Funding for new NT youth detention facilities and more Zedlines

An overhaul of Northern Territory’s youth justice and child protection systems has been called for, following a Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children.

The Territory Government has already pledged 50 million dollars for new facilities, and Attorney General Natasha Fyles has called on the Federal Government to invest an additional 50 million dollars.

Senator for the Northern Territory Nigel Scullion says the Federal Government needs time to digest the report, and it is too soon to commit any funds.

Opposition leaders denies gender inequality in LNP

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Australians feel Turnbull is not doing enough for kids in prison

The majority of Australians feel the Turnbull Government isn’t doing enough to protect children from abuse in the prison system, an Amnesty International poll has found. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The poll was commissioned ahead of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT, showing only one out of three felt the Federal Government is doing enough.

77 per cent of respondents said independent inspectors should have full access to monitor and report abuse in children’s prisons.

The Turnbull Government claimed youth crime and justice is a state issue, not federal.


Queensland dairy farmers potential pay rise

Teachers to get 'back to basics' and more headlines.

All new teachers in Queensland will undergo basic testing themselves before they are allowed to hit the classroom. (Sourced Pixabay)

As part of the LNP’s election plan, teachers in waiting would undergo literacy and numeracy testing before being given a class of their own.

The plan also includes adding 1,000 new teacher mentors and 80 new paid internships to get more into the high-demand areas like special education, maths, and science.

LNP vows to tackle 'young thugs' with new detention centers

Two new youth detention centers would be built in Queensland under an LNP government.

The "medium security" centers would hold 17 to 25-year-olds at a cost of $40 million.

Call for freeze on train fares as patronage drops

A rail lobby group has called for train fares to be frozen for two years in an effort to get more South East Queenslanders on board. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

This came after Translink confirmed 10 million fewer passengers caught the train in 2016 and 2017 than eight years ago.

Spokesman for lobby group Rail Back on Track Robert Dow said he partly blames the drop in patronage on Translink’s 2014 decision to increase fares by 7.5 per cent.

Waterway health revealed in report card

A new report card released by the Healthy Land and Water organisation has revealed drops in water quality are a result of an increase in pollution loads.

Behrouz Boochani wins Amnesty International award and more Zedlines...

Behrouz Boochani, an Iranian Kurdish journalist and refugee, who has been detained for more than 4 years on Manus Island, has been honoured at the Amnesty International Australia media awards. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Mr Boochani has won the award in the print, online and multimedia category for publishing a vivid and remarkable diary on the closure of the Manus camp and for his work last year.

Boochani has been persisting tirelessly in his reportage from the Australian-run detention centre, believing that it is his job to bear witness to the injustices, the violence and the privation of offshore detention.

Farmers angry over Labor wanting to reintroduce land-clearing legislation

Detainees launch legal action against Australia and more Zedlines

Manus Island detainees are set to launch legal action against Australia following the closure of the detention centre.

Overnight, a final message was posted by the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority, which can be found on our website, stating the centre will officially close today at 5 pm with anyone choosing to remain at the centre becoming liable for removal by an active military base.

The refugees will claim their constitutionally protected human rights are being continuously breached by the removal of basic services including water and electricity.

Renewable energy booming in Queensland

Manus Island detention centre scheduled to close tomorrow and more Zedlines...

Australia’s detention camp on Manus Island is scheduled to be closed tomorrow, after being declared illegal and in breach of human rights in April 2016.

There are 600 residents currently residing on Manus Island, who will be resettled according to whether or not their claims to asylum are seen as valid.

If their claims are deemed valid, asylum seekers will be resettled in Papua New Guinea, but if they are deemed invalid, they will be repatriated, transferred to another offshore detention camp, or be resettled in a different country, such as the US.

Pilot project could see recycled tires turned into roads and more zedlines...

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have been working on a pilot project that could see old tires being turned into permeable road surfaces.

Permeable pavements made from recycled tires is already a popular paving option, and is flexible, resilient, and reduce stormwater runoff and the subsequent waterway pollution.

While previously, permeable pavement was not able to be used for roads due to its inability to support heavy loads, researchers have developed a combination of tire particles, rock aggregates and binder that could support cars, trucks and buses.

Front Line SA officers set to oppose shoot-to-kill laws and more Zedlines

South Australian Police are currently restricted from using lethal force against a person unless there is an immediate threat to life, and this is set to stay the same with many front-line officers opposing proposed shoot to kill laws.

The South Australian Opposition said in August they would install shoot-to-kill powers in the event of a terror threat if they won Government in the March election, however the Police Association says there will be no support of any such laws unless there was full criminal and civil immunity.

The union will meet today for the annual delegate conference, with an expected announcement regarding the shoot to kill laws in the coming weeks.

Allegations of mistreatment against Muslim inmates at Brisbane correctional centre and more Zedlines...

Muslim inmates at Brisbane’s Arthur Gorrie correctional centre have complained of being denied halal food, beaten, humiliated, and banned from prayer by prison staff.

The Islamic Council of Queensland, in a letter to Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), said that there have been incidents of non-Muslim inmates being ordered to assault Muslim prisoner, and prisoners have been threatened with gas if they continued to pray together.

The Islamic Council heard the allegations of mistreatment during visits with Muslim inmates, and made an appeal for action, which was unsuccessful as, according to a QCS spokesperson, no further evidence was provided to back up the claims.