these set backs the music that comes forth is just what we want to hear. It is loud, it is melodic and it is fine heavy rock. The next moment the lights come on and the sound man is a blur of human movement, plugging in mics, sorting out leads, setting up drum mics as the band continues to play.

The action is incredible to watch. We never get to see what goes into making a gig happen normally but here we are watching it all come to life before our eyes. This is art. This is amazing.

And then it happens - Ash the sound guy goes back to the desk, flips whatever switch there is to flip and the music and vocals come to life. We go nuts. It's one of the best things we've ever seen. This experience is making up for the hour and a half we waited in the heat with nothing happening.

Once the vocals kicked in and we hear what we had been missing we realise just how important having a PA really is. The instrumental set that TrashQueen pumped out was absolutely amazing but now the full force of the drums and vocals have come in there is definitely a whole other level of amazement going on.

Trashqueen finish their set but we all want them to keep playing. The party was well on its way now as we anticipate the next band. There are lots of families here today and it is great to see that Hidden TreasureZZZ is definitely filling a need, particularly for parents who want to get out to see live music but can't get baby sitters. It is particularly good to see Dad's out with their kids and the kids are having a ball. They are grabbing anything they can find that resembles an instrument and playing it along with the band and just nailing it.

Former Angels are next. These guys have not been playing together all that long but you would never know. Former Angels totally kick arse and Ryan the lead singer is captivating to watch as he leaps around with unfetted energy. In fact the whole band puts on a tremendous show. Former Angels could lift the roof off any building you care to mention. They are an entire powerhouse of rock with a sound that hits you physically but it's so good you don't want it to stop. Do not miss any opportunity you get to go see them play.

Baltimore Gun Club are rapidly become legendary on the Bris music scene and we are so pumped to be seeing them today. They are a extremely hard working band who have played a gig every week this year so far I think, with plenty more dates in the works.  Their bass driven, gutteral rock sound is of the highest calibre which is why they are regularly invited to play. I have seen them play many times and still want to hear them again and again. Once is definitely never enough. Not only do they satisfy the ear holes they are all great guys too. True legends in the making.

What took some time to get started is now drawing to a close with the final act. The Pretty Fingers have been working on some new music for a freshly recorded EP and they are trying the tracks out on us today. The Pretty Fingers have been playing together since 2011 and have maintained the original line up. Mick Bristow the lead singer says the band's success is due largely to the collaborative effort that goes into making the tracks. Each member has equal input.

All the bands today have been truly amazing and The Pretty Fingers are no exception. They are a soid rock outfit that knows how to bend in just the right way to make fresh, interesting melodies that hook you in. Just another one of Brisbane's hidden treasures.

Pix by Amelia Healing

Zed Facts

Around 1998 4ZZZ, 4MBS, and Family Radio started broadcasting from the one installation at Mt Coot-tha. Prior to this 4MBS and Family Radio had merely leased land beside 4ZZZ but then Brisbane City Council decided that having three transmission towers and huts in the one place was an eyesore and encouraged the three radio stations to share facilities. This resulted in the three radio stations developing a company called Broadcasting Park to negotiate with the Council. This company consisted of three shares, one owned by each member station.