Queensland Government welcomes plan to protect the Reef and more Zedlines

The Palaszczuk Government has welcomed the Federal Labor party’s announcement yesterday to invest $500 million to protect the Great Barrier Reef. Federal Labor’s investment would be directed by Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, Water Science Taskforce Report, the first comprehensive roadmap on how to reduce pollution in the Reef.

Prisoners release fast-tracked due to overcrowding

According to Correction Services opposition spokesman Tim Mander, Queensland prisoners are being rewarded with early release due to the Labour Government's failure to accommodate them in the state’s overcrowded prisons.

The LNP had budgeted approximately sixty-one million dollars to fund 600 beds across the state but so far only 100 have been delivered.

As a result, nine out of the eleven prisons are fast-tracking sentences to reduce the number of inmates being placed in temporary beds.

Brisbane’s first Trans Fair Day, and more Zedlines.

Brisbane’s first Trans Fair Day, Election Update: Greens pledge $15 million for accessible abortions, Baltimore officer acquitted in Freddie Gray case, and more Zedlines. (Image: Trans Fair Day Facebook page).

Brisbane’s first Trans Fair Day

Brisbane hosted its first Trans Fair Day over the weekend in New Farm Neighbourhood Centre.

The fair, hoping to become an annual event, is a community focused day that supports the mental and physical health of local Trans and Gender Diverse People of all ages.

The event went ahead on Sunday with the support of Neami National, Many Genders One Voice the Queensland AIDS Council and other local LGBTI support groups.


Palaszczuk government investing $25 million into Gold Coast

Deaths in Nigerian detention centres - and more Zedlines

An Amnesty International report shows hundreds have died in Nigerian military detention (source: wikimedia)

Fishing company awarded sustainability certification
An Australian fishing company gained a gold standard international sustainability rating for its swordfish and tuna fishing.

The eco-label certification was awarded by the Marine Stewardship Council, a not-for-profit organisation aiming to promote and reward sustainable fishing practices.

A Bangladeshi asylum seeker has died on Nauru - and more Zedlines

A young Bangladeshi asylum seeker has died in hospital on Nauru after a series of cardiac arrests yesterday. []

Queensland Parliament passes laws to phase out grazing

Queensland Parliament has passed laws to phase out grazing leases in the state's national parks.

The legislation makes it more difficult for graziers to extend any of the 83 current leases in the state to graze their cattle in national parks.

National Parks Minister Dr Steven Miles said the legislation ensures a focus on conserving nature.


Rural teachers concerned NAPLAN test too city-centric

Two Brisbane hospitals among the least efficient in Australia, and more Zedlines

According to the National Health Performance Authority, Prince Charles Hospital and Logan Hospital both rated in the top 10 for most expensive care. [SOURCE:]

Cash Converters facing class-action lawsuit

Cash Converters faces a class-action lawsuit over claims they charged illegally high interest rates of over four hundred per cent per annum on short-term loans.

Class action Lawyer Miranda Nagy said the loan company introduced brokerage fees to circumvent an interest rate cap of forty-eight per cent, pushing borrowers into a spiral of debt.

Cash Converters said their lending has been undertaken in accordance with regulations.


Coroner urges industry standard to protect workers from extreme temperatures and more Zedlines

Coroner John Hutton said the recent death of a constrcution worker highlights substantial deficiencies in the way heat stress is managed in heavy construction. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Labor says Ergon-Energex merger won't affect jobs

The Labor party has issued a statement assuring licenced electricians that their jobs are not in danger after plans for a new publicly funded energy business.

The government's plan to combine Ergon and Energex would start up a new, renewables-focused energy service.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the new plan would not affect workers who rely on household electrical and solar work.


Coroner urges extreme temperature industry standard to protect workers

Australian election likely for July 2, and more 8am Zedlines.

Palaszczuk Government shapes up youth justice laws, Australian election likely for July 2, Hundreds dead in latest Mediterranean boat disaster, and more 8am Zedlines. (Image: Wikicommons).

Palaszczuk Government shapes up youth justice laws

The Palaszczuk Government say they plan on unwinding a Newman reform relating to youth justice in the next parliamentary sitting, fulfilling an election promise.

The youth justice revisions will overturn the Newman government’s policy on moving teenagers to adult prisons once they are 17.

Her amendment will allow youth to be identified and gaol to be reinstated as a last resort.

Combating indefinite detention for the intellectually disabled

Numerous reviews and law reform agencies have recommended reforms to unfitness to plead laws. But changes have been laboured, when they’ve occurred at all.
A new research project at the University of Melbourne is investigating support systems that may help prevent disability-based disadvantage and discrimination in the criminal justice system. Dr Piers Gooding is a part of this project, and spoke about what he's doing.

Perth rally following Indigenous death in custody and more 9AM Zedlines

Protesters rallied outside Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday, where an inquest into the death of Indigenous woman Ms Dhu was being held (Source: Flickr)

Gastro outbreak shuts down hospital ward

Brisbane's Lady Cilento Children's Hospital has stopped admissions to its cardiac ward while it manages an outbreak of the stomach flu.

Norovirus is common in the community and is highly contagious.

Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea and can be accompanied by stomach pain, cramping, fever, nausea, and a headache.


Police try to curb Easter road toll

Queensland missing out on $40 million opportunity and more 8AM Zedlines.

The Australia Sex Party claims the state economy could be boosted by tens of millions of dollars, should the government introduce just one nude beach. Source: Wikipeida Creative Commons

Catholic schools shut-down over wages, working conditions

More than 200 Catholic Queensland schools will be affected by teachers protesting over unfair conditions today.

Over 8000 Catholic school staff will go on strike on Thursday morning, bartering for better pay and fairer working conditions.