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Portuguese children sue 47 countries over climate change and more zedlines..

Portuguese schoolchildren affected by forest fires in June are looking to sue 47 European countries, saying that the country’s failure to tackle climate change threatened their right to life.

Children from the Leiria region of Portugal are seeking an initial £35,000 via crowdfunding to mount their case, which will target the 47 countries which are major emitters in Europe, including France, Germany and the UK.

The children will be represented by British barristers who are experts in environmental and climate change law, and are supported by the Global Legal Action Network.

Brisbane pride march mobilises ten thousand and more Zedlines

More than ten thousand LGTBIQ supporters marched through Fortitude Valley on Saturday for the city’s annual pride march.

The LGTBIQ community and its supporters were joined by Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in a show of support and solidarity.

This year’s march had added meaning, with Saturday also marking one of Australia’s largest door-knocking campaigns by the ‘yes’ camp ahead of the nation’s same sex marriage postal survey.

The future of smoking in Queensland

Queensland health organisations have released a statewide survey on smoking, including smoke-free zones and tobacco control.

Cosmic rays come from extragalactic sources and more zedlines...

An international team of scientists have discovered high-energy cosmic rays that hit Earth come from outside our galaxy. Photo from Pixabay.

These rays, first recorded about 50 years ago, are charged particles hitting the Earth’s atmosphere, but unlike low-energy rays that come from the sun or exploded stars, scientists had been unable to determine the cause or where they came from.

The team studied 10 years’ worth of data from the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina, concluding that the high-energy cosmic rays come from an extragalactic source approximately 326 million light years away, but were unable to determine how they are created.

The team will now try to find a more direct source.

Assisted Dying Bill Introduced into NSW and more Zedlines...

The voluntary assisted dying bill will be introduced to the New South Wales Parliament today by National’s MP Trevor Khan. (Image Source: Flickr)

The bill will allow patients to self-administer a lethal substance to end their lives by a medical practitioner or nominated person if they are at least twenty-five years old, suffering from a terminal illness which will result in death within twelve months and experiencing severe pain.

The bill will be decided by conscience vote later this year.


QUT Creates Australia’s First Lithium-ion Battery

Body Cameras for Hospital Staff and More Zedlines...

The Mackay Health and Hospital Service is rolling out body cameras for its staff, after recent figures have revealed they experience more violence than any other hospital in Queensland. (Image source: Pixabay)

In this year alone, there have been 190 incidents of aggression towards doctors and nurses, 102 of which were physical.

The assaults range from spitting, right through to punches and biting; weapons have also been confiscated by security in Mackay and Proserpine hospitals.

The body cameras are to help in reporting incidents, and also passively reduce violence, and some are wary of what they do when they see the cameras, which are similar to those used by the Queensland Police Force.

New Deputy Mayor for Ipswich

Thousands affected by typhoon in southern Japan

Thousands of people have been evacuated, and two have been declared missing, after a typhoon made landfall in southern Japan yesterday.

Nearly 60,000 households on the island of Kyushu have been issued with evacuation orders, as the Meteorological Agency warned of strong winds, high waves and mudslides.

The typhoon has also impacted transport, with hundreds of flight and train services being cancelled.

Queenslanders consuming too much red meat

Queenslanders are being urged to swap their meat for veggies after a new study has found that only 7 per cent of residents in the sunshine state are eating enough vegetables.

New government plans remove protections for marine life

The Federal Government’s new plans for 44 marine parks have left conservationist groups outraged.

Under the Government’s proposed developments, more areas will be opened for commercial fishing and protection zones will be downgraded to allow for more trawling operations.

Environmentalist Michelle Grady says these proposed changes are completely contrary to public consultation and the removal of our current marine protections would constitute world first.

The Government says that these allegations are false and that these new plans have considered both biodiversity and local industries.


Qantas set to fly global entrepreneurs to Brisbane

Starfish-eating sea snails to be unleashed on the reef

The Federal Government is funding world first research into giant starfish-eating sea snails in a bid to save the Great Barrier Reef.

The crown of thorns starfish is one of the leading causes of coral loss on the Reef, and over 150,000 of them can be found per square kilometre during an outbreak.

The Government has already hatched 100,000 of these rare sea snails, which are known to cause the destructive starfish to flee and therefore prevent breeding.

AIMS research manager Dr David Souter says that the sea snails will eventually be released into the Reef under tight control to avoid disturbing the wider ecology of the Reef.

Maiwar residents oppose Adani

World First Breakthrough Involving ‘IVF’ for Coral Reefs and More Zedlines...

Professor Peter Harrison from Southern Cross University has recently been awarded a $1.2 million grant from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research in order to release coral larvae in the Philippines, and reestablish a breeding population. (Image source: Wikimedia)

It is essentially a form of ‘coral IVF’.

When Coral spawn in its natural environment, factors such as currents, winds and waves make clouds of eggs and sperm float in every direction, causing larvae to drift from reefs and die.

This IVF process takes out the uncertainty of the elements, and could one day become the answer to mass coral bleaching in places such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Chemical-Free Produce Store Reviving Region

Discovery of new known life forms by UQ researchers and more Zedlines

Research by the University of Queensland has uncovered over 8,000 new life forms, representing a near 10 per cent increase in known genomes (Image credits: Herney).

Researchers have stated the discovery means they are much closer to fully representing the microbial world.


A.C.E Co-researcher Dr Donovan Parks believes fully understanding the microbial world lays the foundation for critical biogeochemical and industrial processes in the future.


Study shows Australian Consumers more Pessimistic and Queensland construction struggling  


Deloitte’s latest Access Economics report says people are spending more but are feeling more pessimistic, with consumer sentiment shifting downwards.