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MP Ken Wyatt promoted to Minister for aged care and Indigenous health and more Zedlines

West Australian Indigenous MP Ken Wyatt will become the first Indigenous Minister to be promoted to cabinet, serving as the new Minister for aged care and Indigenous health. (Image source: Ken Wayatt and Julie Bishop -

Malcolm Turnbull announced in a speech yesterday - Mr. Wyatt is an ideal choice for the ministry, given his extensive knowledge and experience as a senior public servant in Indigenous health, coupled with his work as an assistant minister in his portfolio.

Mr Wyatt addressed social media yesterday that he was deeply honored to have been promoted to the ministry.


Feeling hot? There's a heatwave.

Southern Queenslanders are set to swelter, as a heat-wave moves through, breaking records in its path.

Brisbane will reach a top of 34 degrees, five above the daily average for this time of year.

Acting health minister Stirling Hinchliffe urged residents to stay hydrated, saying if your urine is dark it’s best to increase your fluid intake, to best keep yourself safe. 

One Nation looks to Queensland election 

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is expected to announce a “game changing” shake-up to state politics today in the lead-up to the next election.

Expedition for Bona Vista and Jenny Lind shipwrecks begin and more Zedlines

A team of 11 scientists have departed from Bundaberg in search of a number of famous shipwrecks in the Coral Sea. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

The group will travel 500km off the East Coast to Kenn’s reef in search of wreckage from ships known to have gone down in the area during the 19th century.

The main item of desire is the Bona Vista which was lost in 1828.

Wheelie bin used to trap crocodile metres from playground in North Queensland

Greens call for parliamentary entitlements overhaul and more Zedlines

Greens Leader and Senator Richard Di Natale is calling for an overhaul of the parliamentary entitlements system.(image: Flicker; Kate Ausburn)

Senator Di Natale joins other minor party politicians calling for the system to be reformed after federal Health Minister Sussan Ley stood aside amid investigations into her expenses.

Specifically, the Senator wants to introduce a national anti-corruption watchdog which will audit entitlements and provide expenses advice to politicians.


Central Queenslanders defy government over ADF land expansion

Meningococcal outbreak could have been stopped & More Zedlines

Four children fighting meningococcal at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital have a potentially deadly strain of the disease which could have been prevented by an out of stock vaccine. 

The vaccine for Meningococcal B is only available through the private sector, despite repeated attempts to get it onto the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Bexsero has been out of stock since October, with manufacturer Glaxo Smith Kline blaming “unexpected demand” for the shortage.

Watchdog barks over 'CU in the NT' slogan

The Advertising Standards Bureau has labelled the controversial ‘CU in the NT’ slogan as “extremely denigrating to women” while ruling on a complaint that was lodged to the industry watchdog.

Study Reveals Pilots Suffer From Suicidal Thoughts ... & More Zedlines

A Harvard University study has found thousands of commercial pilots have experienced suicidal thoughts.

Experts warned pilots might cover up their symptoms of depression for fear of losing their jobs, as they are automatically deemed unfit to fly if diagnosed.

The study comes after the 2015 Germanwings crash, when a pilot suspected of being mentally ill crashed the airliner into the French Alps, killing 150 passengers.

Government Urged to Ditch Toondah Harbour Project

Bushfires easing in Moreton Bay but authorities urge vigilence, and more Zedlines.

Authorities warn against complacency as Russell Island fire risk reduces. (Image Source: Flickr)

Russel Island bushfires ease

The bushfire on Russell Island in Moreton Bay has eased, however residents have been warned to not become complacent.

Queensland Fire Services said there are still grass fires, but no homes are at risk.

Redland City Council Mayor Karen Williams told the ABC residents need to be ready with emergency management plans and to take advice from authorities on the ground.

Previously 60 homes were under threat, and an evacuation center was set up for those who were affected.


Family Matters report into indigenous child removal

The Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care
(SNAICC) last month released a report into the high rates of indigenous
child removal. The report, titles "Family Matters", includes worrying
statistics about the rates of child removal but also recommendations of
how this trend can be reversed.

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke to Gerry Moore, CEO of SNAICC, about the report.

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Bold plans for Oxley Creek transformation and more Zedlines

On Wednesday, Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk unveiled new plans for a $100 million “super park” on what is now Oxley Creek.

The flood-prone area will be transformed over a 20 year period into a gigantic waterslide “super park” complete with hiking trails, urban farms, playing fields and some residential blocks.

Cr Quirk says the development will create economic opportunities and “is needed to help transform the once flood-prone waterway into a space that will be a landmark community space.”


Rise in Queensland's youth detention

Workers Fear Losing Jobs By Speaking Out On Safety Issues

Workers on one of the Sunshine Coast’s largest construction projects fear losing their jobs if they speak out on safety issues, according to a peak trades union.

Workers fear losing jobs by speaking out on safety issues

Workers on one of the Sunshine Coast’s largest construction projects fear losing their jobs if they speak out on safety issues, according to a peak trades union.

Organisers for the Electrical Trades Union say worker’s concerns were highlighted to them after they investigated two safety issues at Downer’s Solar Farm construction site on Friday.