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Brisbane to breed entrepreneurs and more Zedlines

Brisbane is set to host entrepreneur training aiming to inspire and train the next wave of Queensland’s enterprise hopefuls. Source Wikimedia.

The workshop will be lead by Globetrotting adventurer and Best Job in the World winner Ben Southall who has teamed up with Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur to create the ‘Venturer’ program.

The program kicks off today in The Precinct in Fortitude Valley and will be based there one day a week.

Cyclone Debbie will now make landfall at 2pm and more updates

The North Queensland coast is being lashed by destructive winds and heavy rain as Tropical Cyclone Debbie approaches.

A whinny for race horses and more Zedlines

Retired Queensland race horses have been given a second chance at life with Queensland Racing Minister Grace Grace launching a new animal welfare program.(Image Source: Public Domain Pictures)

The incentive will save the lives horses set for the abattoir when they are no longer needed in the racing industry.

Racing Australia’s 2016 annual report claims 90 percent of horses are rehomed when retired but this data is refuted by animal activists.

2000 staff pre-deployed ahead of Cyclone Debbie and more updates
In the midst of the oncoming category 4 tropical cyclone, the Queensland government has pre-deployed or put on standby 2000 staff to prepare for when Cyclone Debbie makes landfall later today.

Malaria vaccine breakthrough by Griffith University and more zedlines

World’s first anti-malaria vaccine developed at Griffith University. Image Source: Wikimedia/Hugo A. Quintero G.

The vaccine developed by researchers at Griffith University and Gold Coast University Hospital has tested safe for humans to take and is subject to further research.

The groundbreaking research vaccine is being considered to be used in countries where malaria is an endemic problem. The disease affects half of the world’s population.


M1 Motorway upgrade to start later this year

A funding agreement for the M1 Motorway upgrade has been reached.

World science festival sets out to inspire and more Zedlines

World science festival organises shows to attract young kids to scientific fields.

An ex-science teacher Science Steve is running interactive Festival Lab science shows to reveal the wonders of science to young children as the students interested in field are declining.

The shows run throughout the weekends in South Bank cultural forecourt to encourage the enthusiasm of the new generation with shows ranging from robotics to criminology.


RSPCA issues a southern queenslander with record number of charges over dog farm

Trump takes aim at kitten website, and more Zedlines

The internet is expectantly full of cute animals and funny memes, but now US President Donald Trump has allegedly taken aim at a kitten website, designed by a 17-year-old girl from San Francisco. Image Source: Pixabay

Lucy created the website as a laugh while applying for developer jobs, the only thing the website offered was a chance to virtually scratch photos of Trump’s head using the paws of a kitten.

Originally called Trumpscratch, and then Kittenfeed, Lucy claims she received two threatening cease and desist letters from The Trump Organization - while Lucy complied with the letters, she said a president should not have the time or care to hire people to shut down harmless sites like hers.

Popular Food Truck program set to stay and more Zedlines

The Brisbane Food Truck program will continue on, after a successful trial run. Image: Wikimedia

The Brisbane City Council invested in the initiative in July last year, launching a six-month trial website allowing residents to see where and when their favorite food trucks would be serving.

City Planning chairman, Julian Simmonds, said the idea behind the initiative is to identify appropriate sites and times to accommodate food trucks, without impacting other permanent food businesses throughout the city.

Is Brisbane’s town planning just ‘average’?

Stroke treatment to be developed from Funnel Web venom and more Zedlines

New research suggests Funnel Web spiders’ venom may be effective in treating stroke patients.

Since a peptide in Funnel Web venom was proven to slow the death of rat brain cells, scientists have been optimistic about future stroke recovery advances for Australians.

University of Queensland Professor Glenn King says this is the first breakthrough that could minimise the effects of brain damage immediately after a stroke.  

Brisbane road toll increases imminent

Katter Party calls for legalised croc hunting and more Zedlines

Bob Katter’s Australian party is gaining support behind their bid to cull crocodile numbers after two suspected crocodile attacks in just two days. Source: Flickr fvanrenterghem

Following the crocodile attack on a teenager in Innisfail on Sunday night, a man was found dead on Monday with injuries consistent with a crocodile attack after he went spearfishing alone on Saturday.

The attacks come just a week after the Palaszczuk government updated its crocodile management strategy detailing minimum intervention to crocodiles outside populated areas.

Tough action needed to save Great Barrier Reef

An analysis of three major bleaching events over the past three decades has confirmed the worst.

High-thrust rocket test by North Korea and more zedlines.

New high-thrust rocket engine test undertaken by North Korea. Image Source: Wikimedia/Sungwon Baik

The Korean Central News Agency reported the test was to confirm the prototypes reliability and structural safety, and the new engine will be used in country’s peaceful space programme.

The test coincides with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is touring Asia primarily discussing concerns over how to deal with North Korea’s nuclear initiative.

US officials remain skeptical that the space programme is solely for peaceful use.


Support for Toowoomba high school for World Science Festival

Garden centres get behind mental health and more Zedlines

Garden centres around the country will don blue in support of the beyondblue foundation this Sunday, as part of the annual Garden Releaf Day event.

Over 100 gardening centres across Australia will host activities for the foundation, who provide support for people affected by depression, anxiety and suicide.

Chairman of beyondblue Jeff Kennett said gardening is an effective way of improving mental wellbeing and taking some time out to reduce stress and anxiety.

Sunday will mark the third Garden Releaf Day organised by the Garden Centres Australia, with the 2016 event raising over $70,000 dollars in funds for beyondblue.

Fisherman warn of marine wildlife damage