Vaudeville Smash @ The Foundry

Just smashing....

Vaudeville Smash are one of those bands that you just have to see live. This given, there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to see them play at The Foundry in support of their latest single Driving Me Wild. With local funk band Fat Picnic along for the ride, I was sure it was going to be a long night of smooth sax, soulful vocals and sultry dancing. 

Fat Picnic didn't muck around getting the crowd moving; the eight piece band, complete with brass and horns section, were well practised in funky beats that swelled and rose in epic proportions. Unfamiliar with their music, I was impressed with the ease that I instantly knew the grooves and choruses, and tracks like Best Of You showed that there were definitely a lot of prior Fat Picnic fans in the house.

House DJ's filled the room with music inbetween sets, and many people stayed on the D-floor (although I utilised this time to refuel on beer). A bit after 10pm Vaudeville Smash came onto the stage, dressed to impress, and opened with VS classic Roller Disco

For the unitiated, Vaudeville Smash are best described as Jethro Tull on weird drugs, meets the best of 80's disco, and this was a vibe that radiated throughout the whole audience, with a rather eclectic collection of punters all sharing the space. Tracks like LauraRichter ScaleDevil Said and their latest single Driving Me Wild really drove the crowd bonkers, inciting a sultry dance off between strangers and friends alike. 

Sexy is a word that I really don't like to use when describing people, but it seems like a perfect fit when it comes to describing Vaudeville Smash's front man Marc Lucchesi. Master of not only the sultry, fun, pop vocals that call out over the driven beats, Lucchesi is also the resident master of the screaming sax solos and beat-boxing flute solos that give Tash Sultana a run for her money. He is a man who knows how to control a crowd, finishing the set with the regular chant of 'you're fucking beautiful, you blow my mind' and improvised solo's I wished would never end. 

This is a band you need to see to believe. 

Olivia Shoesmith

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