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Cosmic rays come from extragalactic sources and more zedlines...

An international team of scientists have discovered high-energy cosmic rays that hit Earth come from outside our galaxy. Photo from Pixabay.

These rays, first recorded about 50 years ago, are charged particles hitting the Earth’s atmosphere, but unlike low-energy rays that come from the sun or exploded stars, scientists had been unable to determine the cause or where they came from.

The team studied 10 years’ worth of data from the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina, concluding that the high-energy cosmic rays come from an extragalactic source approximately 326 million light years away, but were unable to determine how they are created.

The team will now try to find a more direct source.

Moree elder creates app for future generations and more zedlines...

Moree elder, Aunty Val Dahlstrom has designed a new app to ensure younger generations understand the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders since colonisation. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

The app, presented in the form of a solitaire game, provides players with insights into events that have influenced the health of Indigenous communities.

Solitaire Explore was launched at this year’s Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) conference in the Hunter Valley.

Ms Dahlstrom says every resource that helps raise awareness of Aboriginal health needs is a step closer to closing the gap.

Taxi drivers: $530k taxi license now worth less than $150k

LNP to scrap juvenile bail housing if elected and more zedlines...

Queensland’s Liberal National Party said they will close supervised bail accommodation for juvenile offenders if elected to government, instead putting minors in prisons. Photo from Flickr.

The Labor party announced plans last week to roll out specialised centres over the next few months, designed to house between four and 12 children who had been charged with an offence but were yet to face court and were unable to return home.

Currently, minors awaiting trial but unable to go home make up about 80% of the population of youth detention facilities in Queensland.

Flood Class Action Against Queensland Government Delayed Until December and more Zedlines...

The Queensland flood class action will be put on hold and leave almost seven thousand Queenslanders waiting a further two months before their day in court. (Image source: Wikipedia)

The trial which was set to begin in the New South Wales Supreme Court on October the third will now be moved to the fourth of December this year, with two weeks of hearings and then the trial re-commencing in February next year.

The delay is caused by mediation efforts between Maurice Blackburn lawyers who are representing the flooded Queenslanders and Seqwater and the Queensland Government.

Queensland State of Electricity Rewrite

A spike in demand, and online abuse, hits LGBTIQ youth service

A number of mental health groups nationwide have this week flagged a spike in demand for their services as Marriage Law Postal Survey campaigning kicks into gear.

Among the Mungbean Militia: The front line of anti-Adani activism

From an undisclosed camp within the Bowen region, a convoy of activists set off after dawn on Tuesday for the first step in a campaign of direct civil disobedience. Their target, the controversial Carmichael coal Mine proposed by the Indian mining group, Adani.

Protesters peacefully blockaded the road into Abbot Point Coal Terminal, disrupting workers from arriving on shift and giving themselves a visible presence from the heavily trafficked Bruce Highway.

Language Warning: Your bad language can get you fined.

Swearing some would argue is a part of Australian life. What some consider as bad language, is becoming more accepted and used in contemporary society. While Australia is seen internationally as a very laid back country, most would be surprised with how strict our laws are in terms of swearing in public. All states and territories in Australia have some law that criminalises bad language in public. In Queensland from June of 2016 to June 2017, 1,687 people were charged with offensive language directed at a police officer.

Queenslanders lose $215 million to Pokies and more Zedlines

Queenslanders lost a record 215 million in one month to casino and hotel gambling, which equates to an average loss of more than $280,000 every hour per day (Image Credits: Pcb21).

The figures were revealed by a Fairfax Media analysis of open data published by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.


Over the 12 months to July, that figure ballooned to $2.28 billion, a marginal increase on the previous year's $2.27 billion.


Queensland nursing exchange program links city and country


Four nurses have exchanged jobs for three months as part of the State Government's Nursing and Midwifery Exchange Program.


Rally at Queensland Labor Headquarters and more Zedlines

Citizens will hold a picnic and rally at Queensland Labor Headquarters today, to demand Labor sack Adani lobbyist Cameron Milner from their re-election campaign. (image credit: flickr)

Jonathan Sri, Anne Gardiner, Michael Crook are scheduled to speak at the event in South Brisbane.

The organisers hope that the event will make Labor listen to the 75% of people who do not  want a billion dollars of public funds being gambled on Adani.

Ipswich has new deputy mayor and vows for tough conflict of interest laws

Former Queensland Labor MP Wanye Wendt is set to take over from former deputy mayor Paul Tully. Mr Tully stepped aside from his role after handing over his resignation early last month.

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New government plans remove protections for marine life

The Federal Government’s new plans for 44 marine parks have left conservationist groups outraged.

Under the Government’s proposed developments, more areas will be opened for commercial fishing and protection zones will be downgraded to allow for more trawling operations.

Environmentalist Michelle Grady says these proposed changes are completely contrary to public consultation and the removal of our current marine protections would constitute world first.

The Government says that these allegations are false and that these new plans have considered both biodiversity and local industries.


Qantas set to fly global entrepreneurs to Brisbane