Concerns have been raised about Queensland’s health system after a mentally ill, female prisoner with a drug problem has been barred from having an abortion by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

The 33-year-old woman, who has a history of mental illness, drug use, and is hepatitis C positive, has applied for special consent to terminate an unwanted, high-risk twin pregnancy at 20 weeks.

The QCAT has ruled that the prisoner does not have the capacity to make complex decisions about all of her personal matters due to her mental illness, and the pregnancy is not risky enough to terminate.


Bus driver salaries revealed...and more Zedlines

As bus drivers continue to refuse collecting fares today as a result of ongoing disputes regarding enterprise bargaining agreement negotiations, the average salary has been revealed.

Council public transport chairman Adrian Schrinner says Brisbane’s bus drivers were the second best paid in Australia with wages ranging between $40 000 to $102 000, with the average wage just over $68 000, higher than the national average.

According to latest ATO data, the average salary is close to $53 000 for a male bus driver and just over $44 000 for a female driver.

As Royal Commission recommendations approach, an Alice Springs group calls to "shut youth prisons"

It has been just over one year since the ABC’s Four Corners report into youth detention sparked the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory. In September, its recommendations will be handed down.

The end of September will also mark the anniversary of Wayne Fella Morrison’s death in custody last year, along with the 1983 death of John Pat in Roebourne.

Hundreds of Prisoners in Queensland Share Cells Designed for One and more Zedlines...

Buildings Queensland has revealed that over six hundred remandees currently housed at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre are sharing cells that are designed to only house one prisoner at any given time, leaving the facility exceeding capacity by thirty five per cent. (Image Source: Flickr)

This can lead to prisoners on remand to be transported to no-remand jails, which are also reaching maximum capacity.

A detailed business case is being competed into an up to six hundred and ten million dollar proposal that would include the construction of new cell blocks, better use of current infrastructure and construction of a new greenfield site.


Government Confirms Princess Alexandra Hospital Cladding is Combustible

Banksia Hill report reveals terrible conditions and more Zedlines

A scathing report of Western Australia’s Banksia Hill detention centre has compared the Perth facility to the Northern Territory’s Don Dale. (Image: Max Pixel)

Western Australia’s Inspector of Custodial Services Neil Morgan, who authored the independent report, cited that children in the centre’s toughest unit were denied hot meals and subjected to “behavioural management”, forced to stay in their locked cells.

Evidence was revealed that security footage requested by Professor Morgan was taped-over and compromised by the Department of Corrective Services. He is also deeply concerned that none of the guards wore body cameras.

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Vodka is an Antidote for Antifreeze in Animals

Vodka has helped save the life of a Queensland tomcat.

The cat was found near a tyre store in Lowood, west of Brisbane, and was believed to have ingested the toxic agent antifreeze.


He was rushed to the nearby RSPCA animal hospital where he was given vodka, which is the common antidote for antifreeze.

He has now received the nickname ‘Tipsy’.


Brisbane Youth Detention Center Thrust into Spotlight Following Report

70% of Mosul IDPs to return home

The Iraqi minister for immigration predicts that at least 70% of internally displaced persons from Mosul will be returning home by the end of this year.

Immigration minister Darbaz Mohammed says more than a quarter of the IDPs have already returned home, and is hopeful that there will be no more camps housing refugees by the end of the year. 

Mosul was declared liberated from ISIS this month, but Mohammed says they will consider it a victory when large numbers of refugees return home. 

Public Housing to cost $34 million

Over the past five years close to $34 million has been spent repairing Queensland public housing due to vandalism, damage and uncleanliness.

Arthur Gorrie prison staff return to work with concerns unanswered

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre staff involved in a dispute with their employer, Queensland government contracted prison operator GEO, have been allowed back to work this week following industrial action over the weekend.

GEO escalated action against workers with a lockout of 48 staff on Saturday, after 42 were denied entry to the prison and pay on Friday.

Female activists in Morocco continue their fight and more Zedlines...

Female activists in Morocco say they will continue demonstrating against the government, demanding justice after heavy jail sentences were given to activists in the northern region of Al-Hoceima.

Hundreds of women protested over the weekend to demand the release of four political prisoners who were handed down 18 month prison sentences, while many more remain in preventive detention.

Khadija Ryadi, an activist with Morocco’s women’s movement, says that despite the repression, women’s mobilisation will not stop.


Adani mine will have a slow start


Leaked documents reveal a planned slow start to the Adani Carmichael coal mine project.

Chemicals Causing Fish to Display Feminised Traits

According to research in London, chemicals flushed down household drains have caused one-fifth of male fish to display feminised traits.

Professor Charles Tyler, of the University of Exeter, explained the fish have experienced reduced sperm quality and are less likely to show aggressive behaviour.

The findings of the research suggest the chemicals causing these changes include ingredients from contraceptive pills and cleaning products.