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Gay Marriage Could Be Legalised Sooner Than Everyone Thinks

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has been caught on a leaked tape saying that Gay marriage could be legalised “sooner than everyone thinks”.

The tape was obtained by News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt, who recounted Mr Pyne saying that the government must deliver marriage equality “before too long”.

 Mr Pyne’s comments suggested that the government may have plans to change their controversial plebiscite policy - which was rejected by the senate last year.

Logan Filmmaker wins Sydney Film Festival

Logan filmmaker Mirene Igwabi has won the Sydney Film Festival Award with her short film, Adele.

Anti-corruption Campaigner Assulted Outside Ipswich

Queensland anti-corruption campaigner and president of the Ipswich Residents' and Ratepayers' Association Jim Dodrill has been assaulted by several men just outside Ipswich.

Mr Dodrill agreed to meet with a man who approached him for assistance as he was leaving Riverview Catholic church on Sunday, and was subsequently led to a dirt road and assaulted.   

The anti-corruption campaigner is a vocal opponent of recently charged ex-mayor of Ipswich Paul Pissale, and helped to compile documents with allegations that led to Pissale’s arrest.

Mr Dodrill’s 72-year-old father was also injured in the attack.

Men Quitting collar jobs because they feel stereotyped

Palaszczuk takes action to counter anti-social behaviour and more Zedlines...

The Palaszczuk Government will enforce the roll-out of a state wide cohesion program.

“‘We are Queensland’ will feature young Queenslanders from different backgrounds and cultures to help promote the benefits a diverse culture brings to our state.

The Program will be televised, available as online advertising and have a social media campaign.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Grace said, “Creating a sense of belonging is our best defence in countering anti-social behaviours.”

Ms Grace said $7.4 million would be spent over the next four years to implement the We are Queensland Action Plan.



Panama Company Fined for Oil Spill and More Zedlines

A Panama company faces fines of up to $17 million for allegedly spilling 15 tonnes of oil near the Great Barrier Reef in 2015.

The oil was allegedly spilled by the ship Regina, owned by company Globex Shipping.

Oil washed ashore on beaches north of Townsville costing $1.5 million over the two-week cleanup process.

Globex Shipping will face the Townsville Magistrates Court in August.

Dingo Poo Research Revealed

Studies on over 270 dingo faecal samples have shown that Dingoes are not a danger to threatened species as currently thought.

AGL Rejects Government Coal Plans and more Zedlines

Australia’s biggest Electricity company has rejected the Government’s coal-centred plans to combat the country’s energy crisis. [Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

AGL Chief Executive Andy Vesey says that renewable energy investments such as wind and solar power would be the most economic and environmentally viable plan.

Mr Vesey says that AGL do not believe that new coal plants are the lowest cost energy option.

Paul Tully to Run for Ipswich Mayor

Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully has confirmed he will run for Ipswich Mayor following the resignation and legal action against former Mayor Paul Pisasale.

Livestock Responsible for Growing Koala Attacks and more Zedlines

According to a koala rescuer, the native species is being attacked by livestock as frequently as by dogs.

A rescuer from Rescue to the Wildlife Inc in the Darling Downs said that habitat destruction from development and tree felling is forcing koalas travel across the ground to find safety, making them vulnerable to attacks. 

Farmers and rescuers have reported attacks caused by cattle and horses that have injured the animals.


LNP Attack Queensland Budget

Seven days after Treasurer Curtis Pitt handed down the Queensland Budget, the LNP is still attacking the government's decisions.

NASA Discovers 10 Habitable Planets

NASA’s Kepler telescope has found at least 10 planets outside our solar system that could be habitable.

After four years of searching, the planet-hunting device has found a number of earth-sized planets that are the right temperature to harbor life.

But the telescope has only searched one-percent of the known solar system, providing hope to experts that there is life on other planets.

New Guards for Commonwealth Games

The Palaszczuk Government will pay $2 million to train 1,000 new security guards for next year’s Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast.

Russia Warns They Will Treat US Jets as Targets and more Zedlines

The diplomatic row between Russia and the US has reached new heights, after Russia says it will treat US Jets as targets if they enter Syrian areas. (Image Source: Bald Movies)

These threats follow the US attack on a Syrian jet...shooting down an aeroplane for the first time since 2011.

The communication line between Washington and Moscow has also been suspended. 


Farmers Concoct Carrot Vodka

Two carrot farmers from south-east Queensland have started making vodka to reduce product wastage.

Carrots that are cracked, marked or misshapen don’t sell well in supermarket chains, so the pair have found a use for the leftover vegetables. 

Brisbane buses get pimped, and more Zedlines....

A slate of changes is set to hit new Brisbane buses, including USB phone charging ports. Image source: Flickr

The Brisbane City Council 2017 - 2018 budget has proposed over $30 million towards 60 new buses this financial year, to replace the 50 buses expected to retire.

Public transport boss, Adrian Schrinner, said in addition to the charging ports, the new buses will have three-dual doors, to allow more passengers to disembark and board simultaneously, reducing travel times along certain routes.


Mark Bailey’s email account debacle

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey has come under fire, following a report forwarded to the state corruption watchdog.

60th anniversary of the Palm Island protest, and more Zedlines...

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Strike 57 – an indigenous protest which shut down Palm Island. Image source: Flickr


The protest, which is marked with a public holiday on Palm Island, saw Willie Thaiday, Albert Geia, Eric Lymburner, Sonny Sibley, Bill Congoo, George Watson and Gordon Tapau lead an island-wide strike against unpaid wages and working conditions for five days.

State Minister for Local Government and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Mark Furner said the Palaszczuk government supports the Strike 57 commemorations.


Queensland Government offers reassurances to London