Kingswood @ The Triffid


I was pretty keen to head down to the Triffid on Friday night. Kingswood were sure to put on a spectacular show, and their support bands - Maddy Jane and Brisbane locals WAAX - were going to blow the night out of the park. When I hve such high expectations for a gig that can be a ticky time - too often I have been let down by my high standard. Fortunately, Kingswood pulled through. 

Maddy Jane had a voice that seemed too big for her body. Channeling a Courtney Barnett vibe, her ocker way of talking (and singing) was incredibly endearing, and added a personal touch to her music - you almost felt like she was your friend. Alongside a cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, she played a bunch of her own songs, finishing off with single Drown it Out, and a final "have a sick night". 

If WAAX play at any venue in Brisbane, the cult fans will come. The pit was filling up by the time they came onto the stage, the guitar static lingering in the air with tension. Opening with I For An Eye, their high energy performance never faltered in the slightest. The animalistic way in which front woman Marie performed triggered the same response in the punters, and the mosh became an intense place to stand. An original cover of Pool party by Julia Jacklin thrown in between their singles illicted a huge response from the punters. I don't think it will be long before we see WAAX playing their own headline show at the Triffid, but this was a night for Kingswood. 

Inbetween WAAX and Kingswood's sets, some house music filled the atmosphere while the crowd filled up the venue. There is nothing quite like hearing 1000+ people in a small space all singing along to one song, but Bohemian Rhapsody really brings people together. Just as the 'head-banging' part starts, Kingswood take the stage; their silohouettes illuminated in shadow against the background.

Opening with Looking for Love, they delved straight into their collection of feel good bangers, augmented with a full band of brass, backing singers and auxillary percussion. The punters are energetic, but sensible. It's nice. That seemed to be the sentiment for the whole show - the guitar solos were tasteful, the lighting was impressive and professional, and their instrumentation proved just how good Kingswood are at building anticipation. 

Finishing their set with Ohio I'm distinctly reminded of "Johann Beardraven" of The Beards, and not just because of the general hairyness of the band. As expected they came back for an encore, showing off their art rock guitar solos in Producer and Creepin. Kingswood have that spark that a lot of 'nice' rock bands don't. 

Sarah L

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