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Live Animal Trade Prevalent in Asia and more Zedlines

The recent discovery of animal smuggling and money laundering out of a zoo in north-east Thailand has highlighted the need for a stronger fight against the multi-billion dollar wildlife trade industry. (Image: Flickr/writenq)

An investigation by the UN Office of Drugs and Crime and the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering has revealed that this area of organised crime is too often viewed as ‘emerging crime’, despite being worth between $9 billion and $29 billion dollars a year.

The investigation suggests multiple methods to improve the flow of information between countries, and other ways to crack down on the live animal trade that threatens the existence of thousands of species and affects nearly every country worldwide.

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Government Accuses Labor of Conspiracy with New Zealand and more Zedlines

Leader of the House, Christopher Pyne has accused Labor of being involved in a conspiracy with New Zealand to bring down the Australian government.

These claims come after a member of the New Zealand Labour Party revealed that the Australian Labour Party inquired about dual citizens in the parliament, leading New Zealand to reveal Barnaby Joyce’s citizenship status.

Malcolm Turnbull supported Pyne’s claims saying that “Bill Shorten wants to steal government by entering a conspiracy with a foreign power”.

It is expected that the government will now investigate Labor for dual citizens.


QUT Discrimination Case Returns to Court

North Korea “Ready to Strike” and more Zedlines

North Korea has inched closer to an attack on Guam after leader Kim Jong-un received a report outlining the plan to launch missiles towards the country.

Kim Jong-un has apparently ordered his army to be ready to strike at any time, and says he is keeping an eye on how the United States will react.

A North Korean News agency says the US is responsible for avoiding military conflict and ease tensions between the two superpowers.


Car Powered By Sewage

A car that is powered by electricity generated by Brisbane’s sewage treatment has hit the city’s streets, making it the first in Australia.

Clive Palmer Allegations

Government-appointed liquidators who have been tasked with assessing Queensland Nickel have expressed concerns that Clive Palmer may be offloading asset as they are unable to determine the extent of his personal fortune.

New Regulations For Snorkelling and Diving in Queensland
Changes to snorkelling and diving regulations are being made in Queensland after 10 people died in the water between July and December last year.

As part of new safety measures, at-risk snorkelers will have to wear flotation devices at the Great Barrier Reef and other diving areas, as well as being made to wear a different coloured vest so they are easier to spot.

Marriage equality vote could be vulnerable to voter fraud...and more Zedlines

(Image source: Australian Bureau of Statistics experts are warning the marriage equality postal survey is vulnerable to voter fraud because Australians will not be given individual identifiers.

The idea of a secret vote could be contradicted if ballots include personal identifiers, as the ABS would be able to match voters opinions on same-sex marriage with other personal information.

Despite this implication, former ABS chief, Bill McLennan, is warning if voters are not sent an individual identifier, the ABS will struggle to determine who has voted, creating opportunity for voter fraud to occur.

2016 hottest year on record...and more Zedlines

A US government agency has reported that 2016 was the hottest year on record, continuing a streak for the third year of record global warmth.

The State of Climate in 2016 report is compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and based on contributions from around 500 scientists from more than 60 countries.

It states that 2016 surpassed 2015 as the warmest year in 137 years since records began, as a result of long-term global warming and a strong El Nino weather phenomenon of sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean hitting record highs, and that global surface temperatures.

75th Anniversary for the Battle of Guadalcanal and more Zedlines

Veterans and families are gathering at the wreckage site of the Australian warship HMAS Canberra for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal. (Image Source: Flickr user Horatio J. Kookabura)

In 1942 the HMAS Canberra was attacked by Japanese navy ships in the waters surrounding the Solomon Islands, but before the ship sunk, it's Captain Frank Getting made the decision to position his ship to shield the US Marines from enemy fire as they landed at Guadalcanal.

The HMAS Canberra is the largest Australian ship ever lost in battle and 84 crew lost their lives during the attack. 


10,000+ Aussie Kids Expected to Participate in Worldwide Coding Event

Tobacco filters break down into plant seeds instead of litter and other zedlines

Ex-advertising representatives from India have invented biodegradable cigarette filter tips that break down and plant seeds instead of creating litter (Image: Max Pixel).

Chetana and Ved Roy, say they came up with idea after quitting their jobs at a tobacco company when they discovered the harmful chemicals that are found in cigarette filter paper.

While being better for the environment, their handmade filters are 100 per cent organic, non-addictive and healthier for the smoker, as the filters are not using harmful chemical-infused papers.

QLD dossier reveals widespread corruption
Documents revealing sweeping corruption in various state councils have surfaced in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.

Brisbane City Council Workers Plan More Strikes

Brisbane bus drivers will not collect fares between Wednesday and Friday this week, and more Brisbane council workers are planning strikes.

Cleaning and administration services in Brisbane will be affected as the Services Union, Professionals Australia, Electrical Trade Union and Australian Workers Union strike with Transport Workers as disagreements over an enterprise bargaining agreement continue.

The strikes mean that many public areas in Brisbane will not be cleaned and staff are refusing to answer emails and file paperwork until the council meets their demands.

Fire Ants Close in on Brisbane

Fire ants have broken biosecurity containment lines after the insects’ nests were discovered in Lowood, West of Brisbane.

Ten nests have been found in the region, and locals are being urged to check their properties for potential further nests.

This finding means the ants have now spread six kilometres beyond the containment zone.


Victim of Mackay Mine Incident Passes Away

A man injured in a mine incident in Mackay has passed away days later, leaving behind a wife and child.

The incident occurred at the Goonyella Riverside mine on Saturday, and the death was confirmed on Monday night.