I’m L-DOPA, a Brisbane musician and producer. My music revolves around my synths and are influenced by my love for Hip-Hop, Jazz, and soundscapes.


L-DOPA - You Do (feat. Liv)

L-DOPA’s new track, You Do, with Brisbane singer Liv, highlights the tempestuous, insecure, and hopeful nature of our closest relationships. The ambient electronica production supports the vocals and accentuates the emotion of the lyrics. Listening past the vocals, the instrumental itself is highly textured and developed, taking you on a separate and equally moving experience.


L-DOPA has an obvious obsession with music, and although his main passion lies in Hip-Hop, he has an enthusiasm for Jazz, Electronica, Classical, and Alternative.


L-DOPA's adept handle on music manifests in his rich chording, harmonies, sound selection, percussive rhythms and a groove that turns away from overly-quantised rigidity. The combination of his musical technicality with his knowledge in production and synthesis makes for a formidable Producer, who delivers on equally formidable sounds.


L-DOPA is getting himself out there with a purpose. Anyone looking for fresh sounds should check him out now. You’ll be telling your friends years from now that you saw his undeniable potential from day one.


Where to find L-DOPA