Protesters call for detention center detainees to be settled in Australia and more Zedlines...

Sydney’s city district was filled with protesters on Sunday, to demand that refugees being detained on Pacific Islands be allowed to settle in Australia as the resettlement deadline approaches.

The Manus Island center is to be closed on October 31 and refugees with a negative status are being pushed to return to their country of origin, while those with a positive status are forced to settle in Papua New Guinea.

A Kurdish journalist, Behrouz Boochani, says detainees do not feel safe being settled in PNG as there are limited opportunities to work and provide for their families.

Art meets Science in an exhibition for Fraser Island

UQ students protest fossil fuel divestment +more Zedlines

Ten students are protesting at the Chancellor’s office of the University of Queensland, the student-run group Fossil Free UQ are protesting for UQ to vote on fossil fuel divestment. (Image credit: Fossil Free UQ)

Seven of the 22 members of the senate for UQ have conflicting interests in the fossil fuel industry, having ties with fossil fuel companies previously or currently.

The group have promised not to leave the office until UQ agree to vote at the senate meeting on Thursday the 12th of October.

Defence admits to 3 year delay in warning public about toxic foam danger and more zedlines...

The Department of Defence has admitted to a delay in warning the Australian public about a chemical contamination scandal that occurred at 18 Defence bases across the country.

The Defence is now tackling perfluorinated chemical pollution from the widespread use of firefighting foam which contaminated local drinking water across several communities.

It’s revealed that the public should have been warned three years earlier than it did, with the cost to clean up the nationwide contamination to reach the hundreds of millions of dollars.

National Day of Action sees huge anti-Adani protests

Gay sauna raided in Indonesia and more zedlines...

A gay sauna in Indonesia has been raided, and 58 have been arrested, in what some say is another sign of the country’s anti-LGBT backlash.

Police raided the sauna late on Friday, after allegations from the public that it was being used for prostitution, and Indonesian police spokesperson Argo Yuwono says seven people will be charged under the country’s pornography laws.

Senior Indonesian researcher at Human Rights Watch, Andreas Harsono, says the raid is part of an anti-LGBT campaign in Indonesia.

Homosexuality is not illegal in the country, but the small LGBT community faces growing hostility from police and the community.


Galillee Blockade targeting Downer organisation

Arrests made at Alice Springs rally against youth incarceration, deaths in custody

“Kids on country, not in custody.”

That was one of the chants that echoed through Alice Springs last week as people rallied against youth incarceration and deaths in custody and hoped to keep a focus on the final Royal Commission report now delayed for a third time.

However, it wasn’t long before eight of the group—one as young as 14—were in custody themselves.

Anna McCauley, a member of Shut Youth Prisons Mpartnwe present at the rally said the group had occupied an intersection on the Sturt Highway for 10-15 minutes before police moved in.

Union Plans Boycott of Streets Ice Cream

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and Unilever, the company that owns Streets ice creams are currently embroiled in an increasingly bitter dispute over a new enterprise bargaining agreement at the Streets factory in Minto, Sydney. The union claims that this agreement means workers would suffer a 46% pay cut as well as changes to working conditions. In a statement Unilever wrote that “The suggestion by unions that Unilever will or may reduce employee wages by 46% has no basis in

Former Indian environment minister appalled by Australia’s approval of Adani + more Zedlines

India’s former Minister for the Environment has condemned the Australian Government for their approval of mining magnate Adani’s huge coal mine in Northern Queensland.

Jairam Ramesh is concerned that the Government is giving tax breaks to a project that is going to have extremely adverse effects for the environment, weather patterns in the region, and for the survival of the Great Barrier Reef.

Ramesh says the Australian Government should be learning from Adani’s operational track record in India, which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of environmental responsibility.

Former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale facing new investigations

Calls for New Abortion Laws in Northern Ireland and more zedlines...

Women and girls in Northern Ireland were facing outdated abortion laws that place their health and lives at risk. The country held one of the strictest abortion bans in Europe, and has made it illegal for women to end their pregnancies in almost every case, including cases of incest and rape. Though women were now able to travel to other parts of the UK to access free abortions, this may not always be an option, due to the emotional and physical costs of travel. Campaign leader of abortion law reforms Grainne Teggart said such laws force women to look for alternative ways to terminate their pregnancies, which could potentially endanger their lives and health. Image from Flickr.

Neo-Nazi group recruits in Toowoomba

A socialist group resembling a Hitler Youth organisation have placed posters throughout Toowoomba as part of a new recruitment drive.

The group, known as Antipodean Resistance, placed posters featuring the Nazi swastika and recruitment messages around the city, including Queens Park, the Tafe campus and St Mary’s College.

This was followed by a series of seemingly ‘prank’ campaigns in Sydney and Hobart.