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Queensland Government to improve child safety measures and more Zedlines

The Queensland Government has announced plans to further reform the state’s child protection system (Source: Max Pizel).

The Palaszczuk Government has pledged $6 million dollars to improve information sharing between agencies when a child goes missing and set up a register of home-based childcare services.

The changes are two of the 17 recommendations by the Family and Child Commission catalysed by the death of Logan schoolgirl Tialeigh Palmer whose body was found on the banks of the Pimpama River in November 2015.

South Australian woman to open refuge for aboriginal children in foster care

Spike in arms sales at Cold War levels and more Zedlines

US and Europe lead the way in Arms sales to the Middle East, with China quickly catching up.

There’s been a spike in the international arms trade -with sales figures unheard of since the Cold war - according to a peace activist’s report.

The Stockholm Peace Research Institute said the Middle East has nearly doubled its intake in the last five years, with Saudi Arabia increasing their arms importation by over 200%, purchasing the majority of arms from the United States and the United Kingdom.

LNP and One Nation miffed before elections

Image Sorce: Flickr/Carollainy Queensland’s Liberal National Party has ruled out making a deal with One Nation at the next state election.

LNP leader Tim Nicholls says there will be no coalition formed with One Nation and the Liberals will not preference people who do not agree with their values.

Mr. Nicholls had previously refused to rule out any deal between the LNP and the fringe party at the next state election which is expected to be called in the second half of this year.


Labour Party to discuss indigenous caucus today

The Labour Party will establish an indigenous caucus which aims to increase their government participation by first Australians.

Bland Brisbane

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Aleem Yousaf A former Brisbane based street artist has described Brisbane as bland and “oppressive” toward those who use graffiti as a medium.


Internationally renowned artist, Anthony Lister has said Brisbane runs the risk of becoming even more bland if areas aren’t set up for aspiring artists to apply and practice their skills.

Mr Lister’s comments come after Brisbane’s Graffiti task force charged 115 suspected vandals with 5260 offences last year.

Over 20 permanent murals will be finalised over the next month as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival, with only one on a Council owned property on Coronation Drive. 


Cancer Council Queensland - Cancer Cases Triple

Former Newman government 'killed off' profitable climate change company and more Zedlines

Files prepared for the 2012 state Budget Review Committee show climate change company was slated for sell-off despite notes showing it was "profitable" and "cash-flow positive". PHOTO: WikiCommons/NavsourceOnline

Queensland’s former Newman Government sold off a profitable, state-owned business which tackled climate change, according to a news outlet.

Ecofund Queensland was a carbon-offsetting company, which cabinet documents, obtained by the ABC, show was a profitable business whose revenue was set to double.

The Newman government sold the company for $250 thousand dollars despite being told it would make a profit of $40 million dollars over the next two years.


New continent found off Australian coast and more Zedlines..

Scientists claim to have discovered a new continent off the coast of Australia, dubbed “Zealandia”. (Image source: wikimedia)

 A study for the Geological Society of America referred to the land mass as ‘earth’s hidden continent’ as while it is 4.9 million square kilometres in size, 94 per cent of it is under water.

New satellite technology and gravity maps of the sea floor have revealed Zealandia as a large unified area fulfilling all requirements for continent status.

There would be various implications if a new continent were to be introduced, particularly in defining what belongs to Australia and New Zealand.


Pro-choice activists call on government to legalise abortion and more Zedlines...

Women’s Rights groups and supporters took to the streets to demand abortion becomes legal, ahead of an important ruling on the matter. (Image source: N. Keramos)

Approximately 300 protesters rallied outside parliament last night, calling on the parliamentary committee to allow a private members bill on abortion to reach parliament.

Independent MP Rob Pyne said his bill is designed to remove abortion from the criminal code and regulate it under the Health Act, so women can control their health needs.

The committee report will be handed down today.


Recreational fishers urge government to recall imported prawns

The Breakfast Club On The Move and more Zedlines

Redcliffe charity, The Breakfast Club will be moving from their community hall into a van to travel across South East Queensland to deliver essentials to the homeless.

The organisation which serves over 900 meals every month to those in need and has just received a grant from the State Government’s Dignity First Fund to help purchase a van.

Chairwoman, Ros Thomsen, says the new set of wheels will help them expand their services to harder to reach areas from Brighton to Deception Bay.

The van will also be used to help move furniture for people who find housing and transport donations.


UK sees rise in hate crimes following Brexit vote and more Zedlines

Figures collected by a British news agency have found an increase in hate crimes since the vote for Brexit back in June last year.

The number of hate crimes has risen from ten thousand, 10,793 during the July to September quarter in 2015, to 14,295 in the same quarter last year.

The report from by the Press Association said 33 out of UK’s 44 police forces had witnessed record numbers of such crimes.


Vigil for Dead Asylum Seeker in Planning

A vigil is being planned to mark the coronial inquest into Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Khazaei’s death.

Christchurch State of Emergency and more Zedlines

A state of emergency has been declared in Christchurch overnight as bushfires broke out, before merging into one large flame.

The fire is estimated to take up 1850 hectares of land and is still growing. 

Thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes as fires threatened the suburbs, with at least eight properties burned down so far. 

Selwyn Mayor Sam Broughton says the region has been unusually dry for the past three years and the grass in the hills has turned brown over the summer.

Evacuation centres have been set up for residents who have been displaced.


Abortion Decriminalisation Rally