Refugee advocates hold vigil for Hamid Khazaei as inquest draws to close

Refugee Action Collective vigil (RAC Facebook)

As a coronial inquest into the death of Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Khazaei is set to close this week, advocates today staged a vigil outside the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court hoping to draw attention to the situation surrounding his death.

Mr Khazaei died of septicaemia in a Brisbane hospital in 2014 thirteen days after presenting with an infected cut in Australia’s Manus Island immigration detention centre.

Bland Brisbane

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Aleem Yousaf A former Brisbane based street artist has described Brisbane as bland and “oppressive” toward those who use graffiti as a medium.


Internationally renowned artist, Anthony Lister has said Brisbane runs the risk of becoming even more bland if areas aren’t set up for aspiring artists to apply and practice their skills.

Mr Lister’s comments come after Brisbane’s Graffiti task force charged 115 suspected vandals with 5260 offences last year.

Over 20 permanent murals will be finalised over the next month as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival, with only one on a Council owned property on Coronation Drive. 


Cancer Council Queensland - Cancer Cases Triple

Pro-choice activists call on government to legalise abortion and more Zedlines...

Women’s Rights groups and supporters took to the streets to demand abortion becomes legal, ahead of an important ruling on the matter. (Image source: N. Keramos)

Approximately 300 protesters rallied outside parliament last night, calling on the parliamentary committee to allow a private members bill on abortion to reach parliament.

Independent MP Rob Pyne said his bill is designed to remove abortion from the criminal code and regulate it under the Health Act, so women can control their health needs.

The committee report will be handed down today.


Recreational fishers urge government to recall imported prawns

Christchurch State of Emergency and more Zedlines

A state of emergency has been declared in Christchurch overnight as bushfires broke out, before merging into one large flame.

The fire is estimated to take up 1850 hectares of land and is still growing. 

Thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes as fires threatened the suburbs, with at least eight properties burned down so far. 

Selwyn Mayor Sam Broughton says the region has been unusually dry for the past three years and the grass in the hills has turned brown over the summer.

Evacuation centres have been set up for residents who have been displaced.


Abortion Decriminalisation Rally

Carseldine residents out in force against state government 'lemon'

On Saturday, locals protested at an old university campus in Carseldine against the state government’s redevelopment plans, which include affordable housing for thousands of new residents. The protest ran from 9-10.30am and to hear what went down, 4ZZZ reporter Toby Crockford spoke to Ross McKinnon, chairman of the Save Our Carseldine management committee.

Junky Comics calls for your support

Junky Comics is a West End store that has been supporting Brisbane-based writers, artists and designers going on two years now.

It stocks self published books, zines and magazines; indie comics from around the world; and, let’s not forget, classic comics from Marvel, DCDark Horse and Image. It's also a gallery, event and workshop space.

Safe injecting room proposal in Victoria and more Zedlines

Victoria's parliament this week will hear proposed plans for a safe injecting room, where drug addicts can receive medical assistance and clean needles. (source: wikimedia)

Sex Party leader, Fiona Patten, insists on an 18-month trial amid support from community leaders and medical experts.

Patten says it would free up ambulance resources and reduce the number of needles left in public places.

The injecting room has been tipped for North Richmond, where Patten says 34 people died from drug overdoses in 2016 alone.


Local Queensland Operators to be Surveyed

The Palaszczuk Government is increasing its efforts to remove contamination causing material known as per and poly-fluroalkyl substances in Queensland.

Queensland housing prices increase within school catchment zones and more Zedlines

As the 2017 school year commences Domain Group have released their annual school zones report showing 2016 had the highest price growth rates within primary and secondary government school catchment zones. (Image source: Wikipedia)

A new report into Queensland housing has found some house prices have catapulted up to 40 per cent in school catchment zones.


As the 2017 school year commences Domain Group have released their annual
school zones report showing 2016 had the highest price growth rates
within primary and secondary government school catchment zones.


Arkansas passes law allowing partners to sue victims who want an abortion and more Zedlines...

A man could stop his wife from having an abortion, even in cases of rape, under new law introduced in Arkansas, USA. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act will make it possible for husbands to legally stop their wives seeking pregnancy terminations, and sue doctors who carry out any abortions for civil damages.

Although a husband cannot win money in cases of criminal conduct against his wife ― namely, spousal rape ― he could still sue to block her from having the abortion.

Most second trimester abortions will also be banned by the Act.


Activists demand refugees be brought here 

Peace Pilgrims face lengthy sentences and more Zedlines

Six “peace pilgrims” who were arrested last September on the Pine Gap US military intelligence base have now received a court summons, each facing maximum penalties of up to 14 years imprisonment. Image source: Andy Paine

The defendants were charged with Trespass under the Defence Special Undertakings Act, but had the charges dropped due to the law regarding the Act requiring the expressed consent of the federal attorney-general causing confusion, with judge Daynor Trigg describing the legislation as “a bit of nonsense”.

Peace pilgrim Andy Paine said the Pine Gap base itself should be put on trial, as the US base operates in virtual secrecy, targeting drone strikes that kill foreign civilians.


Clive Palmer’s wife ordered to give evidence