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Batman-inspired building to be built in Brisbane, and more Zedlines

Brisbane could be about to get its first superhero inspired residential building. Image source: Flickr

Brisbane developers, Pointcorp, have lodged an application to build an apartment building on the banks of the river, which draws inspiration from Batman, and more specifically from Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight trilogy.

The proposed building would have four sections - the water garden, verandah, entrance and Batcave - with the entrance featuring multipurpose areas with communal spaces and car parks that would much resemble the Batcave in the 2008 film.


Melbourne to Brisbane rail program fuels excitement

Trump takes aim at kitten website, and more Zedlines

The internet is expectantly full of cute animals and funny memes, but now US President Donald Trump has allegedly taken aim at a kitten website, designed by a 17-year-old girl from San Francisco. Image Source: Pixabay

Lucy created the website as a laugh while applying for developer jobs, the only thing the website offered was a chance to virtually scratch photos of Trump’s head using the paws of a kitten.

Originally called Trumpscratch, and then Kittenfeed, Lucy claims she received two threatening cease and desist letters from The Trump Organization - while Lucy complied with the letters, she said a president should not have the time or care to hire people to shut down harmless sites like hers.

Popular Food Truck program set to stay and more Zedlines

The Brisbane Food Truck program will continue on, after a successful trial run. Image: Wikimedia

The Brisbane City Council invested in the initiative in July last year, launching a six-month trial website allowing residents to see where and when their favorite food trucks would be serving.

City Planning chairman, Julian Simmonds, said the idea behind the initiative is to identify appropriate sites and times to accommodate food trucks, without impacting other permanent food businesses throughout the city.

Is Brisbane’s town planning just ‘average’?

Queensland Government support mine and more Zedlines...

The Queensland government have introduced a bill to allow Glencore to continue illegal mining, according to QCoal.

Natural resources and Mines Minister, Anthony Lynham introduced an amendment to the Mineral Resources Act on Wednesday.

Allowing Glencore to continue mining activities in an area of the Bowen Basin, which it had allegedly been using without authorisation for ten years.


Banks no longer able to foreclose on farmers

New laws passed in State Parliament mean that banks will no longer be able to foreclose on Queensland farmers, without first offering debt mediation.

Queensland government funds $200 million for school spend and more Zedlines...

The Queensland government is funding $200 million for school infrastructure projects throughout the state.


funds will focus 98 projects on improving school halls beside $45 million targeted for new schools sites.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk explained the fund as a snippet of what the June budget entails.


Medicinal Cannabis still not affordability

Health Minister, Cameron Dick, is calling for medicinal cannabis to be subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

This comes after the parliamentary committee examined a bill, aiming to make the drug cheaper, and more accessible for sick Queenslanders.

North Queensland on cyclone watch and more Zedlines...

North Queensland is on high alert with the chance of a cyclone developing.

Queensland Region Director, Bruce Gunn, says a low-pressure system is developing in the South East of Papua New Guinea and is forecasted to drift slowly west.

Gunn says it’s too early to know the cyclone’s intensity, forecast path and where it will fall, but more will be clear in the coming days.


Land Owner Fined $1 million for Clearing Land

Central Queensland property owner has been fined just under $1 million for illegally clearing 350 hectares of native scrubland on his property.

Lord Mayor Quirk wants higher buildings and more Zedlines...

Lord Mayor Quirk, is calling for aviation authorities to relax the tough restrictions, currently limiting Brisbane’s CBD buildings to two-hundred and seventy-four metres.

Quirk says the limit has the potential to stifle economic activity and is calling for a relaxation of the restrictions to the tune of 300 metres.

The Brisbane Skytower, currently under construction on Margaret Street, will be the first to meet the two-hundred and 74-metre ceiling.


Unpaid tolls, failing to vote: How Queenslanders racked up $1.18 billion debt

Fined Queenslanders are assisting the State Penalties Enforcement Registry by inadvertently assisting in the debt that amounted to $1.18 dollars.

Pigs bring home the bacon and more Zedlines

Eight little pigs ran all the way to the finish line raising $8000 for the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter service at the seventh annual Sandy Creek Pig Races. (Image: Food 4 Your Mood)

The event held near Warwick on Saturday attracted hundreds of Darling Down locals making the race one of the most successful fundraisers for the charity in the region.

Last calendar year, the Toowoomba RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter completed 587 missions, including 458 inter-hospital transfers, four neonatal transfers, 121 airlifts from the scene of an accident or incident and four search and rescues, in a service worth over $7.3 million to the region.

Brisbane to keep character

Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild stitching for a good cause and more Zedlines

The Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild is quilting for a cause donating quilts to domestic violence women's shelters. (Image:Flickr)

The group has set up stall at the four day expo intocraft LIVE at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre this week where they will sell raffle tickets to fund the charitable quilt making.

The group donated around 30 quilts last year, a number they hope to match in 2017.

Stay-at-home dad turn Miami film fest winner
A stay at home dad has left his name in lights after winning big at the prestigious Miami film festival.

Norway named the world’s happiest country and more Zedlines

A chilly climate isn’t keeping Norway from basking in the glow of being named the world’s happiest country yesterday. (Source: Flickr - Ronel Reyes)

The Scandinavian country has taken out the top spot ahead of Nordic neighbours Denmark and Iceland according to the 2017 UN World Happiness Report

Australia tied with Sweden for ninth position behind perennial rival New Zealand.

Python undergoes radiation

Three-year-old carpet python Lucas is said to be second ever reptile to undergo radiation treatment in Australia after beginning on Friday.