Queensland top 10 in deforestation... and more Zedlines

A new report shows Queensland is one of the largest deforesters in the world. (Image: WIkimedia commons)

The Queensland Department of Science shows 395,000 hectares of land has been cleared in the state over the past two years.

Ahead of the election, Labor has promised to re-enact environmental protections, while the LNP plans to let deforestation continue at current rates.

Labor are underdogs, according to Premier

Queensland premier Anastasia Palaszczuk is claiming an ‘underdog status’ for the Queensland election, despite polls suggesting Labor is leading.

Australia says YES to same-sex marriage

61.6 % per cent of participants in the same-sex marriage postal vote have voted in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry (image:wiki).

The Australian Bureau of Statistics published the results at 9am local time with the final count being 7.8 million supporting the move and 4.9 million against the move.

Statistician David Kalisch says it shows how important this issue is to many Australians.

18 and 19 year old voters had the strongest participation with around 78 per cent participation in the postal survey.

Brisbane brain researcher awarded Strömgren Medal

Historical Context of Dual Citizenship

Malcolm Turnbull has set December 1st as a deadline for every politician to declare their citizenship status and provide proof that they have renounced any foreign citizenship. This comes after Greens leader Richard Di Natale threatened to ask the Governor General to dissolve the parliament after a fresh round of politicians revealed they were dual citizens.

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden to reintroduce talks of resettling refugees and more Zedlines

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach discussions about resettling refugees from the closed Manus Island Detention Centre with Prime Minister Turnbull. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach Malcolm Turnbull about the Manus Island Detention Centre crisis at the East Asia Summit this week.

Approximately 420 asylum seekers and refugees still remain at the now-closed processing centre, with reports that the Papua New Guinean authorities will soon remove them.

The two leaders discussed New Zealand’s longstanding offer to resettle 150 men from Australia’s detention centres more than a week ago.


Queensland deforestation rates could be on the rise and more Zedlines

New figures indicate that if proposed land clearing goes ahead it will double last year's figures for deforestation. Image credit: Flickr

The Wilderness Society says Queensland deforestation rates have the potential to double last year’s figures, with close to 1 million hectares of land already being approved to clear.

Wilderness Society Queensland Campaign Manager Gemma Plesman says ‘deforestation in Queensland has increased 250% since 2011’ and ‘more than 99 per cent of the proposed clearing is of untouched forest and woodlands’.

1.25 million hectares have been cleared in the four years since the Newman Government relaxed tree laws.


Manus protesters charged

Five people protesting against the treatment of refugees on Manus Island have been charged in Sydney. Photo Source: Flickr

Two men and three women will face court next month for trespassing, after they climbed to the top of the Sydney Opera House on Thursday to hang banners calling for government action.

Police climbed the sails of the Opera House to arrest the protesters.

Activist group Whistleblowers, Activists, and Citizens Alliance claimed credit for the protest on Facebook.

Police defend handgun crackdown resisted by rural farmers

24-hour Manus Vigil Begins tonight... and more Zedlines

A 24 hour vigil and protest for refugees on Manus Island will begin outside of Peter Dutton’s electorate office in Strathpine tonight. (Image: Getup)

Protesters will remain camped in front of the Gympie Road site from 6pm today, until 6pm tomorrow.

Refugee Action Collective, organisers of the vigil, say it is time the minister and the government face up to their responsibilities as a part of the United Nations and its refugee conventions.

Want to get there? Peter Dutton's office is 350 meters from Strathpine train station, or a 40 minute drive from the CBD.

Severe storm hits Bundaberg

The worst non-cyclonic storm in a decade has hit Bundaberg and left the region without power overnight.

24 Hour vigil for Manus Island detainees to take place at Peter Dutton's Office

A 24 hour vigil is being organised by the Refugee Action Collective QLD to support the 600 ex detainees that are stuck in Manus Island without food, water and medical supplies. Since the Detention Centre closed on the 31st of October with water and electricity being cut off the men are without basic amenities and a humanitarian crisis is under way. The men refuse to leave as they worry for their safety in the communities of Papau New Guinea. 4ZZZ Reporter Jack McDonnell spoke to Mark Gillespie from Refugee Action Collective about this planned action and the situation on Manus. 


Forecast for Great Barrier Reef suggests more bleaching will occur this summer and more Zedlines

Forecasts for this summer suggest that, while there is unlikely to be mass bleaching events like those that occurred in 2016 and 2017, there is still reason to be concerned for the Great Barrier Reef.

While forecasts are still uncertain, the Coral Watch program of the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration put much of the reef on Alert Level 1 in February 2018, meaning that bleaching is likely.

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, a researcher from the University of Queensland, says the results are reason to worry, as heat stress may inhibit the coral’s chances of recovery.

Coral spawning events will emerge in the coming weeks, however may be inhibited by the coral bleaching events in 2016 and 2017, which left around 50 per cent of the reef’s coral cover dead.

Calls to ban E-cigarette in smoke free areas of NSW and more Zedlines...

New South Wales state health minister Brad Hazzard has backed the call to ban e-cigarettes in smoke free areas of the state.

Several groups including the Cancer Council, Council on Smoking Health, and Heart Foundation urged the NSW Government to legislate the change.

Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have already enacted the ban.



Briefing notes show Palaszczuk government ignored police over Ipswich closure

Briefing notes have shown the Palaszczuk government ignored advice from police and went ahead with upgrading the Ipswich Police Communications Centre.