Senate passes motion for reinstatement of justice system funding and more Zedlines...

The senate has passed a motion demanding immediate action on the funding crisis currently affecting Australia’s justice sector (Image source: Wikipedia).

The motion calls for review or reversal on a number of issues, including limited resource allocation for Federal Courts and the imminent funding cuts for Community Legal Centres.

Law Council of Australia President Fiona McLeod said the motion sends an important message to the Government that this issue can no longer be ignored.


Productivity Commission calls revocation of business’ charity status

Sweden, Germany and France pursuing Paris climate goals alone and more Zedlines

A new study has revealed Sweden, Germany and France are the only European nations pursuing environmental policies promised at the Paris climate conference. [Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

The data comes from the European Climate Leadership Board published by environmental campaign group Carbon Market Watch, a system ranking European nations according to their progress towards 40% emission reduction by 2030.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy were among the worst ranked.

UQ Liberal President resigns over Nazi claims

The University of Queensland Liberal National party president has resigned after claiming he would have joined Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party.

Brisbane to breed entrepreneurs and more Zedlines

Brisbane is set to host entrepreneur training aiming to inspire and train the next wave of Queensland’s enterprise hopefuls. Source Wikimedia.

The workshop will be lead by Globetrotting adventurer and Best Job in the World winner Ben Southall who has teamed up with Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur to create the ‘Venturer’ program.

The program kicks off today in The Precinct in Fortitude Valley and will be based there one day a week.

Cyclone Debbie will now make landfall at 2pm and more updates

The North Queensland coast is being lashed by destructive winds and heavy rain as Tropical Cyclone Debbie approaches.

Cyclone Debbie hits the Queensland coast and more Zedlines

Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie’s destructive winds are beginning to be felt on Queensland’s north coast. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Whitsunday Islands are currently being lashed by gale force winds cutting power, snapping trees and lifting rooves.

The category four system is tracking towards the town of Bowen where it is expected to make landfall around midday bringing 260km/h winds and flash flooding.

25,000 people in low-lying areas have been urged to reach higher ground ahead of an expected storm surge.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and emergency services are urging residents in the 600km danger zone to stay indoors.

Work for tradies

Bulgaria’s ex Prime Minister returns to power and more Zedlines

Bulgaria’s ex Prime Minister returns to power in the country with parliamentary election.

Boyjo Borisov’s centre-right party GERB is all set to bring him into power again as suggested by Sunday’s exit polls.

Opposition leader Kornelia Ninova acknowledges the defeat and says her socialist party will consider options of forming the government if the GERB party fails to do so.


Water our options

The World Science Festival sees almost sixteen hundred school students develop water solutions.

Residents warned ahead of cyclone Debbie and more zedlines

Evacuation of high flood risk regions has been ordered in north Queensland as Cyclone Debbie intensifies. Image Source: Wikipedia/Suomi NPP Satellite

Hundreds have been evacuated from Burdekin and the Whitsundays and Regional Council Mayor Andrew Wilcox said those unable to leave should seek shelter with friends and family in ‘high, dry places.’

A shelter is operating in Bowen, but only has a capacity of 800. The Category II cyclone is expected to be upgraded to a Category IV system before making landfall tomorrow.


Boom gate collision rates concerns Queensland rail

High level crossing collision rates for Queensland rail.

Batman-inspired building to be built in Brisbane, and more Zedlines

Brisbane could be about to get its first superhero inspired residential building. Image source: Flickr

Brisbane developers, Pointcorp, have lodged an application to build an apartment building on the banks of the river, which draws inspiration from Batman, and more specifically from Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight trilogy.

The proposed building would have four sections - the water garden, verandah, entrance and Batcave - with the entrance featuring multipurpose areas with communal spaces and car parks that would much resemble the Batcave in the 2008 film.


Melbourne to Brisbane rail program fuels excitement

Katter Party calls for legalised croc hunting and more Zedlines

Bob Katter’s Australian party is gaining support behind their bid to cull crocodile numbers after two suspected crocodile attacks in just two days. Source: Flickr fvanrenterghem

Following the crocodile attack on a teenager in Innisfail on Sunday night, a man was found dead on Monday with injuries consistent with a crocodile attack after he went spearfishing alone on Saturday.

The attacks come just a week after the Palaszczuk government updated its crocodile management strategy detailing minimum intervention to crocodiles outside populated areas.

Tough action needed to save Great Barrier Reef

An analysis of three major bleaching events over the past three decades has confirmed the worst.

Brutal drug war in Philippines to continue and more zedlines

Philippines president unfeigned by a prospective International Criminal Court trial over his anti-drug war. Image Source: Flickr/VOCAL-NY

The country’s president Rodrigo Duterte said he will not be intimidated over an ICC trial to stop his "brutal" campaign against drugs after the campaign having claimed more than 8000 lives.

A former self proclaimed assassin from the Death Squad under the leader’s mayorship in Davot city has testified against him before the Philippine Senate and plans to file a case at the ICC.

Duterte has ordered the police force to shoot the suspects if in danger. He said he wants to see the criminals die rather than losing the security forces.


Everton Hills residents in need of public transport and more zedlines

Residents of North Brisbane suburb Everton Hills are calling for better bus services in their area. Image Source: Wikimedia/wikicats

An online petition is underway on the Queensland Parliament website, for those in Henderson, Bunya, Buckland and Bennetts Roads and Chinook Street .

The e-petition calls on the state Government to ensure adequate public transport in the outer-city suburbs as well as inner.


Art as emotional and physical therapy

Rockhampton health and wellness professionals are blazing a trail for fine art as remedy.