Broken Leg

Broken Leg began as a bedroom project, recording demos and having a bit of fun. Creating something out of nothing, or nothing out of something, who knows!



Broken Leg is a Brisbane based band who formed in late 2013 with the coming together of former band mates from previous projects.  Ben, Al and Coz gigged around Brisbane for many years with their former band fine tuning their rhythmic ties while Dan and Paul were also creating their catchy tunes together.


Joining forces has seen them quickly develop their punk/alternative sound not far removed from the likes of Mötorhead, Generation X or The Dead Kennedys.


Their influences range from punk and alternative to rock and metal.


The punk rockers unleashed their four track debut  EP in February 2015 creating loads of interest on the airwaves of Brisbane’s 4ZZZ 102.1FM with Fisherman Dan and Captain Scotty on their Concept Warning Fishing Show in the morning. A track from this EP called "Never" debuted in the  4ZZZ Hot 100 2015 and came in at number 62. In 2016 a single from the album called"Bleed" made a welcome entry into the Hot 100 at number 63.


Their debut album "Never" has been completed and was released exclusively on 102.1FM 4ZZZ's Concept Warning Fishing in the Morning in  January 2017.


Their long awaited album launch was in February at Grand Central Hotel.  The venue was close to needing another renovation after the paint peeling given to it by Broken Leg playing the new album in its entirety plus a few cheeky new tracks never heard before.


There are a few riffs, beats and grooves flying around the rehearsal room at the moment so a new album may be on the cards.  Stay tuned………….