Thai officials confiscate rhino horns worth $5 million and more Zedlines

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Customs officers in Thailand have confiscated 21 rhinoceros horns worth approximately five million dollars, with officials calling it the country’s largest seizure in years.

The rhino horns were found in luggage sent from Ethiopia, and arrest warrants have since been issued for two Thai women travelling from Vietnam and Cambodia to collect them.

A UN convention bans the global trade of rhino horn, which is prized as a traditional medicinal treatment for a wide variety of ailments including cancer.

Brisbane City Council senior officers leave post after IT blowout

Two senior officers have left the Brisbane City Council over the $60 million IT Systems cost blowout.

Cashless welfare cards given the all clear and more Zedlines

The cashless welfare card could be the way of the future for Australia after the trial was deemed a success in Ceduna in South Australia and Kununurra in Western Australia. (Source: Flickr - David Jackmanson)

The trial that limits participants access to cash saw 80 per cent of the hand out distributed onto a cashless card that prohibited gambling and purchasing alcohol with only 20 per cent of the allowance deposited into bank accounts.

Results showed that one quarter of participants were not drinking as often and participation in gambling had also reduced.

The cashless card system is set to continue with reviews occurring on a six-month basis.

Carmichael Coal Mine Company to shift millions to the Cayman Islands

Queensland womens' prisons severely overcrowded and more Zedlines

A recent study shows women’s prisons to be severely overcrowded. Image source:

Inmate numbers released to Australian Regional Media show Queensland Corrective Services are housing hundreds of additional offenders without creating extra facilities.

Brisbane Women’s Correctional Central is housing one hundred and twenty women above its legal capacity and Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre holds an extra forty women.

Queensland Correctional Services accommodated these women by placing a mattress on the floor next to the cell’s exposed toilet.

Nude Olympics to be held in Byron Bay

Coca-Cola Amatil to shift Australian focus and more Zedlines...

Following the news Coca-Cola Amatil will close its South Australian bottling plant the soft drink giant announced a ninety-million dollar investment in Brisbane.

Managing Director Alison Watkins says the investment will go toward expanding dairy and juice product output as well as a new glass production line.

The plant in Thebarton, South Australia, will be closed by 2019 and result in the loss of two-hundred jobs.

Coca-Cola Amatil says ‘a lot’ of short-term jobs will be created by the investment in Queensland but have not commented on permanent positions.

Cancer Council Says Schools Are Too Hot To Learn

Another Hit For The Homeless and more Zedlines

Melbourne city council has voted to change a by-law allowing homeless people to sleep rough in the city by banning makeshift camps. (Image Credit: Wikimedia)

Melbourne city council has voted to change a by-law allowing homeless people to sleep rough in the city by banning makeshift camps.

The vote held in Melbourne's town hall on Tuesday was won five to four despite large public outcry.

The council has defended the amendment claiming their intentions are to ban camps around the city, not homelessness and will be subject to a 28 day public consultation period.


City Council denies cycling safely
Brisbane City Council has firmly rejected Space For Cycling in Brisbane’s latest petition

Brisbane Northside Traffic Set to Increase and more Zedlines

Traffic on the Northside of Brisbane could increase this Sunday as a $300,000 road upgrade begins on the Sunshine Coast. (Image Source: Flickr)

The project is part of the Palaszczuk government’s road maintenance program aiming to improve road safety in Queensland.

34 intersections on the coast are set to receive the upgrade, with the project focusing on increasing skid resistance on the roads.

Townsville Women and Girls to Receive Mentoring
Young women and girls in care in Townsville will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from female sporting stars as a $50,000 program is announced.

Queensland housing prices increase within school catchment zones and more Zedlines

As the 2017 school year commences Domain Group have released their annual school zones report showing 2016 had the highest price growth rates within primary and secondary government school catchment zones. (Image source: Wikipedia)

A new report into Queensland housing has found some house prices have catapulted up to 40 per cent in school catchment zones.


As the 2017 school year commences Domain Group have released their annual
school zones report showing 2016 had the highest price growth rates
within primary and secondary government school catchment zones.


PNG launches investigation into corrupt senior ministers and more Zedlines

Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has launched an investigation into the alleged corruption of two of his senior ministers, who are believed to have profited from the relocation of a naval base.

Opposition MP Ben Micah alleged the Public Enterprises Minister, William Duma and Defence Minister, Fabian Pok, purchased the land with the knowledge that it would be acquired in the multi-million dollar deal.

Former commander of the PNG Defence Force, Major General Jerry Singirok, said it is inappropriate for the Public Enterprises Minister to be involved in the naval bases’ relocation, and questioned the motives for the bases’ relocation in the first place.


Family of Australian missing in Guatemala plead for help after tubing accident

Trump slams Australian refugee deal and more Zedlines

A group of protestors at the University of California, Berkeley has forced a right-wing speaker to abandon his appearance on the campus. Image Source: Wiki Media

Milo Yiannopoulos, editor of the far-right Breitbart News and a Trump supporter, was scheduled to make a speech for the student union, until violent protests erupted between police and students.

In a statement, the university says the protest by 1,500 people was largely peaceful, with only 150 ‘masked agitators’ responsible for the violence.


Cruise passengers hit Brisbane with bout of gastro

Passengers on board a Sun Princess cruise ship have brought back more than just presents, after they fell ill with a case of gastro.

$200 million Expansion of Queensland Prison to Ease Overcrowding and more Zedlines

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a $200 million expansion to the Capricornia Correctional Centre. (source: Thomas Hawk)

The expansion of the North Queensland Correctional Centre will provide an extra 164 cells at the prison, which will ease overcrowding and create 170  news jobs.

As of December 30th 2016 Capricornia Correctional Centre was at 124 per cent capacity.

New Study Shows how Plants Fight off Disease

A University of Queensland-led study shows how the plant’s immune system leads to its ability to resist disease.