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Senate passes motion for reinstatement of justice system funding and more Zedlines...

The senate has passed a motion demanding immediate action on the funding crisis currently affecting Australia’s justice sector (Image source: Wikipedia).

The motion calls for review or reversal on a number of issues, including limited resource allocation for Federal Courts and the imminent funding cuts for Community Legal Centres.

Law Council of Australia President Fiona McLeod said the motion sends an important message to the Government that this issue can no longer be ignored.


Productivity Commission calls revocation of business’ charity status

Brisbane hosts international Indigenous Governance forum and more Zedlines...

Brisbane is playing host to a group of international delegates for the international Indigenous Governance forum.

The forum brings together Indigenous researchers, leaders and practitioners to discuss and promote Indigenous self-governance and economic development.

This year there are hopes to attract more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through targeted programs, scholarships and fellowships.


One-third of imported raw prawns test positive for white spot disease

30% of imported raw prawns have tested positive for white spot disease since the Federal Government’s blanket ban on raw prawn imports in January.

Campaign against Adani shifts gear

A new campaign will visit Brisbane tonight in the latest iteration of the fight over Adani’s Carmichael coal project.

Brisbane is the first in a series of four stops for the #StopAdani Roadshow as it travels the east coast, after the Townsville leg of the tour was cancelled due to concerns around incoming Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne will also host events.

Vanuatu workers exploited and more Zedlines

Worker exploitation has been discovered among the Australian government low-skilled workers program across Queensland.

It has been revealed 22 Vanuatu men, working in Australia’s horticulture sector have been exploited, with one man only receiving a total of $150 for 6 months of labour, while up to 13 men received no compensation at all.

This treatment reinforces the concerns many had with the work program, fearing it would mimic the practice of ‘blackbirding’ when 62,000 Pacific Islander people were forced into slavery during the 19th century.

Brisbane to breed entrepreneurs and more Zedlines

Brisbane is set to host entrepreneur training aiming to inspire and train the next wave of Queensland’s enterprise hopefuls. Source Wikimedia.

The workshop will be lead by Globetrotting adventurer and Best Job in the World winner Ben Southall who has teamed up with Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur to create the ‘Venturer’ program.

The program kicks off today in The Precinct in Fortitude Valley and will be based there one day a week.

Cyclone Debbie will now make landfall at 2pm and more updates

The North Queensland coast is being lashed by destructive winds and heavy rain as Tropical Cyclone Debbie approaches.

Malaria vaccine breakthrough by Griffith University and more zedlines

World’s first anti-malaria vaccine developed at Griffith University. Image Source: Wikimedia/Hugo A. Quintero G.

The vaccine developed by researchers at Griffith University and Gold Coast University Hospital has tested safe for humans to take and is subject to further research.

The groundbreaking research vaccine is being considered to be used in countries where malaria is an endemic problem. The disease affects half of the world’s population.


M1 Motorway upgrade to start later this year

A funding agreement for the M1 Motorway upgrade has been reached.

Residents warned ahead of cyclone Debbie and more zedlines

Evacuation of high flood risk regions has been ordered in north Queensland as Cyclone Debbie intensifies. Image Source: Wikipedia/Suomi NPP Satellite

Hundreds have been evacuated from Burdekin and the Whitsundays and Regional Council Mayor Andrew Wilcox said those unable to leave should seek shelter with friends and family in ‘high, dry places.’

A shelter is operating in Bowen, but only has a capacity of 800. The Category II cyclone is expected to be upgraded to a Category IV system before making landfall tomorrow.


Boom gate collision rates concerns Queensland rail

High level crossing collision rates for Queensland rail.

Batman-inspired building to be built in Brisbane, and more Zedlines

Brisbane could be about to get its first superhero inspired residential building. Image source: Flickr

Brisbane developers, Pointcorp, have lodged an application to build an apartment building on the banks of the river, which draws inspiration from Batman, and more specifically from Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight trilogy.

The proposed building would have four sections - the water garden, verandah, entrance and Batcave - with the entrance featuring multipurpose areas with communal spaces and car parks that would much resemble the Batcave in the 2008 film.


Melbourne to Brisbane rail program fuels excitement

March Law Report

This month we speak with Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh about the two abortion law reform Private Member Bills that were withdrawn from Parliament in February; the QLD Law Reform Commission; and a High Court finding involving Clive Palmer arguing some tricky constitutional points.

South-East Queensland to enjoy free public transport on Saturday and more Zedlines

South-East Queensland will enjoy free transport this Saturday in a bid to get sports fans to the unticketed women’s AFL grand final. Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

The anticipated difficulty of identifying game-goers without the need for tickets prompted the decision for free travel.

Translink is anticipating a loss of between $300,00 and $400,00. 

Banks cannot foreclose farmers in debt under new laws

New laws have been passed in State Parliament to prevent banks from foreclosing on struggling Queensland farmers without first offering them debt mediation.

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