Radio Birdman and Died Pretty @ The Tivoli

Two legends sharing the same stage

The Tivoli is a great room. The big space amplifies the extraordinary sound that echoes throughout the room. Tonight was a special moment, for two legends - Radio Birdman and Died Pretty were due to take the stage.

Mick Medew and the Mesmerisers weaved their magic early on as supports, and had their very own devotees worshipping as they played. The Brisbane band played an electrifying set of their signature hard rock, and their magic entranced their fans, (and made them new ones, capturing the attention of the whole crowd). 

Soon after, Radios ON!! A window opens into 1974, and onstage comes the legend we know as Radio Birdman. Rob Younger has lost none of his fire and Denis Tek, (Dr Denis Tek , a Medical Doctor, US Air force Pilot and amazing guitarist – a high achiever to say the least), was in his own world anchoring the whole juggernaut to earth. It was almost a sellout crowd at the Tivoli, and the air was electric. Birdman played all the magic numbers – Aloha Steve and Danno, New Race, Do the Pop, Smith and Wesson Blues, Hand of Law as well as a few surprises. Too quickly it was over. The crowd would have happily had another hour of Birdman magic.  

Next up was Died Pretty. Formed in 1983( 9 years after Radio Birdman) it was great to see they still have the passion. Ron S. Peno was in perfect voice and the band just wrapped the music around him. As usual Ron was lost in his own hypnotic dancing, only occasionally acknowlodging the audience. The band move confidently through 13 songs – some highlights being Just SkinDC ( which was electrifying – more so than ususal),  and God Bless.They closed with Winterland and wandered off into the evening, leaving the audience wanting more.  Whoever put these two acts together is a genius. 

Donald Gunn


Zed Facts

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