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As a dog lover you’ll know that dogs usually spend a significant proportion of their daytime hours sleeping - as close as possible to their favourite human - you! So whether you’re occupied in the kitchen, the lounge room, out on the verandah or even taking a nap in your bedroom, it makes sense to give your dog(s) proper resting support and comfort, wherever he or she lies. Especially if age, inflammatory illness or arthritis are part of the equation.

To save yourself moving your TOPDOG Comfit dog bed from room to room, why not simply provide a bed for each main room?

What Size Dog Bed?
To determine the best size dog bed measure your dog in in their sleeping position from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail.

Then add approximately 20cm to determine the bed length. This ensures that your dog doesn't feel as if they are falling off the bed.
When in doubt always get the larger size. A bit bigger won't hurt as it allows your dog to stretch out comfortably.

Check out our top quality range of breathable, water resistant dog beds:

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