Enkore The Artist

Enkore The Artist is one for any muso or Hip-Hop enthusiast to behold.

Enkore The Artist is a Hip-Hop artist that hails from the deep west suburbs of Brisbane in a town called Ipswich. Enkores style of rapping & production is often meshed & mixed with an abundance of other genres, almost creating a skewed, whirl-wind concoction of what we all like to perceive as 'Hip-Hop'. Notable for his minimalistic, electronic melodies & soul samples, slapping analog drums & often realistic & nostalgic delivery, Enkore The Artist is one for any muso or Hip-Hop enthusiast to behold.


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First time you ever listened to 4ZZZ?

first time I listened to 4ZZZ was back in 2015, I think I tuned into the youth show one night while chillin in the jab, sat back huffed a dart and listened to some real great local stuff properly for the first time, was real ecstatic too see how much talent was actually out there, it motivated me.

First time you were ever played on 4ZZZ?

Around the same time, back in 2015, you guys premiered "I'm Capable" off my debut EP "Under The Weather" on the youth show, was crazy tunin in n hearing my own sh*t being played on the radio, was ill.

First gig you ever played?

The first gig I EVER played was @ the Crowbar venue in the Valley. I was only 17 @ the time, pure metal-head venue as it was set-up by the contact of a good mate from high-school named Jayden, he hooked it up for us. Was absolutely whacked out about goin up there. Had Bindii Beckett from Circle-Grounds on the DJ n he was pumped w just as much adrenaline n angst as I was at the time. They called us up, I smashed down the rest of a jug n the crowd looked at us is if to say we stepped up in the wrong neighborhood n we were boutta get rolled after this venue, but too be truthful it coulda just been my paranoia goggles on at the time lmao. Hit my first track nervsey as all, but smashed it after that n converged it all into positive output. The crowd interacted n responded quite well, I was definitely surprised by the positive feed-back I got. Even got a couple snaps back-stage w the under-ground metal delegates themselves.

Funniest on-stage f##k up?

The funniest most jacked up sh*t that ever happened too me on stage was @ the Wrong End Of The Valley concert 2016. We were on late, essentially the last act of the gig, we went on roughly about 11:30 pm at night. We got there n there was maybe like 10 - 15 people MAX. We thought f*ck yeah, gotta start some-where lads les GEDDITT. Anyway, we sink a couple brews, myself Bindii & J-Mills roll on up, I smash out a couple into tracks to my wavering & over-populated crowd, got J-Mills on the decks shreddin away w his mac-book pro faders, when all of sudden, half-way thru the middle of a track, this security guard finds it appropriate in his mind to jump on up & tell us to piss off essentially ? the lads just weren't having it, not w that attitude nyway, we commuted in from Ipswich + we weren't avid about wasting a set we'd been working on for weeks.

So we went on w the track & smashed it out like he wasn't there when ol mate reckons pull out the cables to the beat ??? fckn baffled we stood, all eagle-eyed at this wanker seccy, when suddenly, after a TEN second sharp-eyed pause, J-Mills grabs the mic & just yells to our abundant & loving crowd "THIS IS F*CKIN' HIP-HOP". He plugs that shi*t back in & hits play on the beat, we spit another half of the track out before finally getting kicked off. I still got the footage some-where, it's good stuff. Classic Millsy ay UP THE DOGGIESSS #4300.

If you could play with one band/muso (dead or alive) in the 4ZZZ carpark who + why?

Jimi Hendrix... Cause he da king boh. No need to say more.

What is the kewlest/ most definitive feature of  your group/ musical project?

Everything about my act is unconsciously definitive really, I just do me n nothing else.
I hate repetitiveness. I'll make a jazz/funk rap fusion track one day then lay down a vapor-wavish 808 laced chop the next,then do a completely boom-bap based mixtape then an electronic Human League inspired project after.
a bunch of dudes'll claim they lay it down like that but they really don't, it's just an image thing I suppose. Musics all about intuition & gut feeling for me, It's not organized or scheduled. I leave that shiz for the music management itself n the business side of stuff.

If you were to turn out your pockets at the end of a tour, what is the most common thing you would find?

A sprinkle of the dignity I have left after.

If you/your band/your music took the form of an emoji, which one would it be?