Outrageous Modesty

Great music generally comes from unlikely places.

Great music generally comes from unlikely places. The slums of urban neighbourhoods, the massage parlours of the American South, or in the case of Outrageous Modesty, a dive bar in Singapore. After all, it's not everyday an Australian, an Englishman, and an American bond in Southeast Asia over whiskey and cigarettes and their love for folk music. Thus spawned the birth of one of the most eccentric folk-rock bands to emerge in the Australian music scene over the past few years.


With the release of their debut album titled Almost Live, a nine-track effort that combines traditional folk with a slew of influences, ranging from blues to 60s classics to contemporary rock, anthems such as “Without You” showcase the band's riveting melodic side, while songs like “Time” channel an alt-rock spirit that compels a crowd into a passionate singalong. 


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