A call to action for women's health and more Zedlines

The International Day of Action for Women’s Health advocates women’s rights and promotes the sexual and reproductive health movement worldwide.

This year’s campaign highlighted the extreme consequences resulting from a narrow approach to women’s health.

The institutional violence was accepted and enforced by the State through the denial of sexual and reproductive health services and rights.


150 gather in Brisbane in support of Australia’s peacekeepers.

About one-hundred-and-fifty people gather in Brisbane City for a march to mark the 70th anniversary of Australia’s involvement in international peacekeeping missions.

Activists Chained to Loaded Train and more Zedlines

Two young activists from Not Aurizon, Not Adani have chained themselves onto an Aurizon train at the corner of Memorial Avenue and Fairfield Road (NAIF) to protest Aurizon’s latest application to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility or NAIF for public funding to build a rail link to the Galilee Basin. (IMAGE: Stop Queensland Coal Exports)

According to witnesses on the scene close to 10 police cars are surrounding the area, with the Queensland Police making many attempts to get the protestors to unchain themselves, which has put a complete halt to the coal train with over 100 carriages.

Aurizon delivered a $1.25billion proposal to the NAIF in hopes to build the rail link, which will unlock the coal deposits of the Galilee Basin, it is believed Adani is also seeking funding for this project.

Astromers believe we live in a parallel universe!? and more Zedlines...

Astronomers have found what they believe is proof we are living in a parallel universe. Image source: Pexels

Since the beginning of time, people have pondered the notion of the multiverse; where an infinite number of universes exist, all with differing realms and dimensions.

New research from the Royal Astronomical Society has focused on a ‘Cold Spot’ in the Cosmos, a ‘cool’ patch of space in the radiation of the universe after its formation.

Durham University researcher, Tom Shanks said this cold spot could essentially be a gap in the multiverse and could have been caused by a collision between our universe and another bubble universe.


Shark cullings mean dire environmental consequences, and more Zedlines....

Following a senate inquiry that began in November of 2016 into risk management of shark attacks, researchers warn of dire environmental consequences should the culling of sharks continue. Image source: Wikimedia

A marine biologist and associate professor of the University of Melbourne, Robert Day, said the apex predator plays an integral role in managing the oceanic ecosystem’s stability, and the continuation of mass killing will inevitably lead to an imbalance in our oceans.

Hawaiian researchers have also discovered the intimidation tactics of sharks aren’t only effective on humans, but certain prey, with studies proving the shark’s ability to regulate seagrass beds prevents overgrazing by turtles.


Antarctica is going green!? and more Zedlines...

Researchers say climate change is turning Antarctica green. Image source: Wikimedia

A study suggests global warming has spiked plant growth in the continent over the last fifty years.

Rising temperatures have increased the rate of moss growth in the region by four to five times since the 1950s.

Co-author of the research Matt Amesbury from the University of Exeter said while Antarctica will not become entirely green, it is likely to become greener than it currently is.


Queensland government offering Adani a ‘royalties holiday’

Twelve new power plants to reach 2020 renewable energy targets and other Zedlines

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has reached “financial close” this month after approving funding for 12 power plants (Image: Wikimedia Commons).

The Plants will account for 10% of Australia's 2020 renewable energy target and power 150,000 homes.

Reports released in September showed the plants received a record low of $92 million in grants and $1 billion in private investment.

Students to protest Malcolm Turnbull speech over university fees

Students are expected to protest a speech by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today at the Convention Centre.

Closure of Manus Island to start in two weeks and more Zedlines

Australia’s Refugee detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island will begin closure within the next two weeks, with asylum seekers told to consider their options. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The centre will officially close its doors on the 31st of October this year, with temporary accommodation being offered to those who are found to be seeking refuge.

Refugees will have the option to reside in Papua New Guinea or return home, but none will be re-settled in Australia.

New amendments to ride-sharing legislation have been recommended in Queensland
An inordinate amount of amendments to ride-sharing laws are set to be put to Queensland parliament.

Side of avocado with that house deposit? - and more Zedlines...

The avo on toast obsession has taken another turn, as new townhouses in Brisbane’s southwest are being offered alongside the promise of a year’s worth of free avocado on toast. Image source: Good Free Photos

The townhouses in Sherwood, which are going for nearly $600 thousand, are described as featuring “chic design elements” and “quality craftsmanship,” but the real hook is the year’s supply of avocado on toast, once a weekend from nearby cafes.

Real Estate Agent Cameron Crouch said the marketing stunt is aimed at the younger generation, and was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek response to a column which ran in the Australian last year, which chastised young prospective home buyers for spending too much money on brunches rather than saving for a deposit.


Forests discovered using photo-interpretation tool, and more Zedlines

Vast stretches of undocumented forests, equal to 60% of Australia’s landmass, have been discovered using a new tool to analyse the surface of the earth. Image source: Pixabay

The research was led by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and included teams of scientists and students from 15 organisations, including the University of Adelaide.

The researchers carried out their analysis using photo-interpretation tool, Collect Earth, and discovered 467 hectares of what was considered dry land in Australia, was actually dense forest.

University of Adelaide's plant conservation biology chairman, Professor Andrew Lowe said the findings mean scientists now have a new resource that can help mitigate climate change.


Concerns Indigenous Man May Die in Custody and More Zedlines...

A terminally ill indigenous man who was sentenced to 15 months in prison last week is fighting to be released from custody. (Flickr)

Marshall Wallace, who has six months to live, was convicted for driving offences in Mount Isa last week despite doctors providing a letter to the court saying he was unfit for custody.

Wallace’s wife fears he may die in custody, and is appealing to get him released on compassionate grounds.


Police run counter-terrorism exercises

A major counter-terrorism exercise is taking place in Brisbane this morning, with police telling the public not to worry about unusual activity like train carriages on their side.