Queensland Moving Towards Solar Power Energy Goals and more Zedlines

New figures confirm solar rooftops have overtaken Gladstone Power Station as Queensland’s primary power source. [Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

Energy Minister Mark Bailey has credited Premier Annastacia Palazscuk’s renewable energy policy for Queensland’s steady uptake of solar power.

Mr Bailey says Queensland currently has the most prevalent solar panel usage of any Australian state, and believes Queensland is on track to reach the target of one million solar rooftops by 2020.

Signage Company Covers Plaque Honouring Gallipoli Sniper 

More details released from Ariana Grande concert explosion and more Zedlines

More details have been released following an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester yesterday.

It has now been confirmed as an act of terror with 22 people confirmed dead, including children as young as 8 years old.

Police have arrested a 23 year old man in connection with the incident, however it is not yet clear what his role was in the attack.


Zara announces continuation of Australian stores.

Spanish clothing chain Zara has announced that it will continue to support its Australian operations after a sales growth of 16 per cent.

New Action Plan to Help Ageing Stolen Generations

Twenty years on, and the ageing Stolen Generations are still struggling to come to terms with unresolved traumas they are facing.

Mining giant Adani has postponed its investment into Queensland’s Carmichael coal mine

Indian company Adani has held back its final injection of $16.5-billion into funding the Carmichael coal mine awaiting senior Queensland Government officials to clarify whether they would lower or defer their royalty rates

Senior Queensland Government officials held a board meeting on Monday night with Adani to convince them of furthering their investment into the proposed Carmichael coal mine.

The Daintree Blockade: the battle for Australia’s tropical rainforests

In December 1983 a small group of local Daintree residents formed a peaceful protest when the Douglas Shire Council, with the support of the Bjelke Petersen State Government, commenced work on a road from Cape Tribulation to Bloomfield in Australia’s tropical north east, about two hours north of Cairns. As an aside, Bjelke Petersen was the longest-serving Queensland Premier (1968–1987); was vocal in calling for Whitlam’s sacking in ‘75; and was openly antagonistic towards the new federal Labor Government (1983–1996).

Koala population more than halved in Queensland and more Zedlines

Koalas could soon be wiped out in areas across QLD due to land clearing, according to a recent report from World Wildlife Foundation Australia.

The report estimated nearly 180 koalas died as a result of bushland bulldozing in south east Queensland alone between 2013 and 2015.

There has been a 53 per cent decline in Queensland koala populations, and an 80 per cent decline in populations in southwest Qld.

The group has called upon the government to “bite the bullet” and put in stronger protections for Koalas and other wildlife.


A team of Indigenous rangers is undergoing training to use drones to monitor the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Adaniwatch - Native title, NAIF, Royalty holidays

It's been an eventful week regarding the Adani Carmichael mine. From native title legislation to protests against proposed infrastructure loans, and then on thursday the news that the Labor government is apparently offering Adani a "royalty holiday" worth over $300 million. 

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine has been keeping an eye on what's happening.

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Astromers believe we live in a parallel universe!? and more Zedlines...

Astronomers have found what they believe is proof we are living in a parallel universe. Image source: Pexels

Since the beginning of time, people have pondered the notion of the multiverse; where an infinite number of universes exist, all with differing realms and dimensions.

New research from the Royal Astronomical Society has focused on a ‘Cold Spot’ in the Cosmos, a ‘cool’ patch of space in the radiation of the universe after its formation.

Durham University researcher, Tom Shanks said this cold spot could essentially be a gap in the multiverse and could have been caused by a collision between our universe and another bubble universe.


Shark cullings mean dire environmental consequences, and more Zedlines....

Following a senate inquiry that began in November of 2016 into risk management of shark attacks, researchers warn of dire environmental consequences should the culling of sharks continue. Image source: Wikimedia

A marine biologist and associate professor of the University of Melbourne, Robert Day, said the apex predator plays an integral role in managing the oceanic ecosystem’s stability, and the continuation of mass killing will inevitably lead to an imbalance in our oceans.

Hawaiian researchers have also discovered the intimidation tactics of sharks aren’t only effective on humans, but certain prey, with studies proving the shark’s ability to regulate seagrass beds prevents overgrazing by turtles.


Student protest Scott Morrison and more Zedlines

Angry students are attempting to interrupt Treasurer Scott Morrison, speaking on housing affordability

In Sydney, University armed with controversial posters and megaphones are protesting over the government's plans to hike up university fees.  

The new budget released students are set to face higher university fees from January next year as part of the Federal Government's overhaul of the higher education sector.

The protest continues, as student fees will rise by 7.5% by 2021.


Turtle resuced and released 

Ransomware attack hits 200,000 and more Zedlines

Activists to occupy West End electorate office.

They will dress as Adani chairman Gautum Adani and block off the Labor MP’s office with a large pile of coal, as well as unfurling a banner that reads “COAL IS BLOCKING LABOR’S EARS”.

Additionally, the activists will deliver a legal letter for Trad to sign and send to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility office, vetoing financial assistance to the Adani North Galilee Basin Rail Project.


Annerley kids a part of road safety