Queensland Politics


Mater Hospital Backs Mine

Mater hospital and the mining magnate who heads the board have defended their decision to back a new coal mine.

The plans for the New Acland Stage 3 mine were rejected in a landmark Queensland court ruling after the company possibly breached air pollution limits.

Despite this, the Mater Hospital has also put their logo on a national advertising campaign for the mine under the reasoning that it will provide valuable jobs in the region.


New West End Woolworths Development

A Woolworths will be built in West End in 2020, cementing the change of scene for the historic region.

Spooky Quantum Physics

Chinese researchers in the Tibetan mountains have, for the first time history beamed ‘entangled’ particles of light between a satellite and the ground.

Using quantum physics in which the particles can instantly share their information despite being separated by over 1,200km is an unusual ‘spooky’ happening.

Melbourne University physicist Professor Steven Prawer says “What they have done is a major technological achievement of measurement and accuracy.”


Pisale Out, Tully Stepping Up

Paul Pisale has stepped down from his duties due to health complications amid a Crime and Corruption Commission investigation into the former Ipswich mayor’s activities.

Malcolm Turnbull, call me maybe?

The opposition leader’s call to extend parliamentary terms to a fixed four years has attracted interest from the Prime Minister.

Labor leader Bill Shorten says switching to a fix four-year term will bring Australia much needed certainty and long-term policy making.

Shorten called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to make a bipartisan commitment to support the change, who responded by calling the opposition leader to discuss the idea.


Conference on Indigenous Genocide

Queensland Trials Professional Foster Carer Program

Queensland is to trial a new professional foster carer program that hopes to improve the lives of young people with high support needs.

The program is costed at 3 million dollars, aimed at nurses and teachers and will run for 2 years as the government monitors its success.  

The professional foster carers will be paid up to sixty-five thousand a year and will also be trained in fields such as child development and counselling.


Artworks On Show in Brisbane

Brisbane colours will truly be flying this July as the city opens up its most popular public spaces in order to showcase world renowned works by local artists.

Moon dust sample expected to sell for up to $5 million and more Zedlines

A collection bag used by astronaut Neil Armstrong on the first manned mission to the Moon in 1969 is expected to be auctioned for up to 5 million dollars.

The sample, collected during the Apollo 11 mission, is 30 by 20 centimetres in size and contains traces of moon dust, giving it an estimated worth of 2.52 to 5.05 million dollars.

The item was misidentified and sold at an online government auction in 2015 for $1,255.

NASA fought to recover the sample but in December, a federal judge ruled that it legally belonged to the Chicago-based woman who purchased it at the auction.

Ipswich lawyer charged with extortion

Former UK prime minister calls for compensation for forced child migrants and more zedlines

Former UK Prime minister Gordon Brown has called for compensation for victims of mass forced transportation of children from Britain to countries like Australia and Canada between 1940 and 1970, saying that the scale of abuse suffered is now clearer. Image source: Flickr.

Brown spoke at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual abuse in London and described the forced transportation of over 130,000 children from the UK over more than three decades ago as “government enforced trafficking”.

Serving as Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010, he issued a national apology to victims in 2010, but said he was not aware of the scale of the abuse at the time, now saying that the apology is only half the story, and that the consequences of the other half needs to be dealt with.

Sunshine Coast Council raises transport levy to fund light rail and more zedlines

The Sunshine Coast Council has endorsed a $15 increase in the annual transport levy in an attempt to bring the area closer to a light rail that would emulate the Gold Coast’s. Picture source: Wikimedia commons.

The levy, now at $42 per year, will rake in an expected $5.7 million this year, which will primarily cover planning for the project.

Sunshine Coast City councillor Rick Baberowski said the rail, which is expected to run between Maroochydore and Caloundra, and cost upwards of $1.6 billion, is an important part of future planning for the region, with the expected population to grow by 200,000 residents over the next twenty years.

Council rejects expansion of Islamic college

8000 Residents Petition for Cheaper Hospital Parking in Brisbane and more Zedlines...

Almost eight thousand people across Brisbane have signed a petition calling for the “excessive” parkings costs at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to be reduced. (Image Source: Geograph)

Launching the petition a week ago online, Leichhardt resident Kat McGowan is calling upon Queensland Health Minister, Cameron Dick and Mater Health services to stop capitalising on families’ misfortune and children’s illnesses and cut the costs of hospital car parking.

Cassowary Lady Turns Life Around and more Zedlines

A woman from Mission Beach dubbed, “the Cassowary lady” has rebuilt her life after being forced to leave her home due to wild dogs.

Ingrid Marker lived alongside a family of seven cassowaries for two decades in her far-north Queensland home, but the birds were distressed by the arrival of the dogs a few years ago and eventually left the area.

Marker was then herself harassed by the dogs, forcing her to also leave due to trauma.

Guide Dog Brogan Records 300th Flight

An Australian guide dog, Brogan, is believed to be Australia’s most-travelled guide dog, and on Monday he recorded his 300th flight. (Photo Source: New Daily)

Cancer Council Offers Free Wigs to Cancer Patients
The cancer council is offering free wigs and turbans to Brisbane women and girls undergoing cancer treatment.

Cancer council CEO Chris McMillian says that offering this service is a way of showing support for the distressing side-effect of cancer treatment.

The wig and turban service is a part of the practical support services offered by the cancer council, which also offers counselling and accommodation assistance.