Brisbane based 4 piece original ROCK band

Our new EP “Listen Up” released in July 2017 was recorded “LIVE” at The Stoney Lonesome Studios & is now available to download for free on Soundcloud. The EP showcases our broad influences reflected in our lyrics & music.

We're playing live shows throughout Brisbane in the coming months & showcasing the EP later in the year.


“Secrets, Confessions & Lies" - This track features the amazing vocals of ROO as she effortlessly pours her heart & soul into every note!


“Blame” - rythmatic fusion of old & new check out the original & then have a listen to the incredible Arcane Echo REMIX… absolute banger!!


“Black Limo” – hardrocking driving track with a KILLER lead break


“Picture” – Obsession with social media and how a picture can change everything.


“3 Cheers” – Classic rock with pub chorus - shoutout to the boys in blue keep up the good work!!


Check out our videos and keep up to date with upcoming LIVE GIGS on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter:  #BUZZkillerslive