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LNP and One Nation miffed before elections

Image Sorce: Flickr/Carollainy Queensland’s Liberal National Party has ruled out making a deal with One Nation at the next state election.

LNP leader Tim Nicholls says there will be no coalition formed with One Nation and the Liberals will not preference people who do not agree with their values.

Mr. Nicholls had previously refused to rule out any deal between the LNP and the fringe party at the next state election which is expected to be called in the second half of this year.


Labour Party to discuss indigenous caucus today

The Labour Party will establish an indigenous caucus which aims to increase their government participation by first Australians.

Former Newman government 'killed off' profitable climate change company and more Zedlines

Files prepared for the 2012 state Budget Review Committee show climate change company was slated for sell-off despite notes showing it was "profitable" and "cash-flow positive". PHOTO: WikiCommons/NavsourceOnline

Queensland’s former Newman Government sold off a profitable, state-owned business which tackled climate change, according to a news outlet.

Ecofund Queensland was a carbon-offsetting company, which cabinet documents, obtained by the ABC, show was a profitable business whose revenue was set to double.

The Newman government sold the company for $250 thousand dollars despite being told it would make a profit of $40 million dollars over the next two years.


New continent found off Australian coast and more Zedlines..

Scientists claim to have discovered a new continent off the coast of Australia, dubbed “Zealandia”. (Image source: wikimedia)

 A study for the Geological Society of America referred to the land mass as ‘earth’s hidden continent’ as while it is 4.9 million square kilometres in size, 94 per cent of it is under water.

New satellite technology and gravity maps of the sea floor have revealed Zealandia as a large unified area fulfilling all requirements for continent status.

There would be various implications if a new continent were to be introduced, particularly in defining what belongs to Australia and New Zealand.


Pro-choice activists call on government to legalise abortion and more Zedlines...

Women’s Rights groups and supporters took to the streets to demand abortion becomes legal, ahead of an important ruling on the matter. (Image source: N. Keramos)

Approximately 300 protesters rallied outside parliament last night, calling on the parliamentary committee to allow a private members bill on abortion to reach parliament.

Independent MP Rob Pyne said his bill is designed to remove abortion from the criminal code and regulate it under the Health Act, so women can control their health needs.

The committee report will be handed down today.


Recreational fishers urge government to recall imported prawns

State Oppositions hold renewable energy target practice amid push for clean coal

Image: Blackwater BMA mine (Matt Dennien)

Liberal State Oppositions in Victoria, SA and QLD have this week claimed they will scrap state-based renewable energy targets, allowing the Federal Government to call the shots should they win office.

Redfern Statement to be Handed Over and More Zedlines

Indigenous leaders will hand over the blueprints for the Redfern Statement to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull later today. (Image: Pixabay)

The Redfern Statement is currently backed by 50 different organisations and was released last year during the Federal Election as an “urgent call for a more just approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs.”

The 18-page manifesto will propose multiple changes across relevant areas including health, education, justice and family violence, with an emphasis on policies being made with communities rather than to communities.

Turnbull in need of One Nation to hold onto Queensland and more Zedlines

Support for the coalition has dropped to 35 per cent since the 2016 federal election and barely leads Labor 51-49 in a two-party preferred basis. (Image source: Pixabay)

A new Galaxy poll shows the Turnbull government will need the preferences of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party to retain Queensland in the next election. 

Support for the coalition has dropped to 35 per cent since the 2016 federal election and barely leads Labor 51-49 in a two-party preferred basis. 

Much of the coalition's support has shifted to One Nation, whose primary vote has risen from 5.5 points to 18 percent. 


Potent Turtle Blood and more Zedlines

A link has been identified between cobalt exports and the deteriorating health of Southern Queensland turtles. (image source: Flikr)

Researchers from the Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Services examined the health of green sea turtles in Cleveland and Upstart Bay, and measured cobalt blood levels were 4 to 25 times higher than turtles located away from urban areas.

Studies show 44 percent of tested Upstart Bay turtles harbour signs of a systematic stressor and an active inflammatory response.

Toowoomba's Water Quality not Rising to Expectations

Queensland Scientist Makes Black Hole Discovery and more Zedlines

A Queensland scientist has been instrumental in the discovery of a ‘middleweight’ black hole, in what is being described as the missing link between the small and supermassive variants. (Image Source: Wikimedia).

University of Queensland Associate Professor Holger Baugardt said the discovery was made by using computer simulations, and will now assist in understanding how galaxies have formed and evolved.


The black hole, which was discovered in a 12 billion year old star cluster, proves there is a middle ground between small and supermassive black holes, weighing a few times and millions of times the sun’s mass respectively.



Food outlets fined as food hall of shame revealed


Newly discovered cave could contain ancient manuscripts and more Zedlines

For the first time in 60 years, archaeologists have discovered a cave believed to contain hidden Dead Sea Scrolls. (Image Source: Wikipedia)


Hundreds of Hebrew manuscripts were last found in eleven caves on the edge of the Dead Sea in the mid-20th century.


The 2000-year-old scrolls are the second oldest set of biblical texts ever discovered and are believed to have been created by a Jewish sect that lived in the area until 70AD.


Researchers from Israel’s Hebrew University say no scripts have been found yet, however, they have discovered shattered jars, similar to those that held scrolls in the other eleven caves.

LNP member resigns from Shadow Cabinet