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Cyclone Debbie hits the Queensland coast and more Zedlines

Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie’s destructive winds are beginning to be felt on Queensland’s north coast. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Whitsunday Islands are currently being lashed by gale force winds cutting power, snapping trees and lifting rooves.

The category four system is tracking towards the town of Bowen where it is expected to make landfall around midday bringing 260km/h winds and flash flooding.

25,000 people in low-lying areas have been urged to reach higher ground ahead of an expected storm surge.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and emergency services are urging residents in the 600km danger zone to stay indoors.

Work for tradies

Malaria vaccine breakthrough by Griffith University and more zedlines

World’s first anti-malaria vaccine developed at Griffith University. Image Source: Wikimedia/Hugo A. Quintero G.

The vaccine developed by researchers at Griffith University and Gold Coast University Hospital has tested safe for humans to take and is subject to further research.

The groundbreaking research vaccine is being considered to be used in countries where malaria is an endemic problem. The disease affects half of the world’s population.


M1 Motorway upgrade to start later this year

A funding agreement for the M1 Motorway upgrade has been reached.

Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild stitching for a good cause and more Zedlines

The Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild is quilting for a cause donating quilts to domestic violence women's shelters. (Image:Flickr)

The group has set up stall at the four day expo intocraft LIVE at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre this week where they will sell raffle tickets to fund the charitable quilt making.

The group donated around 30 quilts last year, a number they hope to match in 2017.

Stay-at-home dad turn Miami film fest winner
A stay at home dad has left his name in lights after winning big at the prestigious Miami film festival.

Brutal drug war in Philippines to continue and more zedlines

Philippines president unfeigned by a prospective International Criminal Court trial over his anti-drug war. Image Source: Flickr/VOCAL-NY

The country’s president Rodrigo Duterte said he will not be intimidated over an ICC trial to stop his "brutal" campaign against drugs after the campaign having claimed more than 8000 lives.

A former self proclaimed assassin from the Death Squad under the leader’s mayorship in Davot city has testified against him before the Philippine Senate and plans to file a case at the ICC.

Duterte has ordered the police force to shoot the suspects if in danger. He said he wants to see the criminals die rather than losing the security forces.


Disability care still in a puddle after a year and more Zedlines

Poor disability care services leads the state government to be called on by agencies. Image Source: Pexels

A year since the warning of ‘‘catastrophic outcomes’’ from substandard disability care report by Queensland’s Office of the Public Advocate has urged the Palaszczuk government to take tough initiatives as nothing has changed.

Under-reporting of mostly preventable deaths in the disability health care services has provoked the organisations to appeal the state government to implement strategies to fix the services federally as well as the private sector.


Riding the waves with lemongrass surfboards

Garden centres get behind mental health and more Zedlines

Garden centres around the country will don blue in support of the beyondblue foundation this Sunday, as part of the annual Garden Releaf Day event.

Over 100 gardening centres across Australia will host activities for the foundation, who provide support for people affected by depression, anxiety and suicide.

Chairman of beyondblue Jeff Kennett said gardening is an effective way of improving mental wellbeing and taking some time out to reduce stress and anxiety.

Sunday will mark the third Garden Releaf Day organised by the Garden Centres Australia, with the 2016 event raising over $70,000 dollars in funds for beyondblue.

Fisherman warn of marine wildlife damage

Homelessness more expensive than last resort housing and more Zedlines...

A cost-benefit analysis has revealed ignoring homelessness is more expensive than providing last resort housing. (Source: Wikimedia)

The analysis, commissioned by the University of Melbourne, found almost $11,000 per person per annum could be saved each year if the government bankrolled more last resort housing.

The savings would come from reduced healthcare costs, crime, and unemployment, according to Melbourne Sustainable Society director, Brendan Gleeson.


Signing of MoU with one of QLD's largest Indigenous health organisations

Indigenous groups and lawyers question urgency of native title changes

Indigenous groups and native title lawyers are suggesting more time and greater depth is needed to examine native title changes due to be reported by a Senate committee next week.

After a two-week submission window, the first and only public hearing into native title changes occurred in Brisbane on Monday.

UN humanitarian chief appealing for famine funds and more Zedlines

The UN humanitarian chief is appealing for funds to combat famine in four countries.

Humanitarian chief, Stephen O’Brien, has pleaded the UN Security Council for “collective and coordinated global efforts” to gather 4.4 billion dollars by July in order “to avert a catastrophe”.

The world is facing the largest ever humanitarian crisis with over 20 million people in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeast Nigeria suffering from famine and starvation.

O’Brien says the famine in these countries is man made and due to the ongoing conflicts and absence of political intervention to stop the violence.


Meeting on Redfern redevelopment plan shut down by protesters and more Zedlines

A meeting to discuss the latest redevelopment plans for the Block in Redfern has been shut down amid protests for the project, with reports one protester was assaulted. Image source: Flickr

The planned development, to build a 16-storey building to accommodate up to 500 students, has been met with unhappiness from much of the Aboriginal community, despite Chair of the Aboriginal Housing Company Alisi Tutuila stating that the plans provide an opportunity to build 62 affordable homes for Aboriginal people.

Ms Tutuila said it was disappointing that the meeting, which was due to go for 90 minutes, had to be shut down following continued protests by the audience.