If it ain't broke, don't fix it...unless your bass player leaves, then just make it even better

Skinwalkers is and always will be best friends playing music, trying to make a difference in a world gone mad. Lach Jenno (Guitar/Vocals) and Matt Turner (Drums/Vocals) started the band in 2008 after a couple of years together in street punk acts. After racking up 7 more years working together and a journey that would make many give up (and many did), Skinwalkers is somehow still standing. If love for music and brotherhood brought this band together, dogged perseverance is what's allowed them to stick around. This is a band forged in fire.


Each chapter in Skinwalkers journey has calloused their signature sound, layering their history and experiences with emotion and self. Combining hard hitting drums, insurgent guitar riffs, high flying melodies, modern raps and old school roars, it may take you a moment to realise there's only two of them. Whether it be through personal experience or staring down the barrel at our way of life, the two's lyrical convictions are crystal clear. Through the years, Skinwalkers has been known for writing songs that question the norms and put a light on issues affecting our world and how we live today. This is the kind of band that leaves a mark in the faces of their foes and a feeling of belonging and purpose to their fans.


There's a bond that's true to life and a passion on high beams, with experience in playing in difficult and amazing situations from the rowdy days touring nationally up and down the East Coast, all the way to the late great Big Day Out and everything in between. Over the years they've supported the likes of Frenzal Rhomb, The Misfits (US), Grimskunk (CAN), The Datsuns (NZ), The Rabble (NZ), The Bellrays (US) and many more. From hitting the stage with broken bones to finishing tours with a broken band, Skinwalkers show no signs of backing down.


At the same time, the two have been involved and supported number of philanthropic projects including workshops and programs for homeless youth, wildlife and environmental protection, mental illness and depression. From sit down discussions with Peter Garret on making music with a message, to interviewing the likes of Ben Lee, Ollie Olsen, Lucius Borich and others on their YouTube series "Everyone Has A Story", Skinwalkers are asking questions and searching for truth in an age of inadequate answers.


Uncompromising in their resolve after 2 long years of writing and recovery, Skinwalkers are back in 2016 with purpose and plenty of venom, raw and ready for what comes next..