The Cassingles

The Cassingles are a fast, fun punk band proudly from Brisbane.

Imagine the Sex Pistols, Frenzal Rhomb, Regurgitator and Nick Cave all put into a cocktail shaker and poured over ice. It's something that will shake you up, slam you down, question your sanity and dance, dance, dance. The Cassingles fifth CD, Brisbane's Burning will be out this year. Get ready!  


--Get to know our sub musos --


First time you ever listened to 4ZZZ?

When I was a uni student back in the early 14th century, I used to listen all day, everyday. Especially on Mondays when the Anarchy Show was on. It's still in exactly the same timeslot all these hundreds of years later.

First time you were ever played on 4ZZZ?

It was Alphabet Soup - Linda Dark made us the happiest lil band in the world when she took a chance on three scruffy punks and played a song off our dodgy first CD. We were air punching for weeks!

First gig you ever played?

We bullshitted our way onto the very first Brisbane Zombie Walk afterparty in 2009. And we got to support Mouthguard and the Pugs.

Funniest on-stage f##k up?

About seven years ago we were playing this little bar in West End called Music Kafe (RIP), with Flangipanis and D Rouser and these two pissed up bogans started dancing right in front of us. They kept on crash tackling the mike stands, but somehow we kept on playing till security threw them out.

If you could play with one band/muso (dead or alive) in the 4ZZZ carpark who +why?

Lux Interior from the Cramps. Beause who wouldn't want to see a Cassingles and Cramps double header?

What is the kewlest/ most definitive      feature of  your group/ musical project?

Because all three of us sing, The Cassingles have a whole lot of shades and colours. Of black. Three totally different shades of dark, dark black.

If you were to turn out your pockets at the end of a tour, what is the most common thing you would find?

Nettie's pockets are usually full of razorblades and flick knives. Richie usually has a couple of wallets. Lukey has his hands in his.

If you/your band/your music took the form of an emoji, which one would it be?

The lil ghost with pirate eye patch who's poking his tongue out. Obviously.