Miami Horror @ The Zoo

A glorious shower of synthy sunbeams

First note of praise needs to be deservedly handed to the booking agent for The Zoo, who could not have perfectly pieced together a more in sync tessellation of artists. Each band- shaped piece of the puzzle that made up Friday night bathed the audience in glorious shower of synthy sunbeams.

Kicking off the night with a sonic glitterbomb, local outfit FeelsClub took the stage to lay down a number of their ethereal, electronic tracks including crowd favourites Come On and 1 x 1. Their pop infused stage lighting also perfectly complimented their charismatic and emotive vocals. Next up was Gold Coast’s fre$hest and finest four piece, IVEY. Combining their millennial enthusiasm, jangly guitars and stunning vocals, the collective produced an absolutely stellar performance. At this point in the night the stage was well and truly warm, if the vibe of the entire room had fused into the form of a colour it would be a sugary, neon pink.

From the moment Miami Horror took to the stage, the audience were captured within a groove-based trance. There was not one song throughout their entire set that you could not cut some wicked shapes to, this even included the salsa styled interludes between classic hits. The gents weaved tracks from their latest EP release ‘The Shapes’ through the abundance of summery, sun-drenched classics including Real Slow, I Look To You, Love Like Mine, Wild MotionHolidays and rounding out their superb catalogue with Sometimes.

Another note of praise needs to be dished out to Miami Horror’s  fancy footwork and liquid body-rolling. Their fantastic dance moves became possessed by their sound and at some points keyboardist, Daniel Whitechurch, seemed to become one with his instrument. Finally, the immaculate neon lighting and 80’s inspired shape projection tied the production together exquisitely with the geometric theme of the tour.

However, the boiler room that is The Zoo wasn’t as packed as I had initially expected. A potential conclusion that I’ve draw is that Miami Horror are a band with an abundance of pastel/dream pop hits that most folks seem to know all the words however they wouldn’t necessarily go to the search bar, plug in Miami Horror and listen to the whole album. With my small contribution to society, I strive to change that because Miami Horror delivered a sensational show that left my entire being smiling.  

- Luci McAfee


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