Julia R. Anderson

Born in '95, Anderson spent her childhood surrounded by the lofty greenhouses flanking a minuscule moshav in the southern desert of Israel ('moh-shahv', a cooperative agricultural community).

Born to parents of dual nationalities, Anderson would soon end up in the unlikely town of Bundaberg, regional Queensland. Reveling in a uniquely Australian Israeli upbringing, the rest of her childhood would comprise several motions to and fro these two nations.


The stark, saturated landscapes of Australia’s east coast with its lush green roadside and  rich red soil naturally permeated Anderson's consciousness, inspiring a passionate obsession with the patterns and designs of nature. Meanwhile, a restless oscillation between two lands & two identities spurred an ardent fascination in people and society. A cultural assemblage leading to a tapestry of musical influences.


As an adolescent, Anderson sought to express these strange going-on's of her youth musically. A trained percussionist since the age of 10, Anderson then reached for the guitar, providing herself a bastardised melodic education that combined middle eastern symphony and western rock pop aesthetics. Soon, a timid but enduring vocal smolder emerged, relaying designed lyrics of emotional upheaval & Romantic naturalism.


Melodies immersed in a nostalgic reverb soak, a bizarre patchwork of samples, field recordings and eclectic instrumentation. Anderson's music constructs an intimate ambient space -  weaving curious melodies and textures through traditional forms. In the wake of many a late school night by the side of her cherished four-track, Anderson has cultivated a divergent artistic identity and a musical aesthetic which is truly singular. 


Since moving to Brisbane in early 2014 to pursue studies at the Queensland Conservatorium, Julia has cemented a formidable presence on the live scene. Recently headlining 4ZZZ’s Brisbane Live Music Week with a live-to-air performance, Julia has also headlined SPUNK! Records unofficial Bigsound showcase of 2016 and supported acts such as Julia Jacklin, Biscotti and We All Want To.

The release of her debut single, ‘In the Beginning’ in 2015 instigated immediate excitement with a myriad of reviews from publications such as Tonedeaf, WhoTheHell, Airit/Amrap & Triple J Unearthed (incl. reviews from Dom Alessio & Dave Ruby Howe). Moreover, ‘In the Beginning' received a host of airplay with spins from 4ZZZ, ABC’s Inside Sleeve, 3RRR, fBI Radio, Unearthed and Amazing Radio. Her most recent work with local producer Erik Williamson (Moscow Abandoned Hotel) and visual artist Adam James David Anderson foreshadows the release of her debut self-titled album in late-2017.