Heatwave hits state and more zedlines...

Thunderstorms are anticipated, followed by an extreme heatwave in Sunshine Coast and Darlings Downs as temperatures reach the high 30s in some areas this weekend. Photo from Flickr.

A high pressure system is stationed off the east coast and is set to send the mercury up to midsummer levels on what should be a spring day, with daytime maximums up to 10 degrees above average.

Forecasters have warned of 90 kilometre an hour winds across the Gympie region, which thunderstorms are threatening for this afternoon and evening, with a 70% chance of rain today.

Maximum weekend temperatures include 38 on Sunday in Roma, Gatton, Ipswich, and Emerald, and the mid 30s in Nambour, Warwick, Rockhampton, and Gympie.

Estimate of 40 Million Slaves Across the World and More Zedlines...

Figures from a coalition of human rights groups have estimated there were over 40 million slaves across the globe last year. (Image source: Flickr)

The International Labour Organisation, the International Organisation for Migration, and the Walk Free Foundation said nearly three quarters of slaves are female, and make up some of the 15 million women who are married without consent.

The findings are the first estimate at a global level, and are prompting calls for stronger rights, better governance of migrants, and improved identification of victims.

Assaults in Queensland Prisons Continue to Increase

Fairfax media reported assaults in Queensland’s prisons have doubled in the past three years.

Australia's Response to Rohingya Crisis

Aung San Suu Kyi is expected to speak today on the Rohingya crisis and UN general secretary Antonio Guterres says it is her last chance to change Myanmar’s history and save her reputation as a leader. UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is threatening “action” if she does not act to help the Rohingya. The last few months have seen a fierce escalation in the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, with thousands fleeing what the United Nations has called an ethnic cleansing.


A convicted sex offender who has faced allegations of domestic violence from two ex-partners and one of his children has been cleared to run a childcare business.

The man, who 4ZZZ cannot name for legal reasons, failed a working with children check after a two month period in 1982 saw him commit various offences against women when he was still a teenager.

The court found that the man, who has since become a successful businessman, was no longer a risk to children.


The number of ice addicts seeking treatment in Brisbane has increased dramatically.

Malcolm Turnbull Urges Aussies in North Korea to Leave and more Zedlines...

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is considering evacuating Australians from the Korean Peninsula. (image source: Flickr)

The prime minister says the threat of war is the greatest it’s been since the Korean War but confident the global community can bring North Korea “to it’s sense.”

He urges Australians in that region to register their details with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Queensland Childcare Workers to Strike Over Pay

Working parents will have to find alternatives for their children today as childcare workers go on strike across southeast Queensland at 3:20pm.

Rohingya Muslims Flee to Bangladesh and more Zedlines

Thousands of refugees have fled Myanmar and poured into Bangladesh in the last 24 hours following outbursts of violence directed towards Rohingya Muslims.

Both Rohingya insurgents and Myanmar’s security officers have been involved in armed conflict since the violence broke out on August 25th and have been accused of executing civilians and burning down homes.

Red Cross teams and the United Nations Refugee Agency have set up refugee camps but are struggling to assist the 60’000 refugees that have arrived in Bangladesh on foot and boat in the last 10 days.

Shortage of new train drivers for Queensland Rail

Indigenous offenders reconnect with country and more zedlines...

Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders and their parents will be taken to traditional land to receive guidance from Elders. Image sourced from Pixabay

Queensland Youth Services announced their partnership on September 1 with the Yinda Program to mentor Indigenous teens aged 10 to 17.

The initiative is expected to connect young Indigenous offenders to their community, culture and country, and to restore family bonds.

Seven tonnes of rubbish cleared by volunteers

Volunteers have cleaned up seven tonnes of rubbish along Chilli beach in the Cape York Peninsula, ABC reports.

Protesters gather to fight for refugees

A protest is being held on September 1 to fight for the rights of refugees outside Brisbane’s Department of Immigration. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

The Refugee Action Collective has called the demonstration to oppose what they call the government’s latest round of “refugee bashing”.

The group said the Government’s current victims are the people brought to Australia for medical treatment, then forced to work before they are medically able to do so.

If you wish to take part in the demonstration, head to the Department of Immigration on Adelaide Street at midday.

Water Contamination found near landfill in Ipswich

Same-sex marriage: advertising restrictions put on hold

The Federal government is waiting for the high court to rule on the validity of same-sex marriage postal survey before embarking on strengthening advertising restrictions (Image: Wikimedia)

The news comes after the first advert from the No Campaign was televised nationally.

The Postal survey is not subject to the Commonwealth Electoral Act which prohibits misleading or deceptive information to be distributed.

The Coalition is calling for a legislation change, but it has to wait until the High Court has held a hearing against the postal survey.

Lawyer calls for release of Native Title Review

A prominent lawyer is calling on the federal government to release a report recommending substantial changes to Native Title Law.