Dangerous skippers to be prosecuted in the Northern Territory and more Zedlines...

Dangerous navigating of a vessel will be prosecuted under new legislation passed by Northern Territory parliament.

If found guilty, skippers will face a maximum penalty of seven years in prison if someone is seriously injured, or 10 years if someone is killed.

The NT Government say there was a legal loophole that has seen boat drivers involved in collisions avoid criminal charges.

Brisbane architecture deterring homeless people
Greens councillor Jonathan Sri has called for changes to the design of the 3 billion dollar Queen’s Wharf development.

New program KickStart aims to help young people with tenancy troubles

The Youth Outreach Service which is run out the Salvation Army has started a new program which aims to help young people between the ages of 16-25 with issues surrounding tenancies. With renting being a major part of young people's lives it can be a confronting and difficult area to navigate. Often young people can be unaware of their rights as tenants and also what avenues that are available to them. Brisbane Line reporter Jack McDonnell spoke with Michael a youth worker with the Salvation Army and The Youth Outreach Service about this program and how it can help. 

Share Shed Opens in Brisbane

An exciting new initiative has opened up on Brisbane’s southside. It’s called Share Shed and co-founder Nicole Arby describes it as a library of things. Members pay an annual fee and can borrow tools, party decorations, sewing machines, appliances and other items that you only need to use a couple of times a year. They join a growing number of share economy businesses in Australia and they aim to save money and reduce environmental impacts. Ebony Wilson spoke to Nicole about the effects it has already had on the community

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Panama Papers journalist killed in car bombing and more Zedlines

A car bomb in Malta has killed the journalist who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption outside her home on Monday afternoon.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, who has been described as a “one-woman WikiLeaks”, fell victim when her car was destroyed by a powerful explosion, blowing the vehicle into several pieces.

Ms Caruana Galizia often garnered more readers to her blog than the circulation of the country’s newspaper, with her latest findings connecting Malta’s prime minister and his two closest aides to offshore companies linked to the illegal sale of Maltese passports.

Allegations of mistreatment against Muslim inmates at Brisbane correctional centre and more Zedlines...

Muslim inmates at Brisbane’s Arthur Gorrie correctional centre have complained of being denied halal food, beaten, humiliated, and banned from prayer by prison staff.

The Islamic Council of Queensland, in a letter to Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), said that there have been incidents of non-Muslim inmates being ordered to assault Muslim prisoner, and prisoners have been threatened with gas if they continued to pray together.

The Islamic Council heard the allegations of mistreatment during visits with Muslim inmates, and made an appeal for action, which was unsuccessful as, according to a QCS spokesperson, no further evidence was provided to back up the claims.

Protesters call for detention center detainees to be settled in Australia and more Zedlines...

Sydney’s city district was filled with protesters on Sunday, to demand that refugees being detained on Pacific Islands be allowed to settle in Australia as the resettlement deadline approaches.

The Manus Island center is to be closed on October 31 and refugees with a negative status are being pushed to return to their country of origin, while those with a positive status are forced to settle in Papua New Guinea.

A Kurdish journalist, Behrouz Boochani, says detainees do not feel safe being settled in PNG as there are limited opportunities to work and provide for their families.

Art meets Science in an exhibition for Fraser Island

UQ senate faces the music on fossil fuels

Students at the University of Queensland have been campaigning for some time to get the university to cut its investments in the fossil fuel industry.

Last year the university senate voted against divestment; but in the last couple of weeks students have discovered that more than half the senate who voted on the motion have direct financial ties to the fossil fuel industry. This has led to a step up in campaigning from the students. 

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke to Hannah Schich from Fossil Free UQ at the uni on Thursday.

Gun ownership research reveals critical need for national firearms registry and more Zedlines....

Recent research conducted by the Greens reveal that there is a large amount of firearms privately owned by individuals across Australia. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Detailed data collected from New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia shows individuals owning hundreds of guns in suburban Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide.

According to the Greens this gun ownership research reveals the critical need for a national firearms registry.

Greens Senator and Gun Control Spokesperson Lee Rhiannon states that by looking at these numbers there clearly is a problem with Australia’s gun laws.


Manus Island refugees asked to move to Nauru

Refugees residing on Manus Island are being offered transfers to Nauru while they wait to find out whether they will be resettled in the United States. (Image: Greens MPs)

Posters were placed around Manus Camp yesterday asking for volunteers to move to Nauru.
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the closure of the Manus Island detention centre, meant the government was looking for alternatives for detainees.

3 million scanned, 125 people barred
I-D scanners in Queensland pubs and clubs have ticked over the 3 million mark this month, averaging one million patrons for every month they have been in operation.

Sisters against coal

On September 21st, seven climate activists stopped coal trains getting to the Port Of Brisbane for three hours while they occupied a stationary train. Yesterday the seven faced trespass charges in Wynnum Magistrates Court.

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine was there speaking to "sisters against coal" Ruaela and Rumali Rusch.