The Pretty Fingers

The Pretty Fingers are a unique and hard working Australian band that are on a roll and have one main goal: to create great music

The Pretty Fingers are a 3 piece Rock band based in Brisbane Australia.

Formed in 2011 by Mick Bristow-Singer /Guitarist, Stav Tsolakides-Bass Guitar and Bevan Bancroft-Drums.
A mutual love of guitar rock, songwriting and art is what brought the band together.
The Fingers sound has elements of Punk, New Wave Pop and Hard Rock and the blend of these influences has a heavy and melodic feel that is catchy, moody, sometimes viscous and always fun.


Currently the band are playing live shows and sharing their music worldwide on FM and internet radio stations winning over new fans on the way with their catchy original sound.


--Get to know our sub musos--

 First time you ever listened to 4ZZZ?  


 First time you were ever played on 4ZZZ?  


First gig you ever played?  

The Pretty Fingers first show was at Mango Hill Tavern in 2011

 Funniest on-stage f##k up?  

I fell backwards off stage taking my amp with me, got up found the amp was still going, re mic’d it and got back up and finished the song with my band mates nearly in tears of laughter and my amp pointing at the roof!

If you could play with one band/muso (dead or alive) in the 4ZZZ carpark who +why?

It think Jimmy and the boys would be fun just to soak up some more 80’s weirdess.

What is the kewlest/ most definitive feature of  your group/ musical project?

The element of unexpected surprise!

 If you were to turn out your pockets at the end of a tour, what is the most common thing you would find?

A motel key, oops!

If you/your band/your music took the form of an emoji, which one would it be?

A smiley face with dark sunglasses