Australia’s favourite musical misfits are back, breaking
hearts and bones (mostly their own) after a ten-year long
hiatus from the recording studio. With a new found vigor
and a swag of new material, Butterfingers are officially
back in the saddle and continuing to bend genres and the
boundaries of good taste with a rare blend of obscenity,
wit & charm.

For those unfamiliar with their back story, since their
inception in 2002, Butterfingers have proven time and
time again to be one of Australia's most successful
independent acts and greatest live performers, having
released all their own material on their ‘Valley Trash’ label
(now ‘Bewilderbeats’) and performing at nearly every
major festival this country has ever seen. From early in
their career they built a reputation on their energetic &
eclectic live shows that crossed genres and blurred
boundaries drawing from Hip Hop, Punk, Reggae, Drum &
Bass, Stoner Rock, Electronica and just about anything
that makes you want to shake your bones, into a cohesive
mash-up all of their own creation. From potty-mouthed
gutter rhymes to heartfelt crooning odes to love lost,
Butterfingers have a long streak of Triple J Hottest 100
entries, industry awards & nominations to solidify
themselves as a household name. Even through their
extended hiatus, Butterfingers continue to gain passionate
new followers at an exponential rate.

During this recent break, band leader and front man ‘Evil’
Eddie Jacobson took time out to release a solo album
under the ‘Evil Eddie’ moniker with standout track
‘Queensland’ also charting in the Triple J Hottest 100.
Taking a step back from the limelight he also joined and
released an album with Brisbane thrash/punk outfit
‘Spitfireliar’ as lead guitarist which saw quite a serious
musical diversion from even the heaviest material heard
before in Butterfingers’ genre-hopping experiments.
Bringing Spitfireliar bassist Bradzilla back with him to the
otherwise original line-up, 2017 looks to be the year that
propels Butterfingers back into the Australian
consciousness with fresh zest and their greatest material
to date. With the explosive new Exotica/Hip-Hop single
‘Big Night Out’, Butterfingers return to their greatest
storytelling form with a true tale of how Evil Eddie broke
his back on a night out in their native stomping grounds
of Fortitude Valley.

2003 – Everytime EP
2004 – Breakfast At Fatboys
2006 – Deeper You Dig
2010 – Welcome To Flavour Country (Evil Eddie)

Band Members
Evil Eddie – Vox/Guitar
Olly Thomas – Keys/Samples/Percussion
Bradzilla Cochrane – Bass
Damien Green - Drums

Industry Awards
2004 – Aria Award Nomination: Best Independent Release
2005 – Aria Award Nomination: Best Urban Release
2007 – Apra Award Winner: Most Performed Urban Work

Hottest 100 Entries
2003 - Everytime - #38
2003 – I Love Work #15
2004 - Yo Mama #17
2005 - Everybody’s Ugly #69
2005 – Figjam #11
2006 – Get Up Outta the Dirt #83
2010 – Queensland #86 (Evil Eddie)

Label: Bewilderbeats

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