Free sanitary products for school girls in Kenya and more zedlines

Kenyan schoolgirls will have access to free sanitary pads thanks to a new government initiative. Picture source: Wikimedia commons

It is hoped the move will improve female access to education in the sub-saharan country, as girls are far more likely to drop out because they often miss out on up to 20% of the school year due to the fact many don’t attend school during menstruation.  

The change was signed into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta  through an amendment to the country’s education act, and also requires schools to provide safe and environmentally sound mechanisms for disposal.

Queensland prisoners learning trade while behind bars

Panama Company Fined for Oil Spill and More Zedlines

A Panama company faces fines of up to $17 million for allegedly spilling 15 tonnes of oil near the Great Barrier Reef in 2015.

The oil was allegedly spilled by the ship Regina, owned by company Globex Shipping.

Oil washed ashore on beaches north of Townsville costing $1.5 million over the two-week cleanup process.

Globex Shipping will face the Townsville Magistrates Court in August.

Dingo Poo Research Revealed

Studies on over 270 dingo faecal samples have shown that Dingoes are not a danger to threatened species as currently thought.

NASA Discovers 10 Habitable Planets

NASA’s Kepler telescope has found at least 10 planets outside our solar system that could be habitable.

After four years of searching, the planet-hunting device has found a number of earth-sized planets that are the right temperature to harbor life.

But the telescope has only searched one-percent of the known solar system, providing hope to experts that there is life on other planets.

New Guards for Commonwealth Games

The Palaszczuk Government will pay $2 million to train 1,000 new security guards for next year’s Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast.

Nearly $400 000 worth of avocados have been stolen in California and more Zedlines...

Over a period of several months, three workers from a Californian produce company have stolen $400, 000 worth of avocados to sell on to unsuspecting customers.

The culprits had been working at the produce business for several years, over which period the business had changed its distribution flow. Customers would previously collect their avocado orders at the ripening facility, but the distribution facility recently stopped that practice and began delivering pallets of the fruit to its customers instead – at which point the thieves would pocket the money for themselves.

Barnaby backs coal but research figures don’t and more Zedlines...

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says coal must remain a part of Australia’s energy mix, and does not rule out the Turnbull government funding a new power plant.

The Nationals leader says if coal is phased out, TVs should go dark, and lights should go out.

But a report released last Thursday by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that Coal market could collapse as early as 2040, while solar and wind are predicted to dominate.


Safety of Queensland Hospitals

The Health Minister reassures that Queensland hospitals are safe after the publication of a surgical deaths report.

New research likens land clearing rates in Queensland to those in Brazil and more Zedlines...

Queensland has been rated as a “contemporary hot spot” for land clearing and is on par with places like Brazil. 

According to Doctor April Reside from the University of Queensland, land clearing rates in Queensland are the highest that it has been in the last ten years.
Queensland has the largest land clearing emission rates in Australia which threatens 95 species of animal, and 12 species of plant.
With land clearing rates the highest they have been in ten years, Doctor Reside believes drastic changes are necessary in order to save the threatened species and protect the habitat.


Refugee week food ration challenge and more Zedlines...

More than 10, 000 people across Australia are completing the ‘act for peace ration challenge’ this week, where they survive on the same food provided to Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan.

The initiative is a part of world refugee week, aiming to raise money and awareness for communities threatened by conflict and disaster. 
Participants are given a small amount of rice, lentils, chickpeas, beans, fish and oil. 
So far, the Challenge has raised over 2 Million dollars - enough to feed over 8, 000 refugees for an entire year. 


MS Brissie to the Bay Bike Ride 

Great Barrier Reef turtles discovered carrying super-bugs and more zedlines...

Researchers have warned that turtles could be carrying, and potentially spreading, super-bugs across the Great Barrier Reef. Picture source: Pixabay

A study, which has since been published in the Marine Pollution Bulletin, was conducted on 73 green sea turtles and found many were carrying drug-resistant enterobacteriales, a type of bacteria including E.Coli, which more than likely came about due to exposure to human and agricultural waste.

The researchers say the presence of the drug resistant enterobacteriales has the potential to infect other animals as well as humans and indicates possible marine microbial pollution in proximity to large urban development.

Brisbane buses get pimped, and more Zedlines....

A slate of changes is set to hit new Brisbane buses, including USB phone charging ports. Image source: Flickr

The Brisbane City Council 2017 - 2018 budget has proposed over $30 million towards 60 new buses this financial year, to replace the 50 buses expected to retire.

Public transport boss, Adrian Schrinner, said in addition to the charging ports, the new buses will have three-dual doors, to allow more passengers to disembark and board simultaneously, reducing travel times along certain routes.


Mark Bailey’s email account debacle

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey has come under fire, following a report forwarded to the state corruption watchdog.

60th anniversary of the Palm Island protest, and more Zedlines...

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Strike 57 – an indigenous protest which shut down Palm Island. Image source: Flickr


The protest, which is marked with a public holiday on Palm Island, saw Willie Thaiday, Albert Geia, Eric Lymburner, Sonny Sibley, Bill Congoo, George Watson and Gordon Tapau lead an island-wide strike against unpaid wages and working conditions for five days.

State Minister for Local Government and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Mark Furner said the Palaszczuk government supports the Strike 57 commemorations.


Queensland Government offers reassurances to London