Friends of Adani: POSCO

It’s hard to keep track of the twists and turns in the Carmichael Coal Mine saga. What’s clear is that if the mine does go ahead Adani won’t do it alone. The QLD and Federal governments haven’t been shy in showing their support for the mine — but Adani will also rely on a web of contractors and companies to help implement the project. Looking deeper, it appears that the Human Rights and Environmental record of some of the companies with connections to the project are as sketchy as Adani’s own chequered history.


Potentially disastrous consequences of climate change for Australia...and more Zedlines

(image: Aftermath of 2016 Tasmanian bushfire. Source: Wikimedia) Military and climate experts have told a senate inquiry that Australia faces potential “disastrous consequences” from climate change, including forced migration of millions across the region and constant natural disasters that would overwhelm security forces and the government.

Former defence force chief Admiral Chris Barrie, says Australia’s ability to respond and mitigate impacts of climate change had been corrupted by political timidity and flux.

Barrie said that the security thread of climate change is comparable to nuclear war, and that Australia would be the most affected, including new, extreme weather patterns and substantial damage to coastal communities.

Bear Takes Joyride in Colorado

A black bear in Durango, Colorado took a joyride in a Subaru SUV before crashing the vehicle at the bottom of a hill beyond the owner’s driveway.

Treaty Discussions at Garma Festival
Despite the efforts of Indigenous leaders to create positive progression through Garma Festival Indigenous youth are still longing for the opportunity to have their say in Federal Parliament.

This year, Garma’s annual celebration of traditional culture has generated discussions around putting an end to the fight for constitutional change in order to allow the next generation to focus on other problems.

Dissatisfied Indigenous Australians are now calling for a treaty and a body in Parliament.

Dutton urges members to keep same sex marriage comments on the down low...and more Zedlines

Peter Dutton is urging members of parliament to keep comments surrounding the same-sex marriage debate to the party room.

The immigration minister is also calling on national party member, Andrew Broad not to leave the party following his threat to resign to the cross benches if the government’s promise to hold a plebiscite was broken.

Marriage equality is currently in the forefront of politics after Liberal senator Dean Smith flagged his bill to reform the Marriage Act, sparking debate over whether the Coalition MPs should have a conscience vote on the matter.

Tony Abbot Speaks Out Against Same-Sex Marriage and More Zedlines

Tony Abbott has announced he does not support the bill for marriage equality as he believes marriage evolved centuries ago to protect and provide a greater sense of security for women and children.

The former Prime Minister says the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman and should not be changed as it “predates our constitution, our parliament and our civil law.”

In less than a week Liberal party members are set to come together in Canberra to resolve the issue of same-sex marriage.

Student Tests Positive for Meningococcal at UQ
A University of Queensland student resident has tested positive for the meningococcal disease.

As Royal Commission recommendations approach, an Alice Springs group calls to "shut youth prisons"

It has been just over one year since the ABC’s Four Corners report into youth detention sparked the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory. In September, its recommendations will be handed down.

The end of September will also mark the anniversary of Wayne Fella Morrison’s death in custody last year, along with the 1983 death of John Pat in Roebourne.

Council Crack Down on Interference with Feral Cats

Police and local council are cracking down on Brisbane locals who feed feral cats.

Pisasale Investigations Continue
The chauffeur of former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale has alleged Pisasale used his mayoral car privileges to visit brothels and backstreet massage parlours.

The Crime and Corruption Commission has interviewed current and former staff while investigating these claims, as well as a range of other allegations.

Pisasale has also been accused of abusing his powers, misusing council resources and visiting locations associated with illegal prostitution.

Plea for government to fund dialysis models that could have saved Dr G Yunupingu’s life and more Zedlines...

Kidney Specialist Dr Paul Lawton says the premature death of world famous Indigenous Musician Dr G Yunupingu could have been prevented if the correct funding models for kidney dialysis services were in place.

Dr Lawton is calling for swift government action to implement dialysis services in remote communities.

Reports from the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation have shown that in remote areas of Australia, the incidence of Kidney Disease is around 18 to 20 times higher for Indigenous persons, in comparison to the non-indigenous population.

Brisbane priest calls for marriage equality and more Zedlines...

One of Brisbane’s leading priests says it’s time for Australia’s government to hold a free vote on marriage equality.

St John’s Anglican Cathedral Dean Dr Peter Catt will attend Brisbane’s marriage equality rally on Saturday as one of many speakers to call for Australia’s politicians to legislate in favour of equal rights.

Catt says marriage has become more and more of a celebration and a commitment of the love between two people, and society is more than ready to embrace equal marriage rights.

Despite encountering opposition from conservatives within his own church, Catt says it makes no sense to withhold marriage rights from same-sex couples.


Second Case of TR4 Discovered in Tully Valley and More Zedlines...

Biosecurity Queensland has confirmed Australia’s largest commercial banana farm, Mackays Bananas, has been infected with deadly soil disease, Panama tropical race 4. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Mackay family spokesman Cameron Mackay says his family have moved immediately into containment mode and doing everything they can to make sure TR4 does not spread across their entire farm

This is the second confirmed case of the soil-borne disease in the past two and a half years in the Tully Valley region, which Chairman Stephen Lowe said would be contained and not spread to other farms.


Chinese Spy Ship Spotted Off QLD Coast