I Prevail @ The Triffid

"We did not come back for nothing!" Debbie is no match for I Prevail

Lifelines was ranked #8 in the ARIA charts during its first week debut, they SOLD OUT every one of the their Australian shows; and they even made it back to Brisbane to give fans they show they were waiting for after cyclone Debbie took the City out. I Prevail fans were not disappointed, and punters I had chats with after the gig said it was well worth the few days wait. 

Though the night started late meaning some punters missed Stepson, the opener, but by the time the venue was filled to capacity the audience was just eager the main act to come to the stage. Due to the postponement of the show the second supporting band Void of Vision had to pull out, meaning I Prevail took started around 8.30pm! Pretty early start for headliners but after waiting to get into the venue longer than usual this was not the worst thing; though the entire gig was wrapped by around 9.45pm - I am sure some fans would have appreciated a few extra songs to fill in for the lost support act (but these things are not always the band's decisions). 

Eric Vanlerberghe has perfected the art of brutal, screamo vocals that although harsh can be heard so clearly it is as if you are listening to an album recording - his voice and stage presence is what created the authentic metal gig atmosphere. Come and Get It was the first track the band performed, and it was definitely a crowd pleaser, the audience was already pushing closer towards the stage and forming a classic metal mosh pit. Stuck In Your Head was the song that had the crowd at get to its peak after Vanlerberghe made reference to the first cancellation of the show encouraging more energy stating, “We didn’t come back for nothing!” and later getting the audience to join in screaming “Fuck Debbie!”, referring to the cyclone. This created a personable connection between the band and the Brissie audience and had assisted the grungy atmosphere of the night consistent. Brian Buckweiser, was an equally strong vocalist to counterpart Vanlerberghe’s intensity, and seemed to be the cleaner vocalist of the band which created a balance. I also appreciated that he managed to harner the crowds attention for a brief moment with a seemingly genuine appreciation for fans and supporters. 

Towards the end of the set I Prevail got into the cover songs, which I can always appreciate if they are performed different and well. The cover montage included; Avril Lavigne’s ComplicatedPuddle of Mudd’s She Hates Me, Drowning Pool’s Bodies, and then last but obviously not least the song that got their name on the map Taylor Swift’s Blank Page. They performed the cover seamlessly, proving they can smash the shit it and get a sold out venue full of metalheads screaming along to a T-SWIFT song (I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the audience when the song started). 

The band ends the night with a few more originals, and better known fan favourites such as: Lifelines and Scars, and as they exit stage I can look around and see a crowd of sweaty, worn-out but pleased punters. The gig was a blast, I would recommend seeing these guys live and only expect great things from the band so keep an eye on I Prevail metal junkies. 

Brianna Denmeade 

(IG: @bjded) 

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