The Bone Merchants

Dark saloon-style country meets raucous vaudevillian folk.

The Bone Merchants are a rag-tag collective from Brisbane, Australia. Theirs is a world where dusty desert murder ballads meet ramshackle vaudevillian theatrics; a place where listeners journey from rowdy Old West saloons to lonesome country towns. The Bone Merchants weave macabre tales of bastards, whiskey, loss and hope.

Blending dark Americana with raucous foot stomping folk; The Bone Merchants come together to deliver a lively experience. Baritone vocals meld with Morricone-style guitar and brass, with the junkyard clang of the rhythm section. Taking inspiration from Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and Nick Cave, the band brings a story-telling approach to the songwriting.

With new music being written, and plans to record, 2017 will see the band’s debut single release, with an EP to follow in 2018.